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Because it Takes a Whole Village

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The Eden Project

Eden Valley has been chosen as the most optimal site for an EcoVillage Community like this anywhere up in Northern Mendocino County. Other sites have been selected in other parts of the world. But Eden is perfectly well situated within this EcoRegion and it fits well within its own Watershed.

The vision has come very much from the unique nature of Eden Valley itself. I am sure you might want to take a little Hike up into the surrounding areas and got a good feel for the relative wildness of the area. But the project came together out of a respect for the unique shape and size of Eden Valley first.

All the Homesteads will be laid out all around the outside rim of the valley to save all that good farmland which is rare and beautiful and to have the views of all that open space spreading out before us and nobody up the hill behind us. That is Key.

The Village Commons

The Village does need to be fairly central and it already is stocked with a few barns and ponds and shady trees along the creek which would be the most ideal spot for The Village which is going to be about 64 park like acres in the Heart of Eden for Community Uses only.

 The Vegan Village

That will be up in the northeast corner which is like a self organizing cooperative within the larger community. That will be like a smaller community that probably will be more fully communal within a larger community.

Here we will integrate different things on different scales that work in different ways to see how they might fit together to form a whole community that has a place for everyone even those who do not come in the usual family sized groupings that will fit so well on the homesteads and that will give us more diversity. And that means Higher Stability and Greater Productivity.

The Land comes First

Everything we do comes out of the land. We are totally focused on Eden Valley as a whole and complete place and the people of this community as the people who are right for that place.

A lot of people may want to escape from the city before it becomes a disaster area. Others may choose to remain behind.

Here in Eden we will build everything to be Earthquake Proof which is not much harder as long as you stay close to the Earth.

Who are the People

We need the people who are ready to become a very real part of something like this and to be able to work in good cooperation with others in community towards common goals and a higher purpose.

Those who play well with the other kids and are not in a dysfunctional relationship with society and the environment would be a good place to start.

Good People in commitment to a larger vision of an Earth Restored and a world at peace.

The money shows up and the land soon follows.

People who are too impatient will not be welcomed. A certain degree of self control of ones looser ends may be necessary and this is a healthy living community where living in balance is a way of life. Even older people here are active and busily involved in various ways.

Full Circle

We envision one big full circle of deeply committed people to share in the effort of creating Eden. If we build it they will come. But we need people who are ready to become a working part of this project.

To become a working part of Eden you have got to become a real member before december. No one gets the red carpet treatment. I don't even think we even have one. If we do I would certainly like to see it.

Good People

A lot of people may want to join in with us in doing something like this but then it turns out that we are never going to be just exactly right for everybody for some reason or other. Someone is always going to choose to go off on us at their own great peril, which shows that they put themselves first, which is the last thing we want to see.

We have no time for that kind of thing and we really do need to know just who can be counted on to be there with us right now and from this point onward.

We aren't trying to squeeze blood out of a stone. You know who you are. It's not for me to say if you are right for Eden or if Eden is right for you unless you are not right for Eden.

The Wedding Ceremony

We do need to know what you can do and where you are coming from even if you live very far away and can't make it to the meetings before the Wedding Ceremony is over with and the divorce is on big time.

You can still become a part of the Stewards Council which will become the main governing body of this community.  And that has to happen before we can allow anyone to think they have a right to any part within this project.

We do need you to become willing to take action on this. The time for hesitation it is through. This is something we must do. And we do expect much more from you here among us in Eden than it might be somewhere else, since Eden is a brood happy community, and not just a last resort for drifters.

We are not that heavily interested in those who may just want to space out into anonymous isolation right here in our midst, so you do have to prove to be a deeply concerned and cooperative person who does have a lot to give in good relations with T and all the other good people.

The Low Cost Pledges

The low cost ConTribs starting at $28.800 are really only for Seniors who may wish to do without the 2 acre Farmsite that will normally come with every 3 acre Homestead. That is only for older folks who can't be expected to get out there and do that much work on a Farmsite.

Otherwise it would only be unfair to them to expect them to pay as much when they really have no use for that much land. And this way it won't just sit there with no way to use it like a lot of land does that is just used as a buffer zone between homes.

We will find some other folks who really do need a chance to do some serious work on that farm site like some young folks who will want some space for their own farming projects. And all that farm land remains as open space in this way, that is to be protected from housing or business developments, and in this way we will save all the best farmlands in perpetuity forever.

Critical Mass

It would be really nice if some people could come through with the full amount. Why is that? We need to be able to reach that kind of Critical mass of self sufficient support up front in order to become one with a decent down payment that we can live in peace with.

