The Kindred Spirits

Adam and Eve


Because it Takes a Whole Village

Starry Lake

The Core Spirit

Eden is an organic community and not a static thing that can be pegged down to just being a few words on paper or just a list of agreements. Those things may well be a part of the picture. But that does not constitute the full depth of the reality.

We must put the vision first. The rest must find its own way. Learning from nature is the Way of Eden which is is not just a fine and wonderful part of nature but it is also a marvelous new extension of nature that goes way beyond just being about more reproductions out of the past.

We are not just a carbon copy of any of these other communities that sprang up out of the sixties, and there is nothing else out there like this that I know of.

We may even want to reproduce a few other communities that are either directly related to Eden and in alignment with the Eden Vision or just friendly communities that are very similar in actual substance having to do more with the core spirit.

The One Simple Plan

Eden is not just about me or you and it's not just about me and you. It is about Eden. People do need to be able to bring some of their own stuff into Eden and we will be able to accommodate much once we have reached a certain point.

Eden works by its own natural set of rules that have not yet been written due to time constraints, and the fact that the people are not yet ready for it. But that may be for good reason since it is never a good idea to jump the gun.

Eden is just One Simple Plan that works very quietly and it just keeps on growing like a Tree that fits in with the forest quite well.

It is really wild and yet every word is true and so of course we can only expect the same from you. True Faithfulness and Courage alone will suffice, and none of this cowardly defensiveness that we have seen will count for much within the Honor System.

Self Replicating

We do have to know how to work within the larger plan for all life on Earth just like the Mother Planet which has shown us the way quite brilliantly. But the plan does go way beyond just being about the plan to suit every ones personal needs and we are not going to be able to match every ones particular opinions word for word.

We cannot just hand out the honor of Motherhood for instance to any and all who would imagine themselves to be equal to the task until they have completed the job and done it well because like so many things in Eden the honor of Motherhood has to be earned. Everything has roots.

The people will have to become self reorganized first in a cooperative manner into an entirely different configuration that works by the grace and dignity that so many of us have lost all connection to as we have been cut off  from our deepest roots.

And so now in keeping with the steep learning curves of Eden you must all now begin to demonstrate some other very real and equally quirky and even useful things to amaze and astound the world and to show some very good and positive attributes and maybe even some good breeding habits. And if you don't mind my fairly direct sense of humor do join our rapidly expanding email group in a very real way and not just as an empty placeholder believer.

Eden is the Earth

Read the whole website first before responding to the whole group in some fully true and amazing way but whatever you do don't ever read this whole website straight through without taking time out to stretch and relax, as a few people did try that, and we have never heard from them again.

Stand up right now and go outside. Feel the changes that take place in your perception of the environment.

The email groups really are where all the real action is if you really do want to play the game to lose. But please don't play to win as that is not the point of this fine and elegant new game of universal redemption that is not only original, but is magically twisted inside out as well, just to keep things interesting.

Eden is an amazing work in progress that will never end so don't hold your breath waiting for it to begin because this is it right now. We are now in the planning stages of a whole new series of waves that we call a set where I come from.

We don't care what people think about art and science and religion. Eden combines all these things into a workable new whole.

People always want to know the rules. But knowing all the rules has always been against all the rules here on Earth so it just might be the same in Eden because Eden is the Earth where a lot of rules at this stage of our inspired development is something we do not intend to try to sail the seven seas on backwards quite yet.

We won't need any rules once the whole spirit of Eden gets going good, but until that time I though it might be nice to force a few people to take some responsibility for making their own personal rules of self conduct in accordance with a little thing called Personal Responsibility and then we can talk about all the big fat rules they may think they may have coming just to cover their own bad asses forever and a day when they have not even begun to keep their word in honor.

Deep Discipline

We will have to ask the people to practice deep Self Discipline. Keep the Faith. Stand True. Never Falter. Show that you can control your own self interests first and then maybe you can be trusted with just a small part the Vision of Eden like this one little patch of ground we call a Three Acre Homestead which is probably about all most people can handle right there, even without the 2 acre Farm Site that goes along with it.

Until then you would do well to talk softly and walk softly into the invisible sphere of the Eden Project which is no part of the public domain. Please don't use words as a weapon here.

Words hurt. We only use words as a tool in Eden. They are not meant to ever take the place of the deeply rooted realities of Eden.

Those who wish to know the real realities of Eden must first actually submerse themselves much more deeply into the material and then try to get the full experience of it for your own good without blaming T for using such direct language in mixed company.

Then you should be able to come on up with something to share and to show the people that you really care.

You do have to show us something good to show that you are really here and not still just way over there.

We aren't looking to be dragging people along against their will. And we are not looking to accumulate all manner of things that may be blowing around in the wind.

Thoughtless remarks and insensitive actions could become a grave threat and a real danger to us all.

The Way into Eden

Eden is about being willing to step right in to the full blown Vision of what it is and what it always will be. And you will have to be able to become a part of that vision.

