Eco-Logical Footprints

Because it Takes a Whole Village

Adam and Eve
Starry Lake

Working with What you Have

We do believe in supporting affirmative action in Eden and we especially in regards to gender balance in all things relating to balanced power sharing and deeply committed caring, on any of the jobs and responsibilities in Eden, which are all to be done out of loving kindness.

I think that some people may have felt that T has possibly overstated the positive male spirit here. I admit that it may be just a little bit too much for some people who may have wanted to depersonalize the relationships here. But everything about Community is about Relationship and that is always very Personal.

But it might be time now to see some more women taking on some of the more responsible positions around here. That may give us a greater sense of transparency as well to spread some of the responsibilities around. And that means more of the power gets distributed among some of the others who may have begun to do some good things for this project.

Eden is all about service and helping the homeless and creating work for the jobless and real sustainable community those who are living without almost any kind of community that really satisfies the need for full integration with the community spirit of caring and sharing.

We like to do good things for good people who really are looking for a place where they can make a real difference, and we understand all the mistrust issues that hold most people back.

One thing that does come to mind at this time is that we could hold various seasonal events to join with others in the larger NorthCoast Eco-Region for the purpose of Regional Integration.

Those who would like to help to coordinate such things should come to our next meeting. The most accomplished and the most highly skilled workers could take on the role of mentors who could help people who wished to be part of the community learning process as many new skills will need to be learned.

We should be able to help a few homeless people from time to time as well, and that is why it might be a good idea to bring a little food for the hungry every time we meet.

Community Service work of at least 4 or maybe 8 hours a week might be very helpful and especially during crunch times where more people would be needed temporarily like during food harvest or in the late summer or when community building projects need a sudden burst of energy to get the jobs done.

We might want to value the work of all those who are over the age of 18 at $10. and Hour. Other forms of barter and exchange are always possible.

Each creatively inclined person could offer their own products and services for exchange, with some of the other brothers, and the budding young mothers in the community, and the elderly, which could be something like an even hour for hour exchange.

A free flowing micro-economy ideally would allow each worker to bargain for their own value levels and that could be responsive to differences in technical skills and knowledge and ability to get the job done requirements.

The Web of Life

The Web of Life comes first in Eden for full integration with the community spirit of caring and sharing. We like to do good things for good people who really are looking for a place where they can make a real difference for the Earth and for all the Children.

Eden is just a good place for some good folks to live in peace and self sufficiency who have Eco-Logical Integrity and are worthy of sharing a life with others.

Life creates more Life by diversifying. We all know that, and it does that by changing existing spaces and living places, and turning them into better and better habitat, for all to share.

Eventually a limit is reached. We have just about reached that limit now already, and now we may think we have to try to exceed that limit by cramming more and more people together into smaller and smaller cubicles at great expense to the Earth, or we could do something quite different.

Life creates and expands upon its own new habitats all the time. We are that Life. We have changed the atmosphere. We have changed the climate.

We have changed the whole environment, so that the scope of life could be expanded upon, and so that the dream of the future, could be fulfilled, which may not yet be ready to come to a brain dead stand still, and the hike up into the highest mountains around does not come to an end, just because a few people may have pooped out on us, and turned consumeristic, but not just yet, because there is still more work to be done, right here on Earth.

The Protection of Property is important. But it may even be time now to start looking around for a suitable broodmate for the Earth. But who will She choose?

That is why it may be time, to begin to take it up to the next step, in this very old process, of constant regeneration, and the constant renewal, and regeneration through birth and death, that goes on regardless, as go through this one little lifetime as though that was all there was to worry about, when there are bigger things to focus on that our own little lives and our own little personal ambitions, that may be imperative for us to begin to focus on, whether we like it or not.

We don't need to limit ourselves to focusing entirely on tearing down the old system when we have the beginnings of a new system to get set up and running as a demonstration of how things could work.

Life itself as we see it was not just found, ready to go, and it may not last forever either. There are limits. The Universe may go on forever, but the Web of Life on Earth may not be so lucky, unless we begin to take the most appropriately decisive actions to Save the Web of Life on Earth.

We are now standing among the first, of all those who will have survived, the floods that have been caused by wrongful indoctrination, and we may have now begun to look around for some better answers, or at the very least, some more interesting questions, like what was happening just before the Beginning of Time. It may be time now to make some new distinctions.

