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Adam and Eve
Starry Lake

Survival in Eden

Survival issues do enter into this, even though that may not be the motivating force behind most peoples involvement.

Once well established in Eden both you and your families will have a much better chance of surviving the coming dark ages and the die offs that will follow.

But this is not about the ordinary survival of the individual which of little concern to us here because no need for the individual as they are now has yet been shown to exist, so that would be something that we care nothing about. Some rain must fall. The Death of a few individuals may be seen as being a natural part of life. And that is nothing to fear.

The survivability of the Whole Community and the Whole Web of Life, on the other hand is a very important consideration because that represents the Highest Hopes of all Humanity.

We hope to survive as communities and no longer to remain just as ordinary anonymous isolated individuals who are at this time as a group the largest single threat to All Life on Earth due to our lack of organizational skills.

If we are to take upon ourselves this kind of an integrated new vision on such a grand scale we are going to have to be able to survive as a people long enough to be able to actualize what others have deemed to be the impossible dream.

That's one of the reasons this community has been designed to be self-sustainable so that it can survive some serious disruptions both internal and external.

War. Economic Disruption. Monetary Collapse. Burning Cities. Global Epidemics.

These things don't need to be catered to. We can't fix everything. Some things just need to be disengaged from.

To be able to go into controlled isolation on a moments notice is not always going to feel crippling. Sometimes it is empowering.

Some things like Eden are just not for sale at any price. We make no compromises with good Sustainable Design and community living practices which does require a high degree of integrity and accountability from all members.

We must learn to make no compromises with the Earth and the Integrity of the Eco-Logical nature of this Project which is that it is most definitely not here to just serve the needs of the people since we have a much more important thing to focus on.

That would only be a lateral move and lots of other people are already doing that, so it would not be a very creative act on our part.

We actually are going to become very creative people, who have all survived the dumbing down of america, with honors, and that may be why we do have to have our own focus on the Whole Web of Life which most other folks just cannot even see.

Our way of serving the world is through Saving the Earth by setting a good example of a new way of life that does work and that does mean that we have some degree of population self control.

Community Survival

If the community is going to survive we must all be able to survive as individuals, neighbors, friends and extended family groupings indefinitely without becoming dependent on the larger community to provide for us. Dependency doesn't work. That's why we have the Honor System.

We will be the ones who create and support the Community itself.  And we will get paid for that in many ways. We will make it happen with our own resources of time and energy.

It is important for us to set this thing up in such a way that it will allow us to have maximum security in regards to the stability of what it is that we are creating here and not to cave into obsolete pre-expectations.

Food is Freedom

Eden will feed us all. The Land will Feed us. Land is Freedom. Food is Freedom. Combining the two is Eco-Logical. It all comes from the Earth and by taking our humble places within the circle of community in a healthy corner of the web of life we will be setting ourselves free from need.

We are so lucky to be alive right now which is a time of great changes. But first we have to focus on getting to the point where we are up and running in a fairly self-sustainable manner.

After that then yes we may choose to create solutions and provide for other people who may have shown the proper regard for this project and do have some potential for further growth as well as people in other parts of the world like India or Central America, who we may choose for form bonds with. But everything we do is about relationship and building further on those relationships.

We are going to have to become completely self sustainable in food production should the need ever arise even if that means that all dependency on the state may have to go.

Many things will be grown in Eden just to make sure we always have a reliable Seed Bank of many different varieties of food producing plants that will all do particularly well in Eden without the need for outside inputs of energy or resources.

We may want to choose a more hardy selection of food bearing plants that can survive along with the rest of us who may also turn out to be more the stringy and tough variety who do have more perseverance, but whatever it is it does all have to work without too much maintenance and that is what Permaculture is all about.

Seed Bank

We will assemble a wide variety of plant stock that we know will grow and reproduce in Eden. Our own future Heirloom Varieties of things that we might otherwise not even choose to produce for any market value consideration.

It might be cheaper to buy most of this. But we like the idea of growing enough for our own needs. And it keeps us prepared to become self sufficient should the need ever arise.

We are also going to have to become able to become self sufficient in energy. Eden is way off the energy grid. We have left the grid far behind.

We will make use of all the onsite and locally available renewable sources of power like Solar, Hydro, and Wind Power and with passive solar homes that hug the Earth so we are not just going to become completely helpless refugees when the big one hits because that  just doesn't work and that is why we must begin to disengage from such a system that encourages this kind of deep dependency, which is, like the Titanic, just too big to fail, but only because it will take everybody else down with it when it fails, not because it is above failure, which is a very likely scenario.