If I have reached out to a lot of people please take the time to realize that the converse may also become true.

You may even have to begin to reach out more and more for Eden as you drift farther and farther away on some iceberg that is melting fast, unless you have made other plans.

We do still welcome your continued approach if you can make it but you do not want to be left standing among those who would wrongfully begin to approach Eden in an inappropriate manner.

Most everything that needs to be understood in Eden will be when you have reached that point that you are worthy of sharing and caring as an equal who has been proven in this vision to be worthy of our trouble and as somebody who has supported the project in many ways.

Everything in Eden must be allowed to happen in the right way which is the way of excellence and grace, and so nothing ever happens until the people are ready to take it upon themselves.

Anything else would be an abrupt interruption of the natural flows of the Waters of Eden and that is to be listened to and understood as it is said that the waters in Eden speak True. That means that nothing is ever forced upon anyone in Eden, and especially not traditional education, which may be a thing of the past.

Walking Softly

It may seem strange at first that things are to be put on the table and left there to ripen or for us to deal with in our own time but that's the way it is in any healthy family.

It's not for anybody to try to force their own personal agendas upon us, so let us follow the Spirit of Truth, and then once we are all good and lost, we can begin to show each other the way back home.

Those who want to help to create this community will have to find a way to do so in a very big way while asking for very little back.

I am not looking for those who come here offering nothing of any real value to this enduring vision and this worthy project. We all have enough of that level of interest as it is.

You should be able to demonstrate your ability to self integrate into this extremely well conceived of if still slightly misunderstood project.

We don't respect control freaks in Eden. Walk softly upon the face of the Earth in peace and with dignity and respect. Don't burn your only bridge to Eden in a spurt of self destruction by trying to hurl insults at T who is still very closely tied in with the very Heart of Eden.

Wilderness Currents

What we are looking for primarily at this time is only other self competent and cooperatively minded people who are willing and able to go right to work on a dime or will at least wait until the time is right for them to shine, and to make a very real and significant contribution toward this fine and elegant new project to save the Earth from the inside out which thing by the way is how you become one of the real Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest.

These are the people of the vision that are part of a new destiny that I will be glad to meet up with and talk with at the Lodge Meetings and I will walk the walk and talk the talk with only these good folks who show up on the Hikes up into some beautiful country that we call the Middle Eel Wilderness.

These are the people I want to meet up with on the road and at the many conferences and other events where I can be found reaching out to the various lost peoples of this ancient world who are at least facing in the right direction and do have a place for me to stay while I am in town.

The rest will have to make do with what little time I may have left over to shred whatever is left of the indoctrinations of the thoughtless majority who is the true master who they may still have to serve, but we are Free Thinkers here who can turn the Universe inside out on a dime, as you can see, so don't get us mistaken for just more of the same old game players of premature emancipation who want to buy your love.

The Work Group

When one of us are up on stage in front of the microphone or trying to hold down the email groups that is no time to be making a big move to disrupt the proceedings.

If you do ask a question at one of these crucial times then please do make it one that I would like be able to speak to freely, and in some real depth, and not just something that you think I should have to answer to, and explain to your satisfaction, like a guilty man. Bring those little problems to me personally after the crowd has gone over the rainbow.

We talk about all those little things only in the Work Group and that is not to go before the hoggishness of the general public who may have found their way into the main group and who think they have every right to rip and tear anything up in a fit of frenzy. Hey it has worked before!

It is not for me to be jumping on one little bit of potential interest either like a desperate loser, which thing is so commonly offered to me on a regular basis, as if that was something that I would personally be very excited about doing.

Please don't expect me to have the same level of interest in who the people are and what they might think which is like the buzzing of bees which doesn't always really matter that much to me.

If I have attracted your attention in some way that does not mean that you have attracted mine or that we are somehow in love or mutually interested in each other, not that you are a bad looking person or anything, but it is not your fault, as it is all me.

I am not going to be able to be here for everyone personally.

I am only going to be able to organize a fairly large body of good people with all the credentials to begin with who are knowledgeable and experienced into a working Council who can stand on their own two feet.

This Council will then eventually be able to take over most all of the decision making responsibilities for this project which will begin only when they have been fully trained and activated and have shown some real growth and have developed personal responsibility and a willingness to listen and to learn.

We will all have to share somewhat equitably in the decision making process just to assure some level of internal stability which should not be hard to do at all, but this will only happen as I have said, one fine day when enough of these children of Babylon have decided to start acting like the grown up men and women of Eden we expect to see which would alone would make it worth my trouble, since I am now a very popular guy.

But that day may never come, when you can't all make it there on time because you all may still have a long way to go before you can step forth as a responsible adult and join in with the others without mashing everything up into a pulp as we have seen enough of already now to last a very long time. What did we do to deserve this?

The Village People

Many new steps will need be taken with grace and dignity and you must be prepared to take those steps one after the other as they come up. And please don't tell me that you don't know what to do because every indication is there for you.

