The Vegan Village

Because it Takes a Whole Village


Village in a Village

The Vegan Village will be the equivalent of about 18 homesteads with farmsites or 90 acres up in the NorthEast Corner of Eden Valley.

The Vegan Village really is a Village inside a Village and it's a part of the overall plan for this community. Eden is a place that will allow a lot of things to happen.


The Vegan Village could be seen as being more along the lines of a smaller Egalitarian Community within the larger EcoVillage community where people will have a tighter sense of group integration.

This will be taking things a little farther out there than many of us may want to go. That's why we have made a place for the Vegan Village long before its time has come because we expect great things from great people and we thought there would be those who would want something that is expressly Vegan.

There are going to be those who think this kind of an all Vegan part of the Community is the only way to go and so we will support them in their quest in this way as long as they are tolerant of the rest of us.

Maximum Population 216

Being Vegan is something that anybody may choose to be anywhere they may happen to live in Eden Valley or anyplace else in the world.

Nobody is saying that the people in the Vegan Village are the designated Vegans of the world or that they are the only Vegans in Eden. Not in the least.

It is not meant to be a label to make an unnecessary division like we were just trying to classify things. But some people are going to want a more clearly defined focus and this will help us reach some more of the people who respond to this vision.

In Permaculture, Greater Diversity offers higher resilience and that equals greater stability. It's just a way of combining many different things and this is something that we think should become a valued asset to our community.

One part of the understanding here might be that there are not enough Vegans who are ready yet to pull together an entire EcoVillage Community of this scale all on their own. they Need the Homesteaders.

It's all about what different people might want to do here that is in keeping with our general principles which are Eco-Logical above all else and we feel that Veganism is Ecological and so we do need to support that and we feel that it will in fact support this whole community concept as a whole if we include this as just one more creative solution to some of the many problems of integration that are going to be  facing us the near future both here in the Americas and throughout the world.

As in Permaculture we must find a working balance among many very different elements with smaller ones in there among the larger elements.

They all work together and with a greater degree of diversity we have a move resilient micro-economy. And this supports the optimal health of the ecosystem that we are creating here that alone can ever survive long enough for this vision to be able to emerge healthy and whole so that we can become a center for life and sustainability.

It's just another fine part of this grand vision that is designed for the very real needs of many people who do want to be part of this community and that will complement the many other things we will also create here.

This is about being just one part of a larger community of communities as each homestead can be seen as being a small community in itself and in fact many communities have been formed on as little as 5 acres. Here of course we think on an entirely different scale. One that actually is sustainable.

The number of folks possible to have in the Vegan Village will be exactly the equivalent of what is possible on 18 Homesteads times 12 which is the maximum population per homestead, so we get a maximum population of 216 in the Vegan Village.

This will make it easier for those who may just want to keep it very simple for themselves and to be able to do that some need a little more independence and others are a little more inclined to join in with a larger cooperative like the vegan village.

One Family Centric

Some people who are single may not need the family autonomy that will be possible on the homesteads and would rather not have to take the financial responsibility that goes along with a homestead.

It may even seem easier for some people to join the Vegan Village where they will be able to be more of a part of the general flow that goes on and that affords some degree of security in that way.

It may also be seen as being socially a better place for some people who don't want to be left out of where things are going on with a lot of people sharing meals and working together as a larger group. That kind of experience we will all have in various degrees but the Vegan Village may have a lot more of it.

Carbon Footprints

We need the Vegan Village because of the tremendous size of Eden Valley alone which some of these smaller Egalitarian Communities might not be able to pull off all by themselves. This makes it possible for them to integrate into Eden. Not everybody wants to be that tightly entwined. And by combining these two different ways of living in community we will be able to minimize our collective Carbon Footprints.

The Homestead is also a big thing to pull off for some people. They just do not have the people or the resources to be able to do it without some very real help. And that is the real truth. Ask anybody.