We are the survivors of all the floods, and we are the survivors of every change in climate, but that doesnít mean we didnít have to pay the heaviest price every single time.

Life has always come at such a great expense, just to stay alive, and to make the big changes that will be necessary is going to be even heavier, but we are now standing among those who have always been willing to pay that very high price.

We are now standing among those very few, who have climbed out of the Watery Seas, and we are among those very few who have climbed out of the Forests, not so very long ago, and we are among those very few, who have walked up into the Fires of Spirit, and we are among those very few who have built the Great Cities, that are too big to fail, which have now become a huge threat and a danger to us all.

We are among those very few who now must return the Keys of Life and Death, which have been badly tampered with, back to where we found them, to find our rightful places within the natural balance, and to Save the Earth, which is our natural birthright, before it all goes up in smoke, because we have been overstepping our natural limitations blindly, and with reckless disregard, for anything real like right livelihood, right population density, self sustainability, and forest community integration, because if the Truth Comes First, then it should be known by now that The Trees Come First, within the Natural Order of Priorities, which is one of our main weapons against runaway capitalism, and consumerism in general.

One of the best ways, to get us all back on track, is to get back to the land in community, so that we can begin to serve, the very Heart of the Earth and to Save all Life. We need to start making plans now to begin to Propagate that Life, and to plan the Seeds that we have been given as a gift, because that Gift of Life, that we have been entrusted with, must now be repaid, and we must do that by passing it on.

We really do owe something to that Life that we have found ourselves to have been blessed with, and that is to emerge as the unsung Earth Stewards, who will honor Deeds and not words, and that means no credit for commitments and promises, until they have been fulfilled, which is always to be the way of the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest, who alone have been brave enough to make any of these distinctions known for the whole world to see, and that is why this group has been organized.

None of the other animals can be expected, to be able to do what needs to be done, and the Earth needs our help. The people have gone way too far wrong with all these bailouts, and payoffs, and these stimulation spending packages.

They have turned a blind eye to the Earth, out of completely reckless disregard for all that was ever good and right. And now we must lead the way into a sustainable future that works for all the survivors of the Great Die offs that should be expected, now that we have let things get this far out of hand.

 It may be that only those of us here, within this group, can be counted on to do what needs to be done now, at this very significant time, of the changing of the ways, before these Lazy Times are over, due to Environmental Degradation, and Eco-Logical Disruption and the Spirit of Community Disintegration.

We are making some changes right now in the WorkGroup and we would welcome the input of Women and Children and Seniors.

Let me know if you would like to join the WorkGroup. You don't have to be an expert or a professional architect or city planner as long as your heart is in the right place and you really do care about the Earth, and can speak from your heart.

Eden needs to make a place for all the Children of Eden that have turned out well and want to stay here among us and who will then become a useful and valuable part of this community and who will support the cause and make a very real contribution of their own towards the fruition of this fine project.

That is why we wanted to set some of them up with a full sized homestead.

No seed is ever guaranteed anything. All must always do their best for Eden. We don't believe in splitting things up in Eden. And some people don't have children so there are some issues that we need to talk about in some depth as a committed group of people who are on their way to becoming a full blown EcoVillage, and who are faithful and true to the vision of Eden that has been put forth in some great detail, and is still unfolding within the WorkGroup, and the larger group where things do get covered and commented on first, by those who are among the most deeply committed members.

Some folks may have other significant relationships that could be considered to be just as meaningful and important to them and to us. These people should perhaps be given a closer look. Any last minute input on that would be welcome.

We are all held to be fully responsible no matter what the age might be and to make every effort to pay our own way in the most gracious manner possible at all times.

We welcome Seniors and the disabled. But if you don't have one thing then let us hope you do have the other.

We always bring something to offer at every meeting. No one shows up empty handed or empty hearted.

We do not come to Eden out of a sense of Self Entitlement or a bad case of Mistaken Identity because even though we may have been disconnected from the Earth and had our rights and responsibilities severed, due to neglect on our parts, we must still bring an open heart and a true spirit in the face of it all to get into Eden.

This is a special time of change we are now entering into. That is why T has begun to speak up for the Trees and for the Oceans and for all the Planets and the Animals who are going to need our help now and just to keep just a few people alive who might be of some help, as would be in keeping with the Spirit of the Eden.