This is just the beginnings of a perfectly clear wake up call that is to go out to all humankind to begin the building and the planting and the growing of this Community as a part of the Emerald Forest which is an extremely advanced perspective by modern standards.

We are the Village People. We are the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest. That does have to mean something. More is not always Better. Sometimes Enough is More than Enough and some to share.

Everybody may think they have something big to say about Eden. And we do listen very deeply to each and every one to see if anything at all had been said but some things are better left unsaid and we will be expecting people to demonstrate a very clear knowledge about what has been said even if nobody knows anything about it.

How could we expect any less than complete excellence in Eden? Listen first and learn to put your own Self last is what we will kindly say to all the new people who come to Eden to eat with their mouths wide open.

Nothing is only the beginning of more nothing and so that will be turned away which has no use and serves no purpose and the purpose is not collective self satisfaction but to serve the emerging vision of the Emerald Forest.

We do want to be able to integrate some new energy into the mix. We have had some experiments using different Moderators at the Lodge Meetings and in this group as a part of that learning process.


It doesn't always work when we try to use an inexperienced moderator who does not have the core spirit of this project at heart and is not alive with the mass or the energy necessary to guide this group into the future and to be able to protect this project from being commandeered by invading personal agendas from above.

Learning new skills

Some skills and training and experiences and actual credentials are sometimes required here but there does need to be some real very sense of guidance and direction from the moderators as well. Otherwise the crowd will divide and conquer itself over and over again as we have seen in so called world events.

If I can't make it to a meeting near you some time soon we will all need to know that there are a few other choice and select people who can act as moderators and who will do the job well enough to suffice during my rare absences when I may not be able to be there due to unknown circumstances.

We will continue experimenting with using different Moderators at the Lodge Meetings and in this group as a part of that learning process, with people who want to partner up with T and set these people free. But it doesn't always work to try to force something to work that just does not work and that would only be a lateral move, which is wasteful, because nothing is ever accomplished by a lateral move by definition.

Some people talk on way too long. Sound Familiar?

A moderator does have to be able to handle people who do talk on way too much or are pushing their own agenda or may just want to ramble on about nothing and how important it is for them to be posturing themselves as an important leader.

We have attracted many talkers here. I do need to see that others who want to be moderators can cut these people off at the pass, and that they will do so without thinking twice about it. This is a skill that must be learned, and not to be an accident to be cleaned up after later as we have been conditioned by the mass indoctrination system.

We do have to have a very real focus here and none of us have time for that kind of thing so the would be moderators do need to be able to do more than just sit there helpless as a baby while a thief walks off with the entire project.

Many Solutions

We must put the vision first and the rest must find its own way. Respect this project. Learning from nature is what Eden is all about and then it is also a beautiful extension of nature.

We are just taking it a few steps further than anyone has ever dreamed of before. Those who are afraid to dream a real dream may have no place in Eden.

We are not a carbon copy of any other communities that I know of and so it might be good not to keep expecting that anymore.

The Pleiadeans

We may even produce a few other communities  that are either directly related to Eden and in close alignment with the Vision or just a loose association of communities that are all very similar and linked up various ways that could be called the Pleiades EcoVillage Network of Truth, which could be our own family of communities network within the larger Emerald Forest which is Global and even Universal.

This vision does come straight out of the vision of the Emerald Forest and it does have a place for every good thing in that forest. And it does look pretty good from where things see themselves which is where this whole thing comes from.

The vision is not just about me and you looking after our own common interests. There is such a thing as the rest of the natural world which has been a very good place to start but we will now take it quite a bit farther if you don't mind my saying so in such an inarticulate manner.

A Tree doesn't have any great need for attention and a lot of personal approval. That is another thing entirely.

People do want to bring their own personal feelings into Eden which only fuels the fires of discontent. But Eden works by its own natural laws of orderly progression. It's all connected. It's all related. It's all ways changing. The secret of our survival is to work very quietly within these laws.

Those personal things will have their little places. But they are not central to Eden which is a kind of magic that works very quietly and it just keeps on growing like a Tree that fits right in with the natural environment and harms no one and that's why all harmful energy from personal power struggles and such must be kept out.

We must all be able to harmonize within the ever emerging realities of Eden. I have not said these things for nothing.

Eden is Real. And that can break people up fast. She may be attracted to the exciting new realities that are opening up before us all. But He may not want her to get too wrapped up in anything that could threaten his importance. This kind of thing. Or She may be the one who doesn't want her world to change. We are all subject to these kinds of concerns. And we must all be able to overcome them.

Now we must all begin to demonstrate some other very real and equally interesting bits of interest and show some very good sensibilities and some very positive attributes and qualities.

And if you don't mind my totally wacked out sense of humor please do join our emerging workgroup in a very real way and make your very special contributions known to all.

And then you may as well read the reste call Edens Beginning. - T

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