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Many Farms

We need to start thinking about is how are we going to be able to sell all the produce people are going to be growing on the 70 homesteads and on the Mini Farms and in the Vegan Village as well as the 300 acre Community Farm.

What comes to mind is to have a natural foods store in town. Village Foods can be anything we might want it to be. This will allow us to cut out the middle dog and sell directly to the consumer.

That will allow us to create a positive and productive presence in the local community of Willits which does have enough of a population base that we will be able to serve the public and support a lot of people in the process.

Better food is worth more as you should well know. And that will allow a lot of folks to make a good living off their 2 acre farmsites alone.

Job Creation

This will also create more jobs that would just not be there otherwise. And that will add another important element to our Sustainable Micro Economy which works by recycling our own money as much as possible.

These other things that bring in money like Eden Valley Natural Foods and the Community Farm are what helps to drive our own Micro Economy.

This will make it easier to be able to sell some of what we grow on the 2 acre Farmsites that go along with each Homestead. We may have a ready buyer for much of that in Village Foods as well as the many jobs that would be created.

We will have better control of what happens to our own food supply so we can get it from the farm to the table when it's at its peak of ripeness. We need to take back some control of our own food supply and there is no better way to do that than by going into the natural foods business.

The Community Farm

That is another thing entirely. We should have another 200 acres out in the middle of the valley which should be put to some good use.

 A lot of little stuff that takes a lot of attention is just not going to cut it way out there. And people do want to know how that is going to work, and what we're going to grow out there.

One big planting of an off beat food producing plant like Raspberries which do need a lot of labor who does create jobs, and that do bring in a good price would make a nice permanent planting for the Community Farm because they will work nicely within our own local Village Economy.

Once they get started, they start producing almost right away unlike trees and they keep on doing it for a very long time, just like trees. Raspberries have to be hand picked at the peak of ripeness by careful workers with a keen eye. They cannot be machine harvested.

They last a very long time.

They are very popular and there is always a big demand for them. They bring a higher overall return than most any other berries and that creates a lot of jobs for some of the many young people we will be attracting like a magnet for an entirely different set of reasons.

But once here everybody is going to be looking to pick up some work. Raspberries are as permanent and deep rooted as Trees. They start producing fast and last a very long time like the rest of your life. No one really knows how long a raspberry plant can live. They may be able to tap into the ground water table that lies not too far underneath the entirety of Eden Valley.


Everyone will need to make a living one way or another besides what may be going on in the Village or on the Homesteads and Farm Sites or in various jobs in building and the smaller industries l9ke the Village Arts Council.

We will be creating all kinds of work in Eden and many of us may even be making a living in many different ways but you do have to have that creative spirit. Those who are not with us on that will not be with us for long. We can't afford to be carrying other peoples weight around for long unless we can find a way to finance that, so we do have to remain as practical as possible without going over the deep end with a lot of charity work that we cannot afford to sustain. 

Everybody needs to be relatively self sufficient as well as competent at what they do to be able to make a very real contribution above and beyond just being there.

Things will have to be allowed to reach a certain Eco-Logical Balance and they will do that naturally once we get set up and running. But a certain amount of self determination will always be necessary.

Two by Two

Some people will couple up on us which is where babies come from and that is also a very basic level of sharing a homestead that doesn't need much of an explanation.

Eventually it may be quite possible for two couples to share a Homestead. Think of a nothing down Contribution Pledge split 4 ways and you begin to realize that one quarter of that is a very doable proposition, and this shows good community building skills, that you can link up with other people one way or the other, which may be required for some people just to be able to swing the full homestead Contribution Pledge responsibility, which thing must be fulfilled no matter what to retain ones honor in the community.

One out of 3

We do have to have the nothing down pledge as we have said to support a certain amount of diversity. That will allow young people to get on this whole extravaganza. A quarter of nothing and conceivably you could just move right on. Enjoy your Homestead. Walk the land. Introduce yourself to the plants and the other animals who live there already. And you can start to make yourself at home within this community, as one of the committed land stewards.

Then let's take a good look at that first payment towards your contribution share some 30 days later. Split that up 4 ways and that is not a big hardship for most people who are willing to work for ten dollars an hour.

You can do it

Even if you are not rolling in money if you can get into cooperation with other folks. This plan supports most every kind of cooperation that shows good human integration skills. Those who need too much help will just not be able to make it.

We all need to have the natural skills and the real abilities that will be necessary and you can see how easy it could be for those of us who really are the real solar homesteader types, and maybe a few others can learn fast enough to make it too.

So many people thought money was a big problem nobody could solve. Well consider that to be the old story. We have already solved the Imaginary Money Problem.

Money is only a secondary consideration for the right people who have the right attitude and a desire to learn and to grow in this community. We love to do good things for good people.

Truth Talking

We are going to be taking it easy in comparison with the ordinary situation that any college student or other single person or young couple would probably be facing like a single mother trying to make it in a non single mother world without understanding what is out of place, and they really don't understand what is wrong with the world they live in.

Eden alone does have some support for some of these more fragmented family units that would just not even have a chance of survival without the Tribe in the natural world. But you never hear about people who leave the Tribe because that would be suicide in the natural world, and that is where we are going here, right back into the natural world, so let us all become prepared for some of the most basic aspects of the realities that will be involved.

An Icelandic Horse that leaves Iceland is never allowed back.

But we do want to be fairly inclusive, and we are very forgiving of those who really are willing to pay us all back for what they have taken. That is what these zero downs are really there for, single mothers and other brothers from another mothers who may need a little help to fit into this community, but are well worth the trouble. But all people really are expected to bring something to show for themselves along with something for everybody else.

We are all to become part of the first wave of breeders and feeders. It is really going to be very easy to work things out with others and larger numbers of people can share a homestead cheaper which cuts that down even further but it is a good idea to leave some room for expansion left in place for the next generation so you don't have to kick someone out every time a new born baby comes into this world.

People do tend to reproduce and so we do want to leave some room for them to procreate in peace.

I recommend starting out with only about 4 as a good sized core group although you can have as many as 12 on any one homestead but let it grow up to that point later is what I recommend.

Homes and Cabins

How can you pay for that when you have been taught that you are helpless and alone and cannot create all the solutions to the problems facing you? First of all you can unlearn most of that rugged feminist individuality junk and then get together with your friends if you can make any friends and decide to put up something like $50/week each into your Homestead Building Fund.

Natural Building Fund

4 people kicking in that much a week will be set with $10,000. a years worth of building materials. That will keep you in building materials big time especially if you use things like recycled lumber and natural materials.

It doesn't take a genius. Any kid could have come up with most of this. But not everyone has been taught how to think Truth First Now and I wasn't either. I was taught to be dumb like everybody else. But it didn't work and I failed miserably at being a complete idiot. That is why we are all non-conformists in Eden. We have all failed at everything else. That is one way to look at it. Eden really is our one last resort. Every other ship has already sailed. We are like the foreigners who never got on the boat because we loved the land.

Somehow we have all resisted those attempts to process the life out of us until there wasn't anything left or we simply failed to take the artificial offerings of fillers, plugs and empty placeholders.

How that happened I do not know but you can see that we have remained free enough to have the courage to speak the Truth which is all that has gotten us this far, besides a lot of hard work and self determination.

The realities

Our efforts will culminate after several years of working steadily towards our goals which has always been the way of the wild reality that grows like a twisting Manzanita Tree.

There are some limits here that we must watch out for, if only out of respect for the holding capacity of the land and for Eco-Logical reasons.

The cabin is limited to 700 square feet and the home to 2,000. That has a lot to do with Ecological Footprints.

Everything has Eco-Logical Roots.

Even Money has a  Carbon Footprint, and it has an Eco-Logical Footprint. That is because it comes from the Earth, and it comes from the Farms, and it comes from the Forests, and it comes from the Oceans.

When you spend that money on anything but Eden, you spend the Earths last remaining resources, and a forest goes down in the Amazon, and the ocean dries up and dies until you stop doing that.

Earth Works

The Earth works for a whole lot of different folks. We like to follow the laws of the natural world and this will become a demonstration of the Natural Way of life that we are proud to be initiating right here on Earth at this time, that works in accordance with the Natural Order of Priorities.

Well it has long been the way of all of the ancient peoples who have ever lived and died here before us in peace and harmony within the natural world without acting like it was some kind of imposition on us all just to accept the basic parameters of life.

Our time is running out. We need you to begin to start acting like a chicken with its head cut off now. The modern attention span is running short as the age old process of postmodern individualization proceeds to fragment people up at an ever increasing rate into forgotten cubicles of anonymous isolation and artificial uniformity sets in like concrete, from which no stone may escape.

Eden is devolutionary

We get our inspiration straight from below.

It's not just about our own personal individual successes anymore getting racked up like points in some board game, and that is why we never play against the community like it was an adversary, as that would be a huge dishonor, and all dishonors must be paid for in cash.

Some of these people today will always try to play against the house like it would be in Las Vegas which is probably where they should be right now.

They play against the house as Wall Street day traders who are there for one reason only and that is to extract resources while providing no service. They are just gaming the system there and they will game the system here. That is why we have to have the Honor System to assure us of some degree of Rightful Justice.

There will even be those who are not only playing against this country, but they will be playing against the Earth and that is what is wrong with America that we plan to change, but that is why we do not welcome that kind of self deception to enter into our midst.

That is actually the same as gaming the Ecosystem which is a serious threat to the Earth, which is getting played, and it will continue to be played and we will all be sold in the process, if we do not step in and demand Eco-Logical Justice, and establish a new basis for how a whole new world could work within a natural order of priorities using the Honor System.

Now we are here to succeed as individuals who may or may not always work cooperatively, and as a Community as well, which does need the full cooperation of all the people.

Eden cannot be allowed to go down like Enron, which as you know produced nothing. That means things need to be put together into the proper order in accordance with the Natural Order of  Priorities, that can be found on every level within the natural world of ecology.

We are the Village People. Everything counts that can be counted and it does have to be something that we really do want to count.

We are not real big on counting heads and especially when there is nothing inside those heads, but everyone should be glad to be able to put in about 4 hours or Community Service time per week, with their full intention to make that time as productive as possible.

Human Scale

What we are creating here is Human Scale and using an approach to things that is not just aesthetically alive but meaningful and dynamic as you can see.

You can't escape the realities like the folks in the city who thought they could go on living an unnatural way of life in debt forever, when they produce absolutely nothing, there, somebody had to say that.

They produce nothing, just like the folks at Enron and do a lot of damage if only through the deceptively simple minded approach to money grabbing and the most selfish decisions that they can possibly make every single day that have a very severe global impact on native peoples habitat, by cutting down the forests that they live in, which was the original habitat for humanity.

There will be those who may have thought they could do it all without the community or with no money at all not to mention those who thought they could do it all without the Web of Life, or the voluntary help of any other people. Not a chance. That is too much like the half hearted people who thought they could live quite happily without a healthy ecosystem.

This is all part of a very well established tradition of life in community right here on Earth that is the only way that life works. What works is real. The rest is not. We learn from nature, and not form these politicians whose empty slogans are behind even many of the mainstream religious theologicalities of doom and gloom that have no basis in Truth.

The Natural Order of Priorities, is not just a game that we can just play around with in some irresponsible manner. It is a natural set of laws that we must learn to live within.

We cannot be strangers to this way of thinking for long and remain as a Sustainable Community in Eden or anywhere here on Earth which will drop us like fallen leaves in the wind if we don't get back on track very quickly.

Sticking it to the Man

Everything else will then follow, except for Sticking it to the man, which thing will have to be dropped. And that doesn't mean it will all be given to us like candy to a baby. It means we will have to do it all by ourselves or with each other one thing at a time and each thing in its own time, through the process of give and take.

We don't live in a vacuum here. We are not all like brand new here but we should be alive with energy and good things to share. Those who come with only a lot of dead stuff will not be allowed to drain the resources of this community.

Those who come to Eden should be comfortable with the still voices of those who have brought on many of the ideas that have been expressed here. We should all be able to climb out of any hole we might have gotten buried into like being over your head in debt to the man without a plan, but he will not take care of you, so it may be time now to get your self a new man who really does have a plan that is bigger than both of us, because he doesn't need to make a lot of promises like an empty headed politician.

The tower of dreg will most assuredly collapse like the twin towers of doom and gloom we saw go down like a house of cards on fire. Too big to Fail? More like designed to fail.

People could even be seen diving out the windows on that eye opening day that we could even call ground zero one.

That could be a good symbol for us and our children to grow up within, if we don't make other plans for them to have a world that really is fit to grow up in, like a real community where everyone knows who everyone else is, and you know where you food comes from.

Keeping it Real

9-11 may have been a warning to us to move more quickly now and a sign of worse things to come if we don't wake up fast.

The Earth does try to speak to us very clearly about how we are to live here. Many lessons are being taught now. We were supposed to learn something very real from the experience of anonymous isolation in the big city towers of gloom and doom.

We must all be willing to learn not to burn from the numbers of blunders that will become more and more extreme along with the weather don't you know.

Eden has to be designed along quite different lines entirely so let us do become prepared for a series of major changes.

Eden represents the creation of a New Earth America that is to start springing up now like a Forest that will start here in the Americas and then it will spread throughout the entire world. Each community will be like a Tree in a Forest. And that Forest will be called The Emerald Forest. We are the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest

We now have well over 700 great big fat members in this group which is huge for any single community email group, and that will branch off into another group for singles to meet in and for homestead groups to form, but you do have to join the main email group first. - T

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