The Organizer 


I am just one of many Peace Warriors that may have begun to return in some great numbers, and I am one of the Bioneers. My main focus is on understanding the Natural ways of Native Peoples and putting Deeds instead of Talk to work for the community and the great good for all life on Earth.

My focus is Eco-Logical Systems Design and Repair. We need to start putting the Earth before People. We need to start putting real Humanity First, to get back into the natural balance.

That has a lot to do with the natural Exchange of Nutrients in Living Systems and the introduction of sustainable ecologies and living on the land using renewable energies and Permaculture with People Power and Universal Integration.

All these emerging technologies like solar energy and Intentional Community all fit together within the Tribal Spirit and the biospheric imperatives of a sustainable human way of life in community. Creating a real Habitat for Humanity is about more than just having a place to live. I am one with the Bioneers.

What is a Bioneer?

"Bioneers peer deep into the heart of living systems to glean what we can from 4 billion years of evolution. We Bioneers are applying natures operating instructions to serve human ends harmlessly while creating conditions conducive to all of life.

One of the beauties of biology is that its facts become our metaphors. Natures underlying codes can serve as inspiring parables for how as human beings we might organize a more just, humane and authentically sustainable society.

What Bioneers are unearthing is nothing less than a revolution from the heart of nature. In many cases the knowledge we need is prefigured by ancient traditions of indigenous wisdom.

Bioneers are among the best pathfinders we have and because life really is all connected, so is the work. Bioneers come from many diverse cultures and perspectives and from all walks of life.

We are scientists and artists, gardeners, and economists, teachers and public servants, architects and ecologists, farmers and journalists, priests and shamans, policy makes and students and everyday people committed to preserving and supporting the future of life on Earth.

Uniting nature, culture and spirit, we know that any real solutions must also embody a change of heart - an empathic connection with the fullness of all life, grounded in social justice. All of us who care - and act - to preserve the future of life on Earth are Bioneers.

Together we are creating an Age of Restoration, guided by shared values of interdependence, kinship, cooperation, community and mutual aid. Part of that work is to gather and spread the countless success stories of the central enterprise of our times - healing the planet and ourselves. They are one and the same thing.

We've all worked long and hard to see this work flower and bear fruit in the world that is to come. It's ripening, and it's telling us that it wants to spread much further now.

There's dramatic urgency for us to share these ingeniously effective solutions with the widest possible audience, inspiring them to join in this sacred and global work. The Conference is the beating heart of the Bioneers organization, but the energy field has rippled out into many more expressions." - Nina Simons

Stewards of the Earth

I am also a participating member of the California Wild Heritage Campaign and have been instrumental in the Yuki Proposed Wilderness Area which lies right alongside the entire length of Eden Valley and extends right up into the Mendocino national forest.

I lead hikes up into and around the Middle Eel Wilderness Area just to show people first hand what some of this beautiful country looks like that we all have worked so hard just to see it all protected forever.

I am also the Organizer of the North Coast Watershed Restoration Council which is concerned with the Unification of all the smaller Watersheds along the entire North Coast of California from the Bay Area on up to Mendocino and Humboldt Counties where we have deep roots in the Solar Energy and Environmental Movements since the Redwood Summer of 1990. My work is for the Saving of the Earth and All Her Children so that we don't all go the way of the Bongo and the Oryx and the White Rhinoceros.

I have many other projects in the works like the Pleiades EcoVillage Network and the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest which is to become a cooperative network of sustainable communities that will spread throughout the world and that will have to be more than just a list of names that don't mean anything but that truly does have to signify a deep connection and a common cause.

This one will only be for real communities and those other real groups and even some distinguished people that really are connected up on a deep level with what it is that our work is really all about.

I am a supporting member of the Fellowship of Intentional Communities and I highly recommend reading Communities - A Journal of Cooperative Living, and going to the Community Conferences.

I am also in positive dialogue with the Federation of Egalitarian Communities which I think might line up nicely with the Vegan Village Project.

I am a supporting member of the EcoVillage Network of the Americas and the Global EcoVillage Network.

I am greatly involved in the Northern California Permaculture Movement and like most native peoples I have been practicing Permaculture since before it was even called that.

I have attended some of the Gatherings and Workshops and do intend to get my designers course certification soon.

I also have worked with a couple of the Community Gardens in my area that were dedicated towards feeding the hungry and the healthy and the happy who hardly ever need any help because they always try to be self sufficient like we will do here in Eden.