In Eden it will be considered that you will deserve only what you have earned and not what you have been promised by all these politicians. And that is what we must now begin to disengage from, which will all start very gradually at first.

The children of Eden may not even need to be prematurely catered to with a false build up and then the big let down of a completely imaginary sense of premature emancipation that has no Truth.

They may not need every kind of materialistic means of self gratification, which should not even be there until they have earned it, and that is just one small part of the true measure of a true Edenite, that they never ask for more than what they have earned.

Personal Responsibility does need to be proven to be there first before any kind of real Freedom and even a few other rights and responsibilities can then be earned which goes down on the books of Eden as an honor within the honor system.

People need to be able to show a deep commitment to this fine project and to this place we call Eden. It is not just a chance to stay along with us as a casual visitor that we are offering to the prematurely freed people of the world, which thing is not recognized here.

We are offering a chance to be of real lasting value and a huge service to the Earth by putting Eden first and Self last.

Eden is more like a wedding ceremony that only the most deeply committed and the faithful few and their closest people are going to be allowed to attend, who have brought something real to contribute.

Was T there when we gazed down upon the uncompromised lands of Eden from just beyond the wild domains of impassable rock? Yes. He was that guy who was pointing it out to all the other people.

That means there is a relationship here that needs to be fed into and respected. That part is not to be disregarded. We have to learn how to honor our relationships. Because this is a very personal undertaking and this is not a part of living in anonymous isolation anymore.

A Community is like a Family

Everyone will have to be able to carry their own weight and then some, in order to help support the community in a very specific manner. We may never ever choose to go public with this project. It really is a family affair.

It might be better to hold that Eden is nobodies dream but those who have been recognized and who actually have spoken up with True Spirit and who have been heard, before the people of some great faith who have been gathered around right here on the web, with some little bit of guidance and direction, I would think, from someone who has been at this for more than just a day.

It may be that we cannot move on until we have digested most of the material we have been given, and then made something good out of it like all True Things.

We may even have to rebuild the entire Universe on a regular basis, in accordance with Ts plans for Universal Restoration, so get ready for a lifetimes worth of full involvement within an honorable cause, and working with people who you love.

All who would become members must express their good intentions towards the childhood grace of Eden, and then back that up in the day to day struggle to put food on the table 365 days of the year so that the vision may progress.

Many seemed to think that the child of Eden was only there for their own use since they come first in all things, in the reckless self centeredness of their own minds.

It is no wonder that America is now going down hard. But a big spending binge will only make matters worse. Don't spend your money. Save it all. I believe we have been catering to a misplaced sense of the natural order of priorities for way too long now.

It is time now for some new voices to be heard who really do have some uniquely new ideas, and who can help us to get that all straightened out.

We all do have to take a very clearly visible stand for Eden. It is too late to hang out by the gate. That is why we now must begin to disengage from all those who have not been willing to be held personally accountable to the laws of Eden.

The humble and benign organizer is only one man of Truth who is prepared to stand among many other men and women of Truth, and which are all to be brought into alignment with the Eco-Logical laws of the Earth and the entire Web of Life, both of which have been so hastily dismissed with regard for the many who have died in child birth and all that has ever been deemed to be good and right since the most ancient days of old. That is why we must begin to disengage now, to start a new beginning.

Even our own Mr. T, for instance, who some might consider to be a very rich man, drives a 17 year old vehicle, that is rated at 49 miles per gallon. That means he is burning only about 300 gallons of gas per year. That is to do his part to help to Save the Earth. That is a lot of carbon, but average American is burning 5 times that much.

Another thing he is doing to Save the Earth, is by living off the grid on Solar Energy. In this and many other ways he consumes much less than the average American, and has a much smaller carbon footprint.

These are just some of the considerations that might be used to determine what some ones Carbon Footprint is, and what their qualifications are to enter into Eden, as people who have earned the very real sense of equality with others and the recognition that we all really do deserve, which is to be recognized and to be held accountable.

We have to learn to Live and let Die simply so that the the Earth may simply live on as long as it can. Death is a very helpful part of the process. Let that not be a big burden for those who may feel they must pay for an elaborate burial. We believe in keeping our own Green Burial Grounds simple and affordable.