If you are part of the problem, which is dependency, then you are not part of the solution, which is self sufficiency, and we have been rewarding other peoples problems of dependency, instead of focusing on creating our own solutions which are self sufficiency.

Which one do you think is going to be a better survival strategy? You have to survive if you are ever going to thrive.

Everything is built to be Earthquake proof and to require minimal outside inputs once it's all set up and running smoothly. Inputs in and outputs out have to then become balanced.

We are going to have to become able to become completely self sufficient in almost every regard like all the home schooling and other support structures that will allow us to carry on with the natural life processes completely independently if need be.

Natural Exchange

We will set up our own self controllable Micro Economy with our own mediums of exchange. We should be able to produce everything we need right here in Eden.

We are not going to want to have to be worried about massive disruptions in Food and Energy supplies. Elsewhere that could become a huge problem where both are inextricably tied in with economic and political forces that are outside of our control.

That is just one advantage of being Off The Grid. We must learn how to control our own lives by necessity. We have no other choice. We do all this out of our own desire to do something worth doing not because of need and greed.

We may even be among the first people on Earth to begin to develop new skills that have been overlooked and long forgotten and that could support the rebirth of a just society after the inevitable disruptions.

Buying back our Freedom

It is our responsibility to be able to provide for ourselves and our children almost indefinitely on into the future within a good clean natural environment. We owe that much to the many who have died and who have made it possible for us to get this far. That is why we must not blow it now.

Too many have died so we could have all this purity in Water  Air and Food but now the entire Web of Life is being threatened and so now we must become willing to do the same and that means to live our lives for a real purpose and not just to blow it all on an endless cycle of personal gratification.

Clean non-toxic homes. You have come to the right place if you care about your food and your environment and the people around you. We love the Earth and we love the Plants and Animals that live in Eden. And we do honor them all.

Even the Deer will be credited and given their due and they may even be asked to continue to be careful about what they browse on and how they do it so as not to injure our newly planted young trees and we will teach our children to learn from the Deer who may nibble on a lot of things, but almost never eat the whole thing.

That is what living lightly is all about, and the Deer are experts at that, as most native peoples are as well. Harm Nothing is what we say in Eden and then die a natural death without fear, for those who are afraid of Death will not be welcome in Eden. 

There will be many here among us who are artists and musicians and creative people of all kinds. Others will take up every kind of work that needs to be done and we will always be able to support ourselves in any number of different ways.

We are a very creative bunch of folks. Some will have jobs working in Eden. Some will create their own meaningful work. Village Arts will probably keep us entertained from time to time when we least expect it.

The Arts Council

We are all going to have to learn to become skilled at many different things even quite ordinary things that may need to be done. We will all have to become better integrated with the other people in this community. Even dead bodies need to be treated with respect.

There is an interpersonal element to this whole thing. And there is an intergenerational thing going on here. We're going to have to become independently self governing. Not to fall apart on first impact here folks like we saw with the World Trade Center.

Do Keep the Faith. Extreme cooperation will be required even when the place is on fire. That is just the way it is. We are not only in some danger from the top down but we are also in extreme danger from the bottom up as the Earth is going to have the last word from now on.

We do expect all people to behave in an appropriate manner towards us even before they have been told what that is. That just means we're going to have to learn to become completely self-sufficient in more ways than one in order to be able to self integrate into real sustainable community living which is a whole new thing.

We define self sufficiency as always having more than enough and some to share. Need is to be left in the game. It is not to be removed unless there are Eco-Logical reasons for disrupting the natural exchanges of energies and resources with some artificial lateral moves that could upset the balance of the entire EcoSystem.

Child Centered

Everything we do here is for the Children's highest potential not the hyped up and over bloated sense of self gratification that results from an overindulgence in a glut of carelessly over-consumption that only leads to morbid obesity and this is what ordinary society supports like it was the highest form of goodness and that is what they call letting kids be kids in their own vain self absorbed complacency.

We must learn how to withdraw from the worst of these bad habits so we can withdraw all support for this kind of self indulgence which also reflects on Peoples Pointlessness.

Eden is also a Women's Centered Community. Everything we do here is about the children and the happy home that each child needs to grow up healthy and strong and women do have a central place in that. And women should have a central role in the community for that reason.