I am a firm believer in self educating and free thinking and a bit of an outdoorsy and natural spirit of the wild winds of the woods and a lover of the wild spirits of all native peoples and I have a great respect for the traditions of older times.

I have learned to design and build common cause within the natural world towards a vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace. I have learned to work through some great deal of dissent and I have gotten fairly good at taking a little personal criticism from time to time. 

I have for a very long time been actively involved in some of the roots of resistance to warfare and militarism and environmental degradation which I like to call the Global City Mono-Culture.

I am also one of those who can be found at some of the Rallies to save the last remaining old growth redwood forests since 1990.

I have been a long time participant in the Shasta Bioregional Gatherings. I was among those in the circle who has taken upon myself full responsibility for the envisioning of the next gathering.

I am very good with land and can help with any group in site selection and online networking. I make videos and can help other people who would like to make their own movies.

I do have the beginnings of a clear vision of a new land and that is something that I will gladly share with those who are truly committed to working with me in a cooperative manner.

I do have some land of my own that is strategically located, which I intend to put into community use as part of an Environmental Land Cooperative.

I will only work with other brothers and sisters who can speak respectfully as real collaborators and who are committed to getting past the usual personality problems which are usually just about needing to know how they fit into the Circle and how they can connect up in a manner which allows them to do their best and to get some respect.

I am here to Change the World and I will not settle for anything less than the very best from all those who would like to work more closely with me. I am very pragmatic and do not want to hear any of these empty platitudes that came out of the sixties. Nothing is worse than an empty bag.

I know how to prioritize things and am not deluded by the empty promises of need and greed. It is the Fire that goes unnoticed that does the most damage. These are the kinds of things that I might be caught saying just for effect, after the Fires of the evening have burned down to a glowing pile of embers, since people do seem to expect me to make a lot of wild pronouncements after midnight for some reason.

This run away consumer spending is just exactly what we must Disengage from. Not that we can ever completely forget about the usual suspects like corporate greed and political power and the doctrines of dominator culture.

I just thought I would focus on an entirely new and completely overlooked area that is almost entirely unrecognized by others, and that is the wrongfully theological basis of our society. That needs to be replace with an Eco-Logically based ethos. That is the one big distinction that I would like to make clear during my lifetime.

I am one of those who just shows up and starts making thing happen with or without a set place being there for me. There is never a ready made opening for any True thing.

I have always had a very strong relationship to the Magic of Place and the Meaning of the Earth and the Motherhood of Birth, and where life really came from and where it is going. In my humble theory All Life came from Below.

Like the seed that sprouts up through the leaf litter, from below the soil, the Truth must be Eco-Logically based from now on.

I do welcome others and I do want to help to create the conditions for true collaboration and not just dependency. I do want to be able to extend a warm welcome to all those who would like to be able to work very closely with me in organizing a the Emerald Forest.

Kindred Spirits

I am also uniquely knowledgeable about land use and how it can be passed on down to the next generation without having to be bought and sold over and over again forever.

I live on the land myself, on solar power, and am a bit of a creative designer who knows how to work with the on site energies that are all around us in a whole new way.

Food and Water, and Energy and even human groupings, are all to be seen, from now on, as being flows, through a waterfall, and not as things to be relocated, propped up, or kept alive for too long, or paid off, or to be bailed out, or given a stimulation package, out of nothing but an abhorrence of neediness and dependency. Maybe the waterfall is best understood as being a seasonal waterfall.

Would you rather own a gallon of water, or have access to a stream? Would you rather own a years supply of food, or have a farm? These are the kinds of questions that I like to consider.

That is why we don't have to worry about protecting every gallon of water, and the real focus needs to be on protecting those flows of water, like rivers and streams, and the Waterfalls that make a gallon of water look like something beautiful.

Those flows of food, and water, and all the other good things, that are coming out of a working farm within a community, are what is important to save, and not the actual loaves of bread, or the gallons of water, or even the money which only represents the artificial deconstruction of the natural world.

We cannot rely on the protection of things any longer, or the power of numbers over things, which is no different from things at all.

We now must begin to switch over to flows, and to move away from all things, for all things, even all living things, are still woefully inadequate, because they never will amount to much, in comparison with the self sustainable flows of nutrients and resources that need to be set up now.

If we focus on things we will lose every thing. If we focus on flows, nobody really knows, but that is the only thing that really matters.

I have been living off the grid on solar energy for 20 years on a system I put together myself.

