An Expanding Vision

Because it Takes a Whole Village

Adam and Eve
Starry Lake

The Vision Focus

Eden is a valley that almost no one has ever even seen. Very much the heart of its own watershed that remains largely unspoiled. Some will not even dare because they know that Eden is its own land. Everything does of course open up for all good people when the time is right.

There are many here who recognize and respond to this vision very quickly on its most shallow level. But it goes much deeper than that. If you let it really sink in you will see that it connects up with something that is so very real in so many of us that there is nothing else in this world that can compare with the understated Elegance of the Eden Project which is almost invisible just because it is so clear.

The  Eden Project

When it is real we know it is real. That is such a simple matter of having the sense for Truth. We expect people to have good taste in all things as well.

Others are not so sure what it is they are eating or looking at unless they are told by some others who are recognized as the card carrying experts or some other such kind of authority figures who have done enough damage already to the Earth and all her children. But that is not how it works here. We do not pretend to know anything in Eden. Everyone comes here in ignorance just to learn.

Everyone shows the highest regard for the Vision of Eden and the people of Eden. That is the first order of the day. Especially the very new people who would be wise to speak of themselves only a little and their needs not much at all and to just listen deeply to the Word of Eden.

Supporting the process is a part of the process. We do have to see a little sign of respect for what it is we are doing here. Do not be too quick to judge this project by standards that are long outdated and hold no sway within the emerging vision of Eden. As you may have guessed, the forces of doom and gloom must not be given any power in Eden.

Some May Choose to remain full of contempt for something new as a way of self defense or as they may see it, getting rich at Edens' expense is what we call that and that is Wrongful Enrichment and that comes from a false sense of Self Entitlement, and that was sold to them by some empty headed politicians who are always playing one side against the other.

That would be like robbing the people of the Earth blind.

Those who think they can move themselves up by holding others down will find that they are greatly mistaken here in Eden where the order of priorities is not going to remain upside down for long. Power Over the Lands and other passive aggressive tactics of reverse manipulation will not be welcomed, since most of us here in Eden will have the ability to distinguish the good from the bad.

All Good Things

We are not asking primarily for money as you may have noticed. That is only secondary. We actually do expect that to flow like a river does of its own accord. All we should have to do is to get out of the way of that happening and it will come down like the rising crest of the Middle Eel River after some heavy rains.

We have spoken of these things many times. Do not fear the Truth or believe in anything you do not know. Nothing that has not been earned is ever real for very long, until you get the bill. Freedom only comes with Personal Responsibility You have to earn it before you can burn it. There is no credit in the natural world.


There is a very clearly perceived need for a certain amount of clarity. But Eden is not needs centric. We don't put the needs of people first. We put the Trees first, and the wildlife, and the oceans and the farmlands and the wetlands first. All of that must be allowed to eat first, and then only after than will wee the little people sit down and eat what ever is left over.

Not everything is always to be immediately consumed. Nothing is ever known  with complete and absolute certainty before the time has come for that. That is why all but the most faithful of expectations will have to be dropped off back where they came from. We are of this river and we are of this land.

We work only with people who bring Warm Hearts and Good Hands.

Information is a dead end.

The Spirit of Eden will only come in its raw untreated organic form and it will only be shared among those of us who have earned the right to sit at this finely crafted table and who have learned the language as well.

We may even create our own new branch of this language that works with music as well as a simplified 16 digit alpha-numerical language of the Earth.

We do release a deluge of Fresh Clean Untreated Vision Clear Mountain Spring Water every now and then. But it is your responsibility to go to work and do something with that. Show us what you can do with some of this without interfering with anybody else who may already be on the job and working. Can you make tools? Well then you can join in with those other creatures who cannot make finely crafted tools like these.

Many things we may have in some great abundance, because we are all such creative people. Other things are not even going to be happening.

More than enough and some to share is always going to be there. But that is not what we promise to provide for those who have no sense of Truth and Justice. That is what you are expected to bring to Eden.