We can't do this without some of that kind of immediate full blown support. We need that much more just to establish a sizeable land fund after the down payment so we can rest assured that the next 12 payments are in the bag for the next 15 years.

We can't even move into that arena until we have something real from each one of you that will put us not only barely in the game but that will put us way up and over the top. 

Super Angel

We may even choose to create the space for a real Angel who can assure us of their absolute backing on an even greater scale if we ever do need it.

That we can borrow some small amounts of money from them like 250 thousand great big fat ones, when we may need that for  5 to 7 years or so at which time it is to be paid back in full but only because we insist on that since we have to be very eccentric about paying our dues even if most people are not inclined to roll that way anymore, and so in this way Eden represents a big step backwards before we fall.

We do need you to become a real Angel or a super hero here even if you have been taught to remain dependent upon others to take all of the most beautiful of the natural risks in life.

We will still need a quorum of at least 9 members on the Council before we can go ahead and start to make any decisions which may sound outrageous to those who have figured out that we already do have a decent decision making body in place right now.

We do have T. And that is always nice. But it is said that he refuses to take too much further action in regards to setting the wheels into motion for a bunch of strangers without all of your very real and proven commitment and support and that he does expect more from those who have less, to do the most, since Eden is an exact inversion of the mainstream dominator cultures of doom and gloom and guilt been spilt. Now you know why the empties have no power over Eden.

We need to see a strong Stewards Council that is way up and over the top as well very much like the Vision of Eden. Why shouldn't we expect as much from each one of you? Well we don't see any reason to create a place that is beyond paradise for those who only want to emulate the empty place holder ethics of the status quo.

On the Council

The Council will be the sole governing body of this community made up of one person from each of the Homesteads. It will make decisions by a three quarters Consensus.

The reason for that is so that no one person can hang up the flow of the entire River of Truth which could endanger the whole village. Most People hadn't thought about that.

We do have a little bit more going on here. Some of us do anyway. And I do hope some of the rest of you folks do wish start to generate enough of an appetite for Truth to become willing to do a little more than just your own fair share which thing in Eden is considered to be an insult to all that was ever good and right and the many mothers who have died in childbirth just to help us to get this far.

That you might bring a little something more than all the others I we do not think should be too much to ask since if you are even trying to read this you might still be among the very last and the least among us, and then you do have to be quite happy and content with everything you have been given, since that may be all that you have earned, which is the very definition of justice in Eden.

You then may try to bring that up to a more equitable level when you finally do get around to making your contributions known. Nothing stays the same in Eden, as the whole thing is constantly changing as we grow in unison, much better than we grow separately.

We can not show any respect for anybody for nothing. No one who has done nothing deserves anything, which of course is the opposite of everything we have all been taught. But the page has been turned on all that, which was wrong, and that is all history, while Eden is more about Truth.

Specific rights in Eden will have to be earned. The ordinary rights that are extended to every stone in space and all living things are nothing that we can grant or take away from anybody.

Sharing Families

If a family is sharing a homestead they will have to decide among themselves who will be representing their voices on the council before the end of the good times are done.

Otherwise there will be lots of opportunities for all to speak who actually do have some reason to do so.

We do want to assure a few people who really do need to know that there will always be some semblance of gender balance in everything we do.

It will very often be the women who take more of an interest in the goings on of the Community when it comes to planning and managing finances and work projects and learning experiences for the young people, as well as the various events that may have to be scheduled.

This is just to create a workable number of people who are deeply rooted in this Community. Other voices will also be heard from among those who have actually done something for Eden, and so may have earned some recognition.


You need to make your commitment to the Council known. We need only those who will really help to fulfill the needs of that Council. We need people to step forward in a big way here and become someone who they have always wanted to be.

Any contributions over $100 will be credited towards your ConTrib if you do let us know you want that. Otherwise that will go towards general expenses like any other contribution and it will be jealously guarded for as long as we can until it is finally spent on something of great importance, like the publication of the next issue of the Eden Journal or to buy some stamps.

The need to know

We do need to know who and where you are on this whole thing right now so we can begin to memorize your names, and the names of your people and your children and your pets and your old folks. What did you think?

Everyone comes all disconnected? Like a Tree, that comes with its roots all intact in a tightly bound ball of soil, we all come to the community with roots intact.

You have parents. You have children. You have brothers. You have sisters. You have partners. You have baby daddies and you have baby mamas. You come with debts and judgments. You come with a record.