Others who want to become True Edenites in the full meaning of the word, and who wish to acquire full Breeding Rights, which is a wonderful thing to have in Eden, will be expected to do the same thing one day or better. But unauthorized breeding is not something we can hang on the guy that donated the rope.

We need people who can die on time, and who will be willing to be held accountable for themselves, until that time, or they will be held accountable for their own inactions in these regards, one way or the other, within the Honor System that we will all have to share once we have done the work.

We do have to ask everybody to use only LED lighting. While the rest of the world is still on incandescents and cannot imagine moving to flourescents, we have move one full step ahead in the right direction as you might have imagined, as the LEDs are much more efficient, and the fluorescents pollute the environment.

That T lives on All Solar Energy at his own home and has been doing that for over 20 years now, on a few acres in the Forest of Truth, shows right living, as a home owner with stability and steadfastness in Truth and that is what makes accountability to the community possible, that we know where people live, and that they cannot just disappear without taking a huge hit. Property ownership or its equivalent which we will have in Eden is part of that Community Integration Process, which is like a marriage, and that helps to hold the community together, because you can't easily just get up and go when you have put a lot of time and money into your homestead, and your community.

That is why the homesteads are for life. We can't control things that are floating all over the place like the people in the streets. Every one of those people will need to be tied down to a community that knows them, and knows them well, because Premature Emancipation is no longer tolerable.

Permission to wander aimlessly about like the Manson Family will not be granted to any of our children, regardless of what age they may think they have attained, until they have proven themselves to be Eco-Logically responsible.

I have never meant to come across as a divine authority figure, with the God Given Powers of Life and Death, but you can see that some one does have to be able to tell the Truth, and to say all these things, in the face of some of these rejects from dominator culture, who will always try to drag us all the way back down to familiar times like way back in the sixties.

This Spirit of Truth which I have taken the liberty to express here quite freely, might be needed now to be able to put something better into place. Later others will gladly be willing add some of their own great big fat opinions to what remains of what has been picked apart by those who are still heavily connected up within the Status Quo.

Not that we will have a store bought Monopoly on Truth or Justice in Eden, but we do have to have our priorities in line, and so we do welcome others to begin to measure up, once they have learned the Universal Language and as soon as they think they might be ready, to bring something of True and lasting value to our table, like a tool that can be used to do something real.

We do have to have a good sense of what sound Judgment is, which, I think, is one of my own particular gifts and that is my birthright, to give it or to keep it down, and I think that a few others might agree, that this really is going to be much better than watching the whole Web of Life get eaten up by the corrosive corruption of those who have no regard for the value of the work that we have begun to undertake as a collective whole, even if T has spoken first here, but that doesn't mean that no one else will ever speak up and remove all doubt about whether we really want them around here or not.

We will all have to learn how to change the game in order to better serve the Earth and all her children in the one way that she really does need our help, with some guidance and direction from way down below, where the soil is dark and dirty.

If we don't get control of our own sustainable natural economies of scale, we will have no choices because all of our choices will already have been made for us by this habitually pointless habit of pandering to the last and the least among us, who would only drag us all the way down into the ground and then some, if we cannot let go of the past in time.

In some tribes there is no way to speak of oneself in the third person. We don't embrace any of these old limitations about what people can say and what people cannot say about their own self, but we do come down hard on those who speak of others in a dishonorable manner and behind their backs or without permission or recognition from the moderator.

Homeless people are always welcome, and Twins will be given every consideration. But we don't play the same old blame games here in Eden, of premature capitulation to the forces of need and greed, which has been a safe haven for all that has not turned out well, like that blundering power of numbers, and the exploitation of the dead wrong opinions of the all too many, that have been driving the world of dominator culture, and the mass media ,which will always betray us, beyond the point of no return.

Eco-Logical Balance

Every living thing from now on will have to find some place where they really do fit in, and we may be able to help with that once we have some idea what people can do, and how they can relate and how they can make a contribution towards something that is going to be of real lasting value.

We need to know whether or not folks can be depended upon to do their part towards supporting the rightfully justifiable unfolding of some of these vastly immense new visions that are being laid down right here in the Raw Creation Zone.

The Lure of Premature Freedom, is very appealing. But that was just an empty slogan and that is like a piece of fruit that was picked long before it was ripe.

Real Freedom has to be earned before it can be burned, as it always will be, which is our only tool to handle all those who are still governed only by the mindless opinions of the last and the least among us, and those who have only the worst feelings of resentment and revenge, which thing has been more than just fueled by the mass media, who will always play both sides of the game against the middle.

Whatever makes the most viewers feel good wins that game with these people who are worse than just political junkies, who may even have some redeeming qualities, and Eden is all about redemption, but that would be the Redemption of the Earth.

They will always try to start a guilt fight anytime they can, so that is why the world as we know it is exploding at this time, along with the population bomb as you might have expected, and that will only continue to destroy everything we do all the way down to the lowest common denominators of Doom and Gloom, until there is nothing left, which is what will happen, if we don't make some major changes in the way we have chosen, to misunderstand the Natural Orders of Eco- Logical Priorities, as we must all enter into Eden and be able to take our places in Positive Peace within the Honor System. 

Natural Progressions

Everything in Eden works within the natural progressions that we see in the world around us. First things come First. It is all going to be about what is Eco-Logical from now on. Who do we have to turn to for instance, to get the help that any one of us may one day need? Our Own People might come first, in the Natural Order of Priorities, who we may have earned the highest honor and respect from. Then we may turn to our Sustainable Community. Then we may turn to our Watershed Region.

We do have an Eco-Logical Footprint and we are connected up with each other in a very specific manner. For instance, I should be able to turn to anyone in this group, where I am well known and have earned a welcome place in the hearts and minds of at least some of the people, you might think, who should have come here in good faith and have been good friends of Eden, and have been drinking in the Flaming Waters of Truth that we have been cooking up, and serving here, to all who have considered themselves to be worthy of the best.

I do hope that nobody gets burned, but it would not be appropriate for me, for instance, to turn first to the patriarchal government, with the bottomless accusation that it needs to prove that it really cares about me. That is victims oriented. Of course it doesn't care about anything. My car doesn't care about anything either. How could it? This is not cartoon land.

We all have to learn how to turn first to those with whom we have already earned the deepest trust, and the highest levels of respect, and even a certain amount of gratitude, and the willingness to extend a certain degree of empowerment, which honors can only be earned over many years of rock solid service towards the greater good, within the community.

The same thing has to be true the completely other way, which has to do with who and what we are responsible for supporting, and who we should help out, and where to put our energies to work, which is right here at home within the community, and our own people first.

That is why you should teach your children to invest in your own people and your own community and in your own Watershed region first before going prematurely global onus all which is considered to be a huge violation of the Natural Order of Priorities and the Spirit of Localization that we all must represent.

The difference is the real relationships that we want to form locally with our donations of goods and services, as well as our requests for some help now and then, so that people will know that we always pay back all of our debts, right down to the last penny, even if it takes a lifetime, and in that way we will be able to build the bonds of relationship that are all like the strands in the local Web of Life, that is to be all connected up for greater efficiency, and Greater Justice is what comes out of that, because things are not disconnected that should have stayed connected up in community.

That is how we can build a real global community that is to be all connected up with real bonds, that work within the natural exchange of resources and nutrients, which is Eco-Logical, not like the falsifications that so many have been sold out on, which have been nice but too theological, and that is not workable.

Money alone does not make a home. No manipulation of the power of numbers through the media is going to cut it in Eden, or to Save the Earth. That is why no one is to go to the media without clearing that first with this community which will control its own profile.

These are just some of the most significant new answers that are just now blowing around in the wind, and that are not yet well enough understood within the larger society, for us to even begin to address what is wrong with the glaring deficiencies of mainstream society, which most people are still married up to for life, since they have become addicted to some of the lies that were used to persuade them to persecute native peoples.

Social Change has to become the right size again, or we will be swamped. Eden is to be Human Scale for that reason.

There may be many here who cannot be expected to comprehend any of this, since they may have been taught only the ethics of mass dependency and they can only be expected to destroy the whole world, with reckless disregard for the many who have died, just to help us to get this far, and that will only lead to our greatest downfall and the collective end of all life on Earth.

That Trust, that we expect to see here, first and foremost and in some great deal of abundance, my fellow friends who would like to become Edenites, like our places here on the Earth, must be earned. That is why Eden is hard to get in and easy to get out.