We do need to show that we are really ready to do what it takes to become somebody who definitely would be of a positive value to this community.

We've all got lots of good ideas. But that disorganized state is not where we can remain for too long. And you do need to show that you can sustain a very real interest in Eden over time. That is Key.

We are like the Salmon who each do need to be able to make the swim upstream independently if we are to be able to do so as one whole community. Those who are willing to help others may then be worthy of asking for some help one day as well.

People and Land

A lot of people get in over their heads and they try to start a community. What they are finding out is that land alone does not make a home, and most people don't want to have to embrace any kind of a real vision, because they have been spoiled for community by the dominant society, which is greatly in competition with community.

Why is that? Even a fine example of a community like Eden can be seen as being a bit of a threat to the status quo herd mentality.

Who are these people? We are them and they are us. There will be no community where there is no real vision. And that's what the difference really is here. Eden belongs to itself.

The Big Secret is that Most People are attracted to the easy going cooperative and friendly Community Spirit that they feel they need to find, to be able to create a Home for themselves within a Community that is already almost completely populated, with the kind of other people, they would like to be able to live with, and to be around, but that is a fantasy.

They don't really care much about this other stuff that goes way beyond what little they had come to expect, and which may even therefore be seen as being potentially quite objectionable. No Blame. But money alone does not make a home and a community is not a crowd, and so we cannot welcome these invasive intruders to crash our green parties, when they do not really belong here.

Eden has to be more than enough for everybody with something to share with the rest of the world, like some of our friends down in Central America.

People are very Attracted

Eden is a real place and it is a real vision. And it is a very clear and a well developed plan. Many of the finest people will trade in their homes and their lands and even some of these smaller communities will go up on the chopping blocks for sale to be sold to the highest bidder just to be able to become a part of Eden.

We come in all ages. Older folks usually have most of the funny money and the younger folks are the natural born workers and they are also the most productive breeders, which is one thing that most of these older folks are just plain through with, and most communities just plain forget about these important distinctions. But that youthful vitality, really is a very real value that we all must make some room for so we all can share for the sake of the Eco-Logical continuity of Eden.

What it is

We have had a few people from these smaller communities actually start coming to our meetings already. They may already have land and a community. But they know it is not Eden. Now they want the real thing. And they will try to swamp our meetings and they will try to take over if they can, using the power of numbers, which would be important if it was important but it is not.

Eden is a new vision. And it really is a truly expansive and generous vision that is vast in its implications for the Earth and for the Whole Web of Life.

There isn't anything else out there that comes anywhere close to this that I know of. Money alone or even a whole lot of real good intentions just won't make it. Not even a large group of randomly chosen people with a whole lot of money could pull this whole thing off, because money is not the answer.

Not when you are collectively acting alone and in complete disharmony with the Earth, and without a set of unifying principles like the Natural Order of Priorities. That is why we have created something like this for some of these people to know that we really do have to have something real to go by.

These words of Truth need to be held high up there and respected so we have something that we can gather together around, and so we do not lose that central core of values and principles of Truth, that can be referred to later, only ours is an organic one, and it is like a living core, that changes and grows, as it must be, since Eden is about the Continuation of Life, and not the preservation of ignorance. 

The new realities we are entering into are not like the ones we came out of, or those we heard tell about in the distant past.

This is not a backwards facing community. We do not plan to bail ourselves out continuously just because we didn't know the first thing about boat building. Every real Earth Ship needs to be built on a strong foundation.

We must all learn to be able to change and to grow and to begin to accept some guidance and to take some direction. All who will respect and honor the Women of Eden will be welcome to come a little closer where they might get a better look at the males and decide which ones make the grade.

We all have to do our share of the money part just like everybody else. But I do know that many of you will get back everything you have put into this project and some may even get it all back 3 times over.