I think we might even want to start a special group for people who like to tinker around with knowledge and ideas about how to make things work with existing energies and flows and how to make a living and a life with good people off the grid with very little money being needed as a thing, that people think they need to have above all else, when that is what comes last in the natural order of priorities.

The new way of working with money and all other resources, both human and non-human is as a flow, since humans always die, and other things do too, but the flow, is always on the go. Therefore keeping people alive is another big mistake, and there are plenty of others who will keep focusing on that dead end which does not work, when what we need to focus on is the continuation of the flow of life.

Our focus should be on the protection of the Whole Web of Life, as a working whole, and not to fall into the trap of worrying about the individual numbers.

I don't think it is always such a good idea to get every little thing patented and copyrighted, which makes ideas into a thing that can be bought and sold. That is too exclusionary.

Knowledge of a technical kind that could help a lot of people should be allowed to flow so we don't support those who hoard solutions for personal gain.

Throwing monetary resources around all over the world is not the only way we can impact the Web of Life in the most beneficial way, and that can even back fire on us, because that is out of balance, within the natural exchange of resources and nutrients, and that is out of the flow, and that is not in keeping with the Honor System, which only works within the Natural Order of Priorities.

That only shows that we are still thinking of food as being a thing, that needs to be saved, and distributed evenly, and that only shows that we are still thinking of people as being things too, who may need to be saved, when they are both just part of flows that alone are what needs to be protected and saved and defended. that is why I think it is time now for us to realize, that it may be time now to stop fighting for peoples rights to continue to consume the Earths last remaining resources taking us all right down nto oblivion as though they were things like confederate money, that would need to be spent before they become useless, which is what happens when you die, and you run out of time and can no longer continue to squander all that borrowed money which has been stolen from the Earth in the first place.

Let the people establish their own naturally sustainable flows of food, and then they have to be able to defend that, for over 300 years and then we will protect their right to continue doing that.

Social Justice has to become better integrated within the human scale community and as a part of a working form of Eco-Logical Integrity.

We need to focus our intentions to put the emphasis where it really does need to go by working within the Natural Order of Priorities, which is all about flow.

Let the millions of others focus on the obvious things.

I learn a lot from listening to the voices of the wild part of the world where everything is real, which is where I get most of my inspiration, which is of course, from the wind.

I do have a unique perspective on some of these things as you can see, and the point is that this life we all share is more than just another consumable item. And too many thoughtless consumers who all think they have a right to this, and a right to that, is just part of the problem, and we have supported that way of thinking for way too long now.

I do need all your help, as collaborators, and yet I am totally self sufficient, as we all must become, because I don't need any help, as a thing, as much as I would welcome all the help I can get, as a flow.

I do believe that all people need to be held accountable, within the Honor System within their own communities and the local watersheds that they live within. I call this new philosophy of mine, Universal Relocalization, and that is a large part of what Eco-Logical Integration is all about, where everything comes up from below, and is controlled by the lower considerations, which are Eco-Logical, and nothing can be counted on that descends down to us from above, which is a theological matter for others to haggle over.

We don't want to have to play cops and robbers with the future of the Earth, because our lives may be at stake here, so we must ask all peoples, to return to their own home watersheds, so that we can proceed to organize a much more natural order of priorities, that works through the process of Tribal Re-Localization, instead of premature emancipation.

Premature Emancipation sounds real bad, and it is because that is the very condition where you have cut the connective cord between doings and demandings, or words and deeds, that leads to the inevitable disintegration of the Whole Web of Life.

That is when you have allowed people to take freely and to destroy the Earth, and to kill all the Bongo, when they have not given adequately or earned that right to do as they wish, and to destroy all the Bongo with a careless and even reckless attitude, as though they were Gods, and Goddesses, who alone can be allowed to wreak total havoc upon this world out of an adolescent spirit of resentment and revenge, with no adverse consequences for their actions, and there is no need to pay anything back in this brain dead part of the world.

We have prematurely emancipated our Youth Culture so they can buy without thinking, drive off a cliff, and destroy without knowing what it is that they have even destroyed.

We may have even become the biggest enablers of the world in this process of global self destruction, since we have taught them all that they deserve everything, when you only deserve something within the Honor System, when you have done something worthy of that.

In a nutshell: The Bee deserves a little honey, which she will have, once she has done the work, but up until that time, the Bee does not deserve the honey.

I have volunteered to support one of the Communities Conferences and do want to propose a whole new avenue of discussion having to do with a whole new way of understanding the Emerald Forest of Sustainable Communