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This is not just a continuation of the expansionism of the past that knows no other way out but just to keep on going until it reaches self destruct. Nor is it about escaping into the past or some kind of a dream of paradise found.

Here you are more likely to find your self deeply immersed in something much more richly rewarding and fulfilling than anything you have ever been able to imagine in your entire lives.

World Opinion

We will be going against the current of world opinion on that and modern thought in general. It could even be thought of as being more of a return into some of that in which we really do believe in but which has been left unsupported and even unrecognized by most people until this fine time.

It might even be like we got our whole lives back once we have really invested the only thing that is recognizable in Eden and that is your good and right work for this community as a whole and for the common good of all. We are going to be disengaging from the system.


We do have a reason for doing all of this and it's not just to take care of our own personal needs for approval and acceptance or even self gratification. Most of that can now be dropped even if you were just now getting good at it. That is what has led to the collapse of the world trade center. Self Interest out of control. But we are on a new cycle here.

We are not engaged in the creation of a new branch of the Dominant Culture. But we do have much respect and admiration for much of that which we are making such a grand departure from. You cannot change what you do not first learn to have some respect for so we do not teach ignorance to the Children of Eden.

New Direction

There is a new direction opening up out there besides ever deepening dependency on that which has no reality and can only self destruct any time real soon. There is a real place for that but this is not about that. And we do appreciate some of that.

We also know the importance of spiraling back in to the center of the Universe now and then and to take our rightful places that we have so long been absent from. But first we need to create the space for a new people to come into a new kind of balance. We need to get grounded in a new vision and find out what this is all about.

First Things

First things do come first both on a personal level and on a Collective level. Now is the time to get started on something new and exciting. That is what your horoscope is saying.

Towards that End we would be wise to begin to focus our own personal energies onto the whole community vision at first and putting a lot of our own time and energy into the creation of this unique vision of community.

We need there to be a place for everybody to live in this community. There needs to be a place where people can stay along the way or who have just shown up. Something like Eden House.

There needs to be a place to make food and there needs to be a large multipurpose building that could be called The RoundHouse that would be one big round Straw Bale building with 8 little round buildings all around it.

These are the kind of things we do like to talk about when pressed to do so. The things we do need to do with our tremendous desire to bring about a new creation and out of our extremely great joy in the children and for each other and carrying the power of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace on into the distant future that awaits us all.

Eden is Perfect

This is a place that we can move right into and get easily set up within. This is a real nice place to start. And the land is more than just good land. It is almost the most excellent possible scenario we could ask for.

All of this can be done now with the very ordinary amounts of money that flows right through our hands every day. We now have to become the Careful Recyclers who you may have heard so much about who have long practiced the art of withholding all meaningless spending be it bright red and shiny or dull and degrading.

That is the big secret so many have forgotten which is how to choose not to spend and to just let that money pile up. Many of us have been refusing to play the game in this way and we are the people of Eden.

Moving Forward

We must do this in a self resourceful and in an ecologically respectful manner towards the natural world. We do work primarily with our own skills and resources here. And we do intend to show how ordinary people can do some amazing things with only the very ordinary amounts of money that the average homeowners might have kicking around in the overly inflated value of their own homes.

It is time to cash out from all that as we disengage from the system of debt and punishment. But few have been allowed to consider that we  could all become a significant aspect of a vitally powerful Resource Base that could become much more than just the sum of its parts.

We will have more than enough to be able to create some fresh new opportunities for a few people who may not have that much to work with but do know how to work within their own natural limitations quite nicely.

We are Self Reliant

The money is already right there in that home that you now may own just like the water and the sunshine is there in Eden right now and it's in your jobs and your disposable income. But this is the Left Coast of Northern California which is a whole new world.

We recycle everything like that here in Eden instead of disposing of it all like the thoughtless majority who has still not yet even begun to get the message and some of them never will.

We cannot remain so helplessly behind in our resourcefulness as to remain unable to hold on to our own earnings. That much we must have done something with that is worth looking at. The key point is in the switch over from self oriented stupidity to community oriented natural wisdom.

All we are going to do is to divert that ordinary flow of monetary energy that normally just goes to feed the endless expansionism of the Global City Mono Culture. And then we're going to redirect that right back into our own Sustainable MicroEconomy instead.

Self Help

We will be practicing Economic Recycling in a way that gives us a little bit more freedom of self determination. And then we are making sure that it remains right there in our own exquisite little Micro Economy where it belongs.

Mendo Greens

Mendo Greens is just one kind of local currency that is good for one average hours work and is spendable anywhere in Mendocino County. These could be printed on hand made paper that no one else can duplicate. These could be spent in town as well as in Eden.

Village Foods will be right there in town and it will be accepting Mendo Greens for some fresh and crunchy things we will be growing in Eden.

That alone establishes the basis for its value all throughout Mendocino County and the world not to mention what it will buy you in Eden which is Freedom and Abuncance.

Eden Hours

Eden Hours is another one that will be more about internal services and exchange within Eden Village.

People could be paid or credited towards their Fair Share of Community Service hours in Eden Hours who work for the Community Farm and other community jobs like building the water system and the roads and things like that.

This allows us to go right ahead and do a lot of things that just would not be possible to do without that. It creates jobs and it creates an economic micro-climate that is Self Sustainable.


We are not blind about the residual uses of nationalistic currencies or attempting to replace anything that still works. We will still have to find some use for some of that stuff that will still be flowing into Eden as people continue to join into this community and build their new homes.

Later that flow will still keep trickling in for all the wonderful things we grow like Raspberries and for some of the many other things we may choose to make for people to be able to use to live better lives in a more sustainable manner.

In many other ways we will create the ability to set up and maintain various flows of income both into and out of our self regulating community that works very much like any other self regulating organism.

Even a one celled animal has some kind of  Eco-Logical self organization. And a little bit of self regulation is always an important part of that whole idea behind how life really works which is with the ongoing exchange of materials and energies that are found right there in our natural environment. Eden will be no different.

The Exchange of Nutrients and Energy Resources is King in Eden and we seek to find ways to serve that process in a cooperative manner that serves the whole and not in a coercive manner.

Lateral moves are attempted movements of energies and resources that are not authentic natural exchanges. These are extractionary and self centric in nature and do not support the whole.

Predatory behavior that is based upon need actually is very natural because we do see this throughout the natural world but here we must draw the line on that and say that need alone does not make a home and so we must say No Deal on that empty bag of debt.

Need alone is not an Eco-Logically justifiable reason for any lateral transfers of energy or resources or nutrients unless you feel generous as an individual, which is fine.

We all feel that way sometimes, but not the community as a whole, which has no feelings of guilt debt because it is not a person, but an organization, that views everything within the Honor System.

That works within the Natural Order of Priorities, which will take care of people who do their share.

Three Types of Money

The Community itself will have certain uses for national currencies such as to make the payments on the land and other expenses that require some other kind of money or we may lose the land one way or we may not be able to get some particular job done that we wanted done.

We must regain control of our own lives. It's all just a token of things exchanged and things produced and this should not be any problem for most of us to understand.

But as we go more deeply into this it might become quite possible for anything and everything you need to buy to become available in Eden Hours or Mendo Greens or simply on your good name once you get one.

There may even be those purists among us who after a time may refuse to use anything else than just that good name in Eden which is the ultimate in local currencies.

The basis of all Rights and Freedoms that could ever be granted because these things are actually only possible to even exist when they have been granted by the community believe it or not. All that other stuff is nothing but a trumped up series of empty placeholders.

We start out with a very hard and clear system that works with absolute integrity just to get the current flowing. Then many other things will grow and change very gradually in this way as the energy is there for that and layer after layer can then be added on to that like the growing of a Tree until we become completely Self Sustainable. Sounds like Fun? Well I thought so. - T

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