Eden is Real

Eden has to be placed above and beyond the market forces of need and greed which would only destroy any good thing. We can be thankful for the fact that Eden is Real. You must not imagine you can just look down your noses at Eden which is a place where it most definitely cannot be found, and that will only get you pegged, for something you wouldn't want to have to do, like to pay us all back, since we do have some semblance of justice in Eden, even though we are not addicted to it, but it does come up a lot and good things do get resolved into better things.

It may even appear to be a bit beyond reach for some. But that is only right. You must choose something you can respect, that is beyond your grasp. And not even a child can respect anything that they can just break in half without any consequences.

How did we get so much of this so brain dead wrong? We have been sold out by the media, which together with the politicians, and the mainstream corporation of the church, has gone into business for itself.

Have some little bit of Faith in the Vision of Eden. Faith in the Earth makes whole new worlds become possible to go inside out and right through to the Center of the Universe, all within the smallest grain of sand.

The Voice of Eden Speaks from the Heart of the Earth. We are all to begin to heed this word of Eden so that we really will be able to Save the Earth again before the end times are upon us all, but that may be for true believers only.


If we are too slow to choose there will be no choice. And that is something you must learn how to do now while you still have a chance to create the life you might want for your self and all posterity will follow these actions which must begin to speak louder than words.

Don't wait until it's too late or you may be sold out for bait. The Earth needs us Now and so do our own children and for those who don't have children we are all related through the Web of Life which is now endangered up a storm.

Some Clarifications:

Eden Village will become a Home for the Homeless and it will become a place where people can be welcomed to come to live in peace when the time is right for that and all the appropriate gestures of grace and dignity have been properly performed as it would be among any of the native peoples. You would never enter into the midst of a tribal camp with hostile intent.

There is a right and a wrong way of doing anything good or bad, and here in Eden we are not afraid of these two extremes or any others, and unlike those who seek the middle ground out of fear and cowardice, we don't like to limit ourselves to the confines of the status quo, which has been way too much like a prison cell for all of the true thinking people with Spirit.

Until that time we must move full speed ahead with integrity and without fear. That is just one small part of the emerging Magic of Eden, that we stand in total Solidarity with the entire Universe wherein lies the foundation of All Truth. But Time never ends.

Do not be quick to jump overboard just because the seas get rough. Most of that has been done on purpose, and we are not really going to follow T to the ends of the Earth, since he is merely a Trail Guide, with no real interest in leading this community into the ground.

Most will not even dare to dream a real dream that goes far beyond what any of these media posers could ever approve of. But we must become willing to dare to enter into a real Dream because that is the invisible way the Magic of Eden really works, through the Spirit of Truth.

Some Dreams really do come True. And we have made that part fairly clear for those who have come here to learn and done their best to do the True. Eden is the Earth. Eden is the Spirit of the Earth.

The Vision of Eden is the Voice of the Earth. We are the Children of Eden. We are the Village People. We get our guidance straight from below.

We want to give something back to the Earth. We are the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest. What more could you ever need to know?

But yes, as many have said, it could be seen as being a bit unconventional of us to act from the spirit of Truth alone but here we can do no wrong to at least take the risk of becoming clear among ourselves where we are really going with this and who it really is among us who will really be able to come to Eden in Peace and Cooperation towards a better life, as whole and human benefactors in service of the greater good.

Eden Valley belongs to itself. We do not need to own the land.  And it is not even necessarily ever going to be ours in the manner in which most people think. The land belongs to the Earth. The people belong to the land.

Our plan is only to get ourselves prepared to take decisive action as a real community of people first, as soon as the time is right for that, as we have always done at every turn of the trail.

We have a lot of work to do before that next magical time comes around the bend.

It has been said that The Stillest Words Open up the heaviest of Doors so if we learn to listen then maybe that door will open up of its own accord. That is the magic of Eden. We must make no promises that we cannot afford to keep to ourselves forever, for all must earn their own fair share of the Truth.

I know by speaking of these things one time among our growing circle of friends that there are many here who recognize and respond to this very simple vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace.

