Bringing the people together

One person at a time 

to Save the Earth.

Because it Takes a Whole Village

Sustainable Living

Eden House is just another small part of the larger vision of Eden Village as a whole. What we want to create at the Solar Living Center maybe or someplace else is just a small group House that quite possibly could be a dome house or a yurt.

This could serve as a demonstration of how a low impact ecologically friendly shared group living situation might work for the interns at the Solar Living Center in Hopland as well as our own goals of creating a Sustainable Community which could get its start from there.

This will allow mostly single younger people to live cheaply and efficiently with an eye towards learning more and more about Sustainable Community and as part of a larger vision of creating a full sized EcoVillage Community in Eden Valley which is just a bit farther back up into Mendocino County.

The focus here is to create the pathways and to organize some of the more creative single younger people mainly for now who are actively searching for a way to become a part of a Sustainable Community. That there may be a few older kids in the house is not out of the question.

We do need a place where people can start learning some EcoVillage Community building skills like Permaculture and Renewable Energy, growing our own Food and working with natural and recycled materials to build smaller passive solar homes at minimal expense to the environment.

We can use a wide diversity of people who are all willing to contribute to the overall health and well being of the house and in support of the Solar Living Institute.

Th Sustainable Community really is.

We need to start moving towards creating a new vision of EcoVillage Communities that do need to start springing up all over the world.

These EcoVillages and Sustainable Communities will all be like Trees that will grow to become the Emerald-Forest.

EdenHouse is just one small part of a larger movement towards building the Emerald Forest of Sustainable Communities that will Save the Earth.

We are not going to sit here waiting around for the system to come crashing down on our heads before we begin to make new plans.

We can see what's coming and this way we will have the opportunity of creating something that is part of an integrated vision of Sustainable Community that is much more resilient to changes.

We do need to put the House together in the right way. That's why we are only really working with the people who respond to this project fully and completely.

We want to create an opportunity for the people who are ready to find out more about Sustainable Community and are willing to learn how to integrate into shared work and group decisions.

We will work together towards a common set of goals and with a larger purpose that will remain open ended and largely undefined in order to maintain the Freedom that will be ours to share.

Some of the people could come together to live in a large community house in Sonoma County and we could even have one in the city.

Let us know if you would like to contribute a house or space in a house or space on land for that or if you would like to come and live in some ones home or to stay on some ones land during the summer of love.

We do need a house or a place that could serve as a stepping stone to maybe another one in Hopland which in turn is just a little further on the way to Eden Village allowing people to make the move gradually towards Eden.

Many of us do need to learn a little bit more about so many aspects of Sustainable Living and we like to learn through direct experience. That is why it is so important to come on out to our meetings which will be announced in our email group.

Experience is the best way to learn and this will be an opportunity for people to get some hands on experience with things that they might otherwise not get a chance to learn.

Eden Village

This could be a connecting point and a new beginning point for many more things to happen that would otherwise just not be possible.

It will be a place we can send new people who are looking to find their place in Eden and in this way we may be able to provide a steady stream of interns to the Solar Living Center.

Other places could be connected up along the way that could also serve similar purposes.

We do only work with all the positive energy you all do send us and we do appreciate the many contributions in time and energy people have sent our way.

We are going to have to be willing to welcome some real backing here as well.

We need people to be willing to accept some guidance and direction.

Who are we? We will be known as The Village People. We are just here to offer some new Creative Solutions to help a few people transition a little more smoothly into the World of Sustainable Living.

We do need a few people who will work closely with us on this who would like to support the vision. But you have to be there to become better integrated into the vision.

What we are doing here is just refocusing our lives a little bit towards creating a kind and loving Human Scale way of life in Sustainable Community.

We are all very health oriented and self motivated people who are working only for positive change and personal growth.

We will become a new beginning place for greater things to come out of all this and a place where people can come to stay for related visits and meetings.

We will all have to learn how to help to build a larger Resource Base around just this one small part of a larger vision and then we can begin to watch it grow knowing that we were among those who helped make it happen.

One thing we do need to know is if the real desire is there for you to want to become an indispensable part of this Shared Vision of EdenHouse.

If it is we can do any number of things with a few real supporters and the ordinary amounts of money that flows right through our hands everyday.

Here those personal resources will go towards the creation of something a little more cooperative and collectively Self-Sustainable.

What should you do? Tell us all about your self in some great depth or we won't know what to think.

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