Differing Needs

Some of us already do own a home or have a source of income or some economic resources in the form of equity or savings or various fixed incomes. We do have to have the personal resources to set ourselves up with a Homestead and build a house. And we know we can do so for much less money than we would have to pay for a similar place in some other high quality place to live in the North Coastal Eco-region of Northern California.

Community within a Community

People do want to have some control of their children to be able to structure their lives for optimal growth and that's what the homesteads are there for. Some people do need a certain amount of peace and sleep and quiet time to be able to do their best. That too is what the homesteads are there for. On our homesteads alone we know we can have that which most people would expect to expect.

The same things are true on the Vegan Village in their own way and many vegans would rather have the experience and the quality of life that can only be found in the Vegan Village who want the community within a community that will exist there that will give some folks a more deeply rewarding experience and a deeper sense of belongingness within their own smaller Vegan Village community.

The Village Experience

The Vegan Village will be located in the North East Corner of Eden Valley. Diversity and Free Energy and the Spirit of Grace and generosity works within the natural order of priorities that we all live within.

The Heart of the Village is shown below. The Proposed Size of the Vegan Village is to be the equivalent of something like:

1556.6 feet by 2518.6 feet.

The Total Contribution Pledge would be

Only $648,000.

That is about the same as the median price of the average home sale in the Bay Area.

Food is only one small part of the Vegan Village. A Real Beginning Point for a whole World at Peace is going to require this kind of Eco-Logical Integration.

It all falls within the orderly progression. First we laid out the body of this emerging new project, by metes and bounds, and how it all works, in a physical sense, and now we are developing the underlying ideas behind the whole thing at the same time.

Our very survival is at stake here. This Whole Ecosystem is now in danger. That is why we must now begin to wake up, to this new responsibility, to carry this life, that may have once landed on this planet, quite by accident, or that may have been planted here on purpose, on into the Next Phase, and this is our Natural Birthright, to begin to expand, our own perspectives, and abilities, to effect purposeful change, without permission, and without having even so much as a right to live, which could not even be imaginable to any honest person.

We have much more important work to do, than what we have been saddled with by the media, and the government, and the world of corporate self destruction. This new responsibility that we have each been given, simply by having discovering it, and sharing this with the others in our network, may even have to go all the way up, to Universal Integration within 10 Generations.

We must begin to Reproduce, the Conditions in which we can live, beyond just this one small Nursery Planet.

We must begin now, within the Emerald Forest, which is made up of many progressively minded Sustainable Communities, that are not needs based, because that is not sustainable, and that is not a valid basis for anything, and it is obviously a trap.

We can only work directly with other people who we can count on, to help us to create, a whole new way of thinking, about what life really is asking from us.

What we are creating could spread, into many forgotten watersheds all over the world, and beyond, what we normally think of as being the world. We will then all be able, to stand in Deep Solidarity, within the circle of our Common Vision, within the Heart of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace.

We need to start getting ready now, to divert this dead end path, of self destruction, that we now find ourselves on, so that we can begin, to make a whole new series, of Major Changes, in the many directions, we are already heading off into, only without enough integration.

Towards that end we need to disengage from the system, and we have to stop feeding into that so we can begin to move, towards the beginning, of a whole new beginning, regardless of the fact, that many others, will continue on, down the same old dead end path that will lead only to more over-consumption, if we do not make other plans.

That is why we must Disengage from all of these obsolete beliefs that have all come from nationalist propaganda, or the knee jerk reactions against that, by those who don't feel they have any rights to any of that, because nobody wants to have to feel like they are second class citizens, just because they have not yet earned a place yet, within the Honor System, which has got to be understood, to lie within the very heart and center of each and every Sustainable Community, or it will just go bust.

At the same time we must become prepared to take positive actions to help others to get it together in whatever ways we think we can be most constructive, but without getting bogged down into that.

We may even have to accept, that life is always changing. Nothing stays in one place forever. Every planet grows old, and then it becomes time, for it to reproduce itself or die.

The Earth is making all the signs now that she is ready to begin doing that. Those of us in the heavily industrialized worlds, are the only ones who have every opportunity to start now, as a result of all the technology that is available to us, to create new ways of thinking, and then working within the Natural Order of Priorities, that we find ourselves hopelessly immersed within, whether we like it or not, which is how things really do work, in the real world, where everything has to be earned, before it can be burned, or you will starve, as it is out there in the Forest, and as it is in every Tribal Relationship.

One more eye opening insight might be that everything is not necessarily all equally related in every single way, as that would just be an empty slogan like all the rest that would only drag us down.

Everything in the Web of Life is actually all related, in a very extensive series, of interrelated connections that resembles something more, like a web of relationships, surprisingly, so it is not like a big container full of people, that we are looking to gain some understanding of here, like the media has been telling us, or just a bunch of people who are all just jumbled up into a big pile of disorder, where there is no integration and more is always better, and there is no family, and that just leads to extreme individualization into anonymous isolationism.

If it is angry and it is big, the news media will be there to amplify it because they just do not care about anything but the bottom line. And we have been drinking that up like it was our Mothers Milk? Well its time to find a new Mother.

Here it is the quality of the communications, and the grace, and the honor and the integrity, and the interpersonal relationship, and how well we treat each other, and not how we expect to be waited on hand and foot, like consumers sitting at a table in a restaurant waiting to be served.

Here we are not relying on the stifling and suffocating power of numbers, which is a very dangerous fraud that has been perpetrated upon the world who know nothing but what they have been told, and to just follow orders.

This is more like a network of care-full connections that we must be able to integrate, and to invest our personal energy into, and to strengthen and reinforce, in loving kindness, without losing our own backsides in the process.

We should expect to see all forms of respect from the other qualified individuals, as they choose to make contact with us on the level of Universal Truth.

The order of connections within the web, and how it all works, is probably going to have to be determined through the Honor System, and by using the many lines of communication, among committed points of Truth, that are not at odds with the Natural Order of Priorities, or hostile to any of the existing members in honor, or the Eco-Logical Realities, which we humbly represent here, we will proceed with voluntary decisiveness.

When you throw almost all of the pertinent information out the window, like the media has been doing, with no human connections being formed, you are creating more dependency, on that which cannot be depended upon, and then you are only going to be left with a very bad picture of the real world, which is a picture with no resolution.

We don't need a society that doesn't work, and that will be useless for future generations even of their own people, to be able to use, since they will have become crippled by the whole thing, which makes them captives of their own ignorance with no way out, but to destroy each other, and the Earth in the process, out of dependency and hopelessness, which is the real message they are trying to sell us.

In short what they are trying to tell us is that without the big media and the big Oil companies and the big corporations, and the big banks, that are all just too big to fail, and the church, and the politicians, we will all have nothing, and that of course is the real plan, to take away our power to disengage before we can manage to do so, and so the race is on, and that is why time is of the essence.

They are not going to give us any real freedom. The freedom they have promised us is a sham. That is why we must learn to drop these empty promises of security and safety, and freedom, as long as you obey, and Embrace the True Distinctions, that have been found to be completely independent of politics throughout the Universe.

Once we have done that, then we may reap the harvest of our own Real Freedom, but only after we have earned it, because the empty promises of freedom they set us up with were not real, and so that will not work, and that will only screw us all up, because it is not hooked up right within the Natural Orders of Priority, within the Universal Web of Truth, that may have been set up by forces beyond our control.

We certainly cannot depend upon the government to save us, since they are going to have a hard enough time trying to save their own precious backsides first, always needing to stay in power and look pretty at all cost to the Earth and the Web of Life.

For these and other reasons, we are actually going to be much better off making our own way into the future, as independently organizing villagers, in a manner which no one can comprehend, and that is why we have to begin to disengage now, without any promises of an understandable universe. - T

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