Eden should be a place where the feminine perspective should be able to expand and to grow into what it really could become in this bold new world we are creating within the context of the larger community.

We have seen some of the other models and we do know why they were designed the way they are but we just thought we would do something a little different this time around. Not that we have any interest in promising forty acres and a mule to anyone who hasn't earned that and more.

Those who don't need it and bring their own will definitely have more than enough and some to share. Those who do need so very very much will have to do without. That is the oldest law of Ecology.

Environmental Justice

This is a Community based on a Not for Profit Ecological Association model that is organized under the provisions of a 501 (c) 3 that will be the basis of our Tax Exempt Status and allowing us to provide a number of different services both for the Earth and for all people as well as those in the local community.

We are service oriented. We are educational and we are even charitable to a certain extent even though we don't go throwing money around like it was growing on trees because we don't believe in pointless payoffs.

That is because we have such a high respect for Trees. Pointless pay offs kill Trees. Most people don't get the connections yet between lateral monetary expenditures and environmental degradation.

All Economic Resources actually comes straight from the Sacred Heart of the Web of Life that is what we mean by the Earth. In this way the Earth pays every day we throw all that money away.

When you decide to squander a billion dollars on feeding into the problem with this feed lot mentality what you are doing is about the same thing as cutting down all the last remaining Old Growth Forests on Earth.

Every wrongfully transferred amount of economic worth that is just another lateral move that cannot be defended as being good from the standpoint of the Entire Web of Life and not just for momentary relief from the symptoms of the real underlying problems is just another violation of that Life that we all depend upon.

We are all natural contributors. This is all about people who have a lot to give and want to help everyone else just to live. But along with these new understandings of the natural world there may be many sacrifices that must be made by all of those who have chosen to become the initial members of this community.

Environmental Justice is something that we do support when it really does accomplish something very real and not just to pay off our own sense of collective guilt which must be dealt with in an entirely different manner.

Yes there are some limits and agreements necessary to make this thing work. But that is just to keep things true to their original intent and to offer some assurance that we will not go down in flames upon first take off.

Multiple Generations

Nothing real ever comes out of the vacuum of mass mediocrity. Even Eden must have come from somewhere deep within the Earth or far off in Space or we could even be the offspring of the union of the two in which case we may have very deep roots that must be respected from several different star systems.

We must remain a health conscious community. We have a future reality to start building. We need good breeders.

We cannot help those who won't help themselves. We do have to be among those who do come through. Later on we will be able to help a lot of people who are becoming way too old to be able to take care of themselves or those chronic users who now may need some care and can well afford it.

This is a whole community of caregivers and service providers. Ecology will feed the people. We need only stand back and watch it happen in any Forest to learn how it works. But we are also to become the breeders and feeders of our own vision of the future and that does extend way beyond just the next 300,000 generations which may be what is really meant by the Dark Ages.

Boomer City

There will be so many who do not have it going on because they did not do the doings that have been called for. And we will try to help in many ways. Much of that will be paid for through grants or other programs we will set up that will support this new kind of work.

Not For Profit

Many smaller non-profits working within the larger non profit that will be organized under the provisions of 501 (c) 3 also will take care of most of this type of work so it will not need to make any money but will still be able to create a lot of jobs. Non profits make money. None of it is profit but it is still money that provides jobs and a high quality lifestyle doing things we like to do. Nothing is not a resource.

Seniors Resource Center

That will be able to serve many people who really do need the kind of help we know best and when the community as a whole will be able to collect some compensation to be able to have something to work with so we can pay people. 

Locally Grown

One of the best ways to serve people in the local community is by providing fresh clean locally grown foods that will really nourish the life that is growing within them and that is a kind of service that feeds everybody even those who do the work because here we are very worker oriented so most of these hangers and danglers need not apply. All the money is there for good work.

We believe there should be the possibility of having a job for everybody who really wants one. Creating a healthy human scale way of life that promotes happiness, growth and well being is what this is all about.

We are not providing all of that in one fell swoop. We will have to take everything one step at a time in Eden. People in a rush can not be trusted as that is a sign of being too Self Centric. Pushy people will gain no access into Eden while the gentle deer will be welcome to walk in peace among us.

All Ways Free

Eden is just an extensive vision of a whole new world of possibilities that can be integrated into an existing reality that advantages all and disadvantages none so get used to it. - T

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