This is about laying down a whole new Eco-Logical new ethic that is almost completely unknown, and it even has no place of acceptance yet, because we have not yet learned the most basic laws of the expanding universe, that it is all Eco-Logical, even neediness and the manipulation of pity, it might have occurred to just a few people, is just a ruse, that is still used by many animals all over the world today who will steal anything they can find.

Why would we expect anything different from the human animal, who is no different from the rest, and we would be all to human not to be ready for that, since we have lost all of our animal instincts and now must fight to get them back.

Womens Centric

The Womens Centric perspective or the voice of the Feminine Spirit in Eden, could be said to be that, the solutions are naturally to be found within the problems and the local environment, and that is about working within the natural relationships, as among the people or the animals and the plants who are involved, and who are all respected as co-operators in an admittedly unequal but respectful relationship.

Getting to know the people, we know we need to be able to work with in the local community, and to work with what we have to offer, and what we can make, and what we can do under our own power and our own energy, without any outside inputs, from the almighty government or the almighty state of disrepair is the only way to Live True.

This all ties in with Economic Re-Localization and Saving the Earth one step at a time, which just happens to be one of the main purposes behind this whole project.

Unleashing the devastating power of numbers alone upon the fragile balance of the flora and fauna of this world, will only bankrupt the environment and that will kill the Earth, so let us not give anything away, to the people who have not even earned anything, like the Forests and the Wildlife, or the Oceans, that we have not earned first, because we have to earn something first, before we can say it is ours to give, and then we can only give it to those, who have earned it as well, and who are well deserving of it, and have that coming, within the Honor System.

The Eleventh Commandment might be: Feed not into your own Destruction, and the end of all living things, until you have earned the right to do that. You can't buy the Earth and then just throw it away.

First you have to actually earn it, before you can burn it. And then you can talk about who you are going to give huge swaths of it away to, like you were one of the Gods, which is what people do when they spend money, which is all based on the Earths Resources.

Money has Roots. Every dollar is like a Tree somewhere in Indonesia, that we will never see. When we spend it, that Tree goes down hard. That is why Eden is a non spending zone, where all expenditures will have to be justified.

We are all going to have to become reasonably self sufficient from now on, for these very reasons, at least in the way we think about ourselves, and the way we connect up with the world at war, because these humble words do signify a major change in the direction of our thinking.

Let this be our one humble distinction, that we have discovered the cure for rampant consumerism, and we know how to put that into reverse, which we may do just to get some interesting effects, like a little bit of Real Freedom and a little bit of Real Justice, but this alone will heal the Earth.

The Vision of this Community

The Vision is to bring together a fairly large body of people who are knowledgeable and experienced enough and able to integrate into a cooperative sustainable community group that can create the EcoVillage that will be called Eden Village and then we will be able to show the world what can be done by the committed efforts of a wide diversity of good folks from around the world.

Then we will have a consensus council that will eventually be able to take over all of the decision making responsibilities for this project who will then be able to carry the vision of the Emerald Forest of sustainable communities that could be springing up all throughout the Americas and the world which would be our way of Saving the Earth by changing the future through the positive action of Spirit Now.

What we are doing is not a completely new idea.

Eden Valley itself was once the proud location of an earlier community that was formed back in the 1800's as even then they knew it was perfect for such purposes.

It is already called Eden right on the map for good reason. It is unique in many ways. It is now a large open grassy valley that has 2 big creeks flowing down the length of it and a third coming down out of Ancient Valley.

The Trees are mainly Oaks and mixed hardwoods. The project is focused on and designed around the most perfectly fine valley anywhere in Northern California that will allow us to be become largely self sufficient in Food and Energy. There we will each build our own naturally passive solar homes in a Circle of Equality all around the edge of this uniquely fine Valley.


Connection to the Land and living close to the natural world is a way of life in this community. We all would like to know where our food comes from. We would all like to know where our Water comes from. We would all like to know who our children are hanging out with.

Each of those individuals, couples or extended family groups who live in Eden will each have a 3 acre Homestead and a 2 acre Farm Site to build a passive solar home on and to grow their own food on and to live on and they will probably want to pass that on down to the next generation.

There you may do some gardening, plant some trees, keep some animals, build a workshop or a greenhouse and maybe even a cabin for some friends all within a one acre living circle right in the center of the Homestead.