It connects up with something that is so very real in so many of us. And we know it is real. Those of us who are for real should be able to recognize each other as the Kindred Spirits that we are to become one with in the spirit of sharing and caring for Eden and for the Earth.

We should be able to tell by the senses alone. We don't need any information. The most exquisite do not need any explanation. Others are not so sure what to think without being offered a ready made opinion that comes right off the shelf.

No Blame. Let them Be or Set them Free. But don't worry about where these people are going to go when they die. That is how we live in Eden.

This group is open to All Kindred Spirits who come in the Spirit of Loving Kindness and voluntary cooperation and who will make their best Good Faith series of efforts until they have exhausted all that they have had to give without worrying too much about themselves being taken care of from cradle to grave in Eden, where everybody eats last, after the deer have had their fill.

Nothing is ever taken for granted or to be quickly misunderstood by those who don't know the difference between one thing and the other.

Let that spark of Truth be our one distinction. You must be able to complete all the gross misunderstandings of this world successfully with all that has been given so far, and then bring us the results before you can be granted any special recognition for that.

We do understand the need for a certain amount of clarity. But you will all have to provide most of the answers, since no one has been given the right to ask any questions that would not be of any interest to anybody.

So many things we may have in great abundance since once again we will all be among the ones who are bringing it.

More than enough and some to share is what we will be expecting to see hanging on your tree of good hope, and when you come to the potluck, you come bearing food, even if you are the only one who ever does that.

The right to feed the people is not something that you have any right to expect to be delivered by the fine folks of Eden. That is something that you must be able to bring to this fine and elegant table that spreads out before us like the horizon at Dawn on a clear blue sky day.

But in truth we seek only good companions here and not true believers or empty headed followers, although a certain willingness to go along with a few things you do not yet believe in maybe should be put in place, if only out of a sense of supreme disinterest, in being held captive by the status quo for too much longer.

It is time for us to take upon ourselves a significant role in world affairs, and that starts right here at home with our relationships to the community.

We are the change makers who have no interest in World Domination. But the effects of our magnificent new creations will soon begin to ripple throughout the World.

We all do need to show that we are really ready to do what it takes to become somebody who definitely would be of a positive value to this community. Others are welcome to browse just like the Deer in the Forests around and within Eden for a time until that time is over with, which might be something like 10 days, but that could vary.

Collaboration Follows Cooperation. We work in Collaboration with all Native Peoples. But first we do need to see some high degree of cooperation and support from some of these other people who are way out of step with the natural world.

Self Pity for others has always been our greatest danger. Bending over Backwards does eventually lead to having a broken back. As Eden so goes the Earth.

You do have to have more than just a little self based interest which only leads to the complete Destruction of the Earth and all Her little Children which would be totally in opposition to everything we would gladly be willing to live an die for but just didn't know how, but now we do.

We all do need to show that we can sustain that spirit of positive interest and support indefinitely. In this way we are beginning to build the extensive resource base that each of us must be willing to become an indispensable part of once again.

We need to know who you are and what you might like to do and what you can be counted on to do in return for nothing.

Land alone does not make a home. Not even Eden Valley will do the trick. It is the Spirit of the Vision that speaks to the right Quality of the People that is the basis of any real Community of this magnitude and beauty. We are creating a real habitat for humanity.

Community is about Relationship. Nothing can happen where there is no love and where there is no hope and where there is no real vision there will be no real community. That's what the real differences are here. We put the Truth First.

This project really is not just about something. It actually already is something and it always has been of the first water of the oldest thing that has been plain to see from the very beginning. Excellence. That is the Eden Experience.

Many people will sell their homes and their lands and even some of these smaller attempts at forming community will go up for sale just to be able to bring those resources together into becoming a part of the Eden Project. Or their lands may be connected up with ours in an Eco-Logically Integrated Stewardship Cooperative Network that is linked up with Truth.

Everything small is innocent of its smallness here. But that doesn't mean everybody gets a free ride like we all learned to expect in early childhood. No wonder so many people have so much trouble adjusting to the real world.

We do not mean to welcome those who are too pessimistic. This is a new vision that is dawning on a lot of fine folks right here within the Heart of the Communities Movement which is exactly where you are standing right now.

There isn't anything else out there that comes anywhere close to where you are right now so don't even think about it. Just stay right where you are for as long as you can and you will be among the finest here among us.

Other community groups on the web like ours barely make it past about 20 members and then they taper off and die like the Trees on Easter Island.

Most people have no preparation for community anyway and have been taught everything backwards to begin with and then they are so quick to embrace every kind of lateral move in the book. But a lateral move is an energetically wasteful move that accomplishes nothing and that constitutes a loss of life energy.

Who ever talked about the conservation of Life Energy?

Eden is Beyond just being about a nicer place to live. That we will all be able to share in. But the Vision has to go much farther out there and it has to go much deeper down into the Earth than most people have ever dreamed of, to be able to Unify the People in a workably Critical Mass of Solidarity in Truth.

Eden is Universal. A little talk of peace and tranquility just does not have enough dynamic necessity. Sorry about that. But we do create that too for those who need it.

All kinds of micro-climates will be created within the larger community even with some real respect becoming possible for the first time for Singles and even Childless Couples who are tired of being marginalized by the larger society.

It is not just another ecological co-housing development scheme for a few well off professionals either. Eden is about creating a real home for a Wilder Diversity of fine folks from around the world who can prove they know how to live in peace within an Earth Centric Integrated Environment which believe it or not may sometimes be more difficult for some of the women than it is for most of the men since they have been pushed around by the media for way too long now.

That does not mean we can expect to see a complete return to the unbalanced perspectives that so many have bought into hook line and sinker. If all they have learned is resentment and revenge, then we cannot use them. Why is that?

Resentment and revenge alone does not make a home. But that was an easy mistake. But now the honor price must be paid. That's why it is always wise to respect peoples constantly changing beliefs and orientations.

Everyone will control their own identity and information. None of that is permanent except among a very limited few.

This is just Our Little gift of Goodness that we must give in honor of the Feminine Spirits that can be found within the Natural World we all live within here in the heart of the Earth Spirit which may one day be referred to as being the place where it all started as an act of Truth.

This Earth may by that time have become little more than a long forgotten Mythical place of origins from which all Life is once said to have become more than just an accident for the first time ever since a few people got up and did something about it.

Eden could even be the only word from Earth Talk that is even going to be long remembered. That is why it is said that we may be the Adams and Eves of this World and quite a few other places as well who will be the creators of Earth Talk, which is meant to become one with the One  Universal Language of Truth which we stand in total solidarity with.

It would be a big mistake to assume that we would expect anything less than a complete change of attitude from those who have no idea how to approach this vastly well conceived vision of a whole new kind of community that goes all the way back into the future and beyond just being about community and the needs of a few people to find some place to live. 

This is not just about 40 acres and a mule anymore. Need is no longer King. Take what you can and leave the rest but never take the very best. That is our new King, and Greed of course is dead.

We don't have to have every ones complete agreement on everything. In some cases too much agreement is even seen as being a good way to clog up the flow of the rivers of life which were meant to flow freely.

Eden has not yet even been spotted but it is now coming our way. Some are just not yet ready for it. Most of the people in this group may not have yet begun to become strong enough to take upon themselves a vision of this magnitude.

We have much work to do. But we do have a plan to deal with some of these people who would probably rather go down with the status quo.

Our plan is to get ourselves into that place where we are ready to move straight forward at that point when things open up without the slightest hesitation which is how we plan to navigate our way through the rest of the universe as well.

Everything happens one step at a time and we do everything with a healthy sense of humor. The Building of a Larger Resource Base and Group Integration comes First.

You will be expected to join in the process at this level and you are not encouraged to wait until later. Cooperation and Collaboration are two big words here in Eden that really do have to mean something big.

We definitely do not create disturbances within the work of this group. Everything goes through the Eden Work Group that is of a questionable kind where we do talk about all the gritty realities on the ground and all the bad rumors get aired out.

But you have to join the main group first, and begin to make a name for yourself in Eden. Nobody speaks for this project but those who are understood as being the most appropriate spokespersons for this project.

Be kind and generous or you may lose your place in Eden to some nicer people who don't tend to first mess things up for everybody else and then expect some one else to clean up after they have done their damage. We do know the difference and you have to show that you are willing to go along with that with loving grace.

Non-Interference Policy

We will use an experienced spokesperson only who will take care of all the initial interactions and this will be reported at the meetings and within the Work Group.

We all do have to learn to become a well integrated part in the process of Guided Cooperation. And a part of that is to be able to remain quiet until the time is right through the process of Eden.

We do have to ask you to become an active member of this community in a way which is of some real value to this community. Not to create a self-unimportance problem and to go into the passive aggressive mode of self destruction on us.

What Kind of People

We can not afford to focus only on our own personal needs to be seen and heard first. We only hear people who listen first and then listen some more. Everything does have to be focused through the correct channels.

Even your initial interest in this group has to be expressed in the right way and to the right people that shows you have at least made a quick pass of this quite extensive repository of unique material you can see blooming right here.

Otherwise it will be disregarded when you come in and just want to expound upon what you might think without even thinking about one thing that has been said. Everything has to be connected up with everything else.

Nobody has time for that kind of misplaced aggression against any of the honored members around here. And everybody needs to have some kind of self control and that means personal responsibility.

Money alone or even good intentions just won't make it into Eden. This is about the realities we are entering into here not like the little worlds we just came out of so do expect a few new ideas and do be prepared to embrace the growing and changing vision of Eden as it appears here on Earth at this time before a growing circle of Friends. The Friends of Eden.

Eden is about all the Children. Eden is an expansive Bridge to Our Childrens land and our Future Freedom which is forever and that is where this whole thing is going. But please listen first and then only speak much later when the time is right.

Opportunities will abound for enthusiastic young idealists with a dream of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace who stand in Solidarity with The Vision of Eden. We make things work. But everyone should bring at least a few hundred dollars, just to cover their own personal settlement expenses.

No Down Payment makes it very easy for these younger people who cannot afford to make any sizeable down payment. All others should become prepared to put down at least $6,000. down towards your Contribution Pledge of what will start at $36,000.

Then you will be set up with a very beautiful and expansive 3 acre Homestead with a View across the valley and a 2 acre Farm-Site in this community totaling about 5 acres of personally managed lands within the larger 2,320 acre Community held lands.

This is about living and giving outside the box and going right through into a new world beyond our wildest dreams again, just like we did last time, only this time we plan to do a much better job of it.

EdenFest could be the beginning of a whole series of our own great Days of Celebration throughout the year.

Eden is more than just a little bit Beyond the Sidewalks. Eden is a Community to Change the World. Eden is about the meaning and the future of the Earth come back to get us all back to the center of the Universe again in on piece before the end times are upon us all.

It seems we have not yet been forgotten by any of the Truth Keepers of Eden and all the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest who may have been sent here with a mission that goes beyond just fooling around with a little nuclear fission or tampering with our entire genetic heritage for no real reason.

Where to go from here? The big email group is a good place to start but it is only there for those who are brand new here or just peering into this vast new world of ever changing new possibilities that is like an upside down ocean that has no bottom. Let us learn to swim.

There is also another group for people who have proven themselves in this group and have moved on to the Eden Work Group. Read the material. All of it. Introduce yourself. This is your one small chance to Join the Village People. But you do have to know how to choose the right way to do that.

Then do come to one of the Lodge Meetings. We meet right out in front of the Restaurant at the Jack London Lodge in Glen Ellen. That's only about 45 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. There is a map and directions and more information on the page called Meetings which I am sure you are familiar with.

- T

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