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What is the Emerald Forest?

Intentional Communities have been a practical solution for how some of the most progressive people are now choosing to live in a changing world.

The Emerald Forest is, a whole network of sustainable communities, who share a common purpose of Saving the Earth. We are the Kindred Spirits, of the Emerald Forest.

Now might be a good time to begin, to create a whole network of Sustainable Communities, that would be able to deal with the irreversible consequences, of our own misplaced sense, of the natural order of priorities, which we may have chosen to reverse, as a part of a collective conspiracy, to overthrow the rightful order, and to throw things out of balance, out of contempt for authority, and as the designated victims of the world, who may think they have a right to take more, of the world from everybody else, just to make up for being victims, of some slight disadvantage.

This alone may have already now, upset the ecological balance, of the Earth, to the point where, it may be possible, that nothing much, can really be done about it now, but to go straight into, making preparations for plan B, while at the same time, we can always continue, to support all efforts, to keep working on the plan A level, which most people, are still focused on, and which has more to do, with trying to stabilize the imbalance, even as we know, that we may be going, right over the tipping point, even as we speak, no matter what we try to do.

That misplaced sense of priorities, may have a lot to do, with corporate, and government self centric thinking as well. How long, will we really need the last remaining resources, and the Earth, to be a good place for me.

That is how we have been taught to think, which is very short term, and you can see how, by using that kind of thinking, the answer to such a self centric, set of considerations, will never give us any useful results.

Most people would be content, according to these simplistic reasonings, for the last remaining, natural resources of the Earth, to last just another 99 more years. And that is just exactly, what we see happening. Short term gain. Long term pain.

We have become disconnected from the natural order or priorities, which should put the Earth First, and the Oceans First, and the Forests First, and the Farms First.

Instead, all we have now, is the mangled disorder, of misplaced priorities, that have put this self centric sense of need and greed first, way up there, above the Earths ability to feed, and breed, to the point where, we will end up feeding into nothing, but overpopulation, and oil based dependency.

Maybe we can begin to see now, why it really does mean something, for a relatively small grouping of people, who were all related, as in an extended family, or a tribal community, and who had to pack everything up, into one big ship, and to become prepared, to break away from the crowd, and become disengaged, from the wrongheaded majority, so that we can create a new beginning, where we can ride out the consequences, of the global environmental crisis. We are the Kindred Spirits, of the Emerald Forest.

What is needed now is a new story. And we could just make one up but could injure the roots of this great Tree.

We are the people of the Ark, who must now begin to Build the Ark, which will be our new home, and we are the people, who will then be able to save, most of what remains, of all life on Earth, during the great catastrophic changes in climate, that could escalate way out of control, very quickly bringing about mass upheaval, and as a network of sustainable communities with a purpose, we may be able to ride out the rising tides, of the Global Environmental Crisis, that may already be completely unavoidable, due to human tampering, with the fragile balance of the BioSphere, endangering the entire Web of Life.

Thankfully, there is some assurance involved here, that we can, and that we will be able to do this. We could even begin to start right here and now, with a whole new Network of Sustainable Communities, that will all work together, to Save the Earth, and to support each other, within the scope and the concept of this Unifying Vision, which is a big enough vision, in itself, for a great many people, to be more than content with, for a very long lifetime full of meaningful contribution, like the creation of the Emerald Forest, of Sustainable Communities.

Those of us who respond to this vision, will then be among, the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest. Each community, is going to be like a young Tree, that is being planted, in some of the most out of the way places on Earth, that have not yet been completely devastated. When they grow up into a mature forest, that will be what we mean, by the Emerald Forest.

Every Forest does have a way, of maintaining and sustaining itself, by the control of its own environment. Trees can protect each other from the wind, and they can shade the soil for each other, and they can even lay down a blanket of mulch, to hold in the moisture, and to protect it from erosion.

There is always room, for a great deal of diversity in a forest, and each Tree stands independently, and yet they all stand together, in voluntary simplicity. They will all be able to become unified, and begin to collaborate, through their unification with the Vision of the Ark, which will start first here in the Americas, and then may spread throughout the world, and beyond. We must be able to make it up to the headwaters, where these watershed based communities, can be expected to flourish.

We do hope there are many, who are ready to feed and breed, and to plant and reseed, so we can fulfill this one shared vision, of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace, because we do plan to return, right after the burn.

Then we can begin creating the new children, who are to be raised up within this more meaningful new way of life. We need to learn how to raise up our children in a way, which supports their swiftly becoming ready, to carry on with this emerging new vision of how a small group of people could go on to Save the Earth.

All the endangered species will need to be taken into the picture. Think how unthinkably difficult that would have been in ancient times to build such a huge ship, and to bring all the animals on Earth together onto the same boat two by two.

That would have been a bit much to expect from some simple tribal peoples, who were little more than an extended family, but we might want to consider that, to be symbolic of the Extended Tribal Community of Communities that we call the Emerald Forest now that we have now begun to take one step beyond the sidewalks of doom and gloom.

We are all Endangered Species here on Earth, and because the entire Web of Life, may now be at risk, and we can see why this could be, and a lot of the warnings are already in place, there is no ex to an untimely end, and slip into a very bad place, which without our help, could last for a very long time, even until next time around is already back upon us again, because we may have to wait for a very long time, just to get back in, once we have gotten our self, banished from the garden, which strangely enough, is exactly what it looks like might be happening. There is much more that is being revealed through the email group. - T

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