The other two acres of the Homestead are to be left as wild and free as we find them accept for the planting of native trees to protect the natural flow of the land around us.

Along with each homestead also will normally come a 2 acre Farm Site. There you may be able to do some serious farming that should be more than enough to support your whole family on.

Some creatively hard working people may even be able to make a fairly good living right on their own Farm Sites and then when you consider that we will have about 70 Farm Sites as well as the 18 more that are going to be represented by the Vegan Village and then we have the 200 - 300 acre Community Farm.

You can see that we could have more than enough people directly involved in the land to support our own self sufficient Micro-Economy as well as all the other things various people will be doing with the emerging technologies.

That is the Flow of Nutrients and Energies that is better than money that we have been talking about, and that is what needs to be set up and then protected in every way, from those who would suck the life out of us when they go, by extracting the money behind the resources, as we have talked about, which could take our entire Tree of Life all the way down to the ground, if we hadn't taken strong measures to ensure our inevitable success.

The Vegan Village will be a 90 acre egalitarian area in the Northeast corner that will be set aside for some of the more hard core vegans to share and share alike and to live like one big family if they want.

The idea here is that some people are up for that and some other folks are not, and that most of us will probably want to have our own homesteads, and here in Eden, that is still a very real possibility.

Human Scale

The Community Farm will probably be about 300 acres in Raspberries out in the middle of the valley that is run like a Community business that is there to create jobs and to support the community as a whole.

Eden is a service based community and some of us may fell that one of the best ways to serve the people in the local community is to feed them with good wholesome healthy fresh natural locally grown foods. Towards that end we will set up a natural foods store in the nearby town of Willits.

There we will be able to sell some of the tasty things we will be producing in Eden. This will create more jobs and a steady flow of income into our own Micro-Economy.

Ancient Valley will be a 200 acre natural area with 3 beautifully large lakes in it that will be set aside for camping and personal retreats and this will be protected from any building or farming or any other kind of development.

The Village Commons will be about 64 acres right in the heart of the valley where we could have some community gardens and a place for music and maybe even some housing for interns and a senior center.

Where is Eden? It's about 33 miles from the town of Willits which is about a 3 hour drive north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

There are many lakes and ponds and creeks and springs and year around and seasonal sources of good clean natural untreated water which flows down to us from the mountains all around us.

We will have a Community Water System that provides clean tested but untreated water Free to every Homestead and Farmsite, one way or the other, so people won't have to put their own wells in.

Eco-Logical Footprints

Ecological Footprints are important to us. The number of people on a given amount of land is a big consideration.

We should have about 300 to 500 people which may even climb up to 700 people during the summers on 2,240 acres of beautiful land in total which even at that highest level is comfortably less than one person for every 3 acres which would be a well balanced and sustainable population for this kind of land.

All the land will be owned by the Community itself which will be set up as a not for profit organization that is linked up with other non profits who are working together towards common cause.

Eden will be largely an Eco-Logically based EcoVillage that is all about the re-integration of the people within the Sustainable Community and within the natural world but with a close connection to the Earth as a whole. Eden is about World Service and Healthy Lifestyle Choices for the Earth and Self.

What about Education? There is no formal education in Eden. All we have is Learning Experiences. We will make use of the many existing courses and materials that are already now available until such time as the numbers of children merits the creation of as many other learning possibilities as is possible to imagine.

How are decisions to be made? We could use a Three Quarters Consensus Democracy.

In this way no one person could hold the whole thing up but we should not be too quick to jump into the voting process as it is more about learning to integrate our many perspectives than it is about playing the power of numbers card on everybody, as just one way to control and dominate the game, which might make someone feel like a winner, but that is the road to ruin in Eden, where we might want to let go of the power to manipulate and to control and to let the spirit guide us as a family group that has more generosity than it has selfishness.

All voices do need to be heard. But if Eden is to be Self Funding, then it might be said that each person or family unit that commits a certain amount of money depending on time of arrival towards being part of this community, will have a voice on the Council as one of the Land Stewards, who will always be glad to share that power with everybody else, unless things get real bad, and somebody has to stand up for what is right.


Eden is off the grid. Everything will be clean renewable Solar, Hydro and Wind Energy with a focus on a wide diversity of worker built Passive Solar Homes, and as a demonstration of sustainable living.