You come with job experience. You come with some credit to your name. You come with fame. You come with fortune. You come with pride and arrogance, or you come with some humility.

This is not just meant to be of passing interest to a few people in the academic world of Intentional Communities and such who might want to write a humorous book about us one fine day.

You must be willing to consider each and every suggestion made on this website as being almost a written Treasure Map on how to make your way to Eden, without dying in the process, just like when you transplant a Tree, which does have to be done with some care, not that we have to care but you do.

We know that people have become accustomed to talking much and doing little and we have little interest in perpetuating this myth of the importance of mass consumption, and the self centric thinking, which is at the bottom, of that consumeristic addiction that a lot of people are sworn to obey. But here you will have to kick the habit, and especially if you cannot afford it.


We need you to be doing something here and there and not just playing cat and mouse around the house. And what we are doing here is nothing we may want to talk with just any old body about.

Those who really do have something real to do with us and have proven themselves worthy will have our complete attention. The rest will not. That's why we say that if you aren't the real deal either is any of this going to be since Eden is invisible to those who are blind.

We are only going to be as real with you as you have been with us, so now would be the time to start.

 Cutting Edge Criticism

This is what the Communities Movement should be all about and soon it will be. But that only works if you jump all over this thing when you get the chance. And that time is now.

There aren't too many other real visions of community like this one that I could refer you to hook up with should you fail to make the connection with Eden. And they are pretty much all booked up so you do not want to take your sweet time for too long. A chance to have this kind of collaboration is a terrible thing to waste.

One Fine Valley

Eden has been recognized as a perfectly ideal place for a community like this and it was even used for that back in the 1800's when it became the site of one of the first Communities in Northern California because it was even then seen as being the perfect place as it is now.

I am sure that quite a few of the indigenous tribes of this area might have chosen to live there as well.

There probably will be some artifacts to be found but we have to be clear about our intentions not to disturb any sacred burial grounds. We do not disturb these sites if we find any in Eden out of respect for both the living and the dead. 

Other plans have been made of course to try and develop the valley through conventional means. My conclusion is that it was just not meant to be anything else but an EcoVillage, since everything else has failed.

That is why I think that we are the only people on Earth who really do have a very good plan for the sustainable use of Eden Valley. And now when it is so very possible to do something of any real significance like this, so many people are just not aware of what the realities are, and what is required of them to become a part of this community.

Most people are actually not looking for a job with apple computer here. They do not want to see themselves as being just potential workers. They still see themselves as being zoomers and consumers. Some may not even love the platform and they do not want to help to produce a better place for the Spirit of Eden to grow up to its full potential.

They may imagine themselves instead to be walking into just another store with a justifiable attitude of contempt for all that is being offered, which they think is the best place to play from, and so we do hear a lot of contradictory opinions meant to establish that they are not going to be easily sold on the platform, which for them is just like getting screwed again, because that is what they expect to grow from the seeds that they have planted, which is something like their own demise.

It is their own choices and actions that they may want to duck out on having to pay the consequences for, and that is something very cowardly that we consider to be quite offensive here in Eden which is only for the most brave and the most courageously high spirited and resourceful people of Truth on Earth that have ever lived.

We all do this sometimes. Especially with males who may be members of the opposite sex. We take the attitude of supreme disinterest even when that is not the appropriate attitude to project towards our brothers and sisters.

A lot of people seem to believe that the world is a rotten place to live where Truth and Justice never works. That may be because the natural orders of priorities have all been ripped up to make more room for more pavement and further shopping mall development. And most people do not know any other way of dealing with the amazing Truth of Eden, but to return into the safety of Anonymous Isolation as the grumpy consumers of doom and gloom. But this has to stop.

Now it gets real

You must begin to respond to the call as soon as you roll out of bed. And then everything else will just begin to flow like a river. All of its own accord. And with only a few serious obstacles. Because we do have to be able to move right on ahead with the things we really do need to do within this community.

It's not about what it used to be about way back in the sixties anymore. Some of that will be tolerated for awhile. But most of it is already obsolete, and I think you will find that we have turned a page on all of that.

We do expect you each to be able to learn to become somebody who can create your own way of life and make a real living for yourself within this community without relying upon always repeating these empty headed slogans of mass deception, that were only knocked out for popular consumption, and to boost the sales of the various promotional objectives of the corporate elite.

But all the empty slogans in the world do not add up to one word of Truth. And that is why we need to drop the power of numbers, and disengage from the rage, and walk away from the cage. You got it. Real Freedom has to be Earned.

- T

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