We may even want to produce our own ethanol, which might best be used for cooking fuel, and there are stoves that are built to handle alcohol fuel. Everything will be built up to code to protect us from any outside interference.

Each homestead may have one Passive Solar main home that is to be built right in the center of that Homestead. The rest of the surrounding lands are to be left as we find them for the most part except for the planting of Native Trees.

There may also be Conservation Easements set up to protect our Farmlands and keep them in food and fiber production and as open space, and to protect the surrounding protected forest lands which run right up into the surrounding wilderness lands, and even to replant more trees on the hills around us, to restore the natural forest to its most optimal condition without losing all the best of the farmlands.

We have to have a few agreements about things like that there should not be any large reflective surfaces that would shine across the valley.

We should use only Earth Tone Colors for the sake of style and taste. All the homes and other buildings for this reason will have to be with Tan colored exterior walls made out of an unburnable material and the roofs will all have to be Green.

We need your support and in return for that you will each have a place to build a natural Passive Solar Home on with a view across the valley and some good land to farm on down below in the deep valley soil for your own use or to make a good living on and all this is for you to have and to use for life and to pass on down for the next generation.

This really is going to be a very complete demonstration of how Village Permaculture really is supposed to work which is most ideally done within the Sustainable EcoVillage Community.

Positive Solutions

Who are we? We are the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest. We are not trying to change the world all in one fell swoop.

We are just going to try to work ourselves back into that naturally balanced environment a little bit more completely that we climbed out of not so very long ago, and to first get our own beginnings laid down, and then we can go to work from there, with the people who really care.

This is our Natural Environment. We may have to claim our own native rootstalks back again first and then we can begin to create the beginnings of a Real kind of Freedom.

Everything we need to continue on will of course begin to happen to make everything extremely possible for just about everyone who really does put forth their very best effort.

Things can only open up when you approach them in the right way. Nothing is ever to be forced on us here in Eden. That is just a small part of the wild beauty of Eden and that is what the magic of Eden is all about.

The Way of Eden is to be always working quietly towards Positive Solutions. Eden is just one small part of the Spirit of the Earth and as such it does have a voice.

We are the voice of Eden. We will enter into Eden with a great respect for the land and all that lives there now and with great care and understanding of all we have been given to care for.

What we are doing here goes beyond the usual expectations of the modern world, where there really is little or no respect for land and community or native peoples or even the Earth, which is all seen as a disposable commodity that can all be replaced for the right amount of money.

Here in Eden we have to go one step farther, even if we do try to see our selves as being just one small part of a larger totality but here in the Americas we do have a real chance to do something significant with our time to shine and so we really should do so now. But what do we have to work with?

1 - We have 25 big fat issues of The Eden Journal.

2 - We have an extensive website on our own domain.

3 - We have a large email group of well over 700 people.

4 - We have an even larger resource base of over 1300.

5 - We have a place as exhibitors at major festivals.

6 - We have the Sustainable Communities Network.

7 - We have a solid presence in Communities Magazine.

8 - We have a listing in the Communities Directory.

9 - We have the Emerald Forest and the Pleiades Network.

10 - The North Coast Watershed Restoration Council.

11 - We have the Emerald Forest DVD, and now the Booklet.

12 - We Eden House.

13 - We have the Vegan Village Group

14 - We have the Lodge Meetings

15 - We have the HIkes up into the Middle Eel Watershed.

We actually do have quite a bit of a good start on this. That's why we do have to have some rules. Eden is very Personal and Eden is very Eco-Logical, and that is not to negate the Theological, or the Political, but only to create a whole new basis for an Integrated Perspective that includes all possible perspectives.

More than enough and some to share with hope and help for a happy healthy sustainable community that works for us all.

We are all committed to all the other fine community minded folks all around the world, who are standing in unity and solidarity with us, always having enough to eat, and a way to move forward, but that will always have to be by their own hands, and local production, and not by expecting us to be doing the whole job for them, or to always be trading for nothing, since we will have to begin to make it clear that we intend to extract something very real in return, for all of our many gifts, that have been wasted on too much need and greed in the past. Same with the new members here.

Towards an Earth Restored and a World at Peace, that works for those who do the work for a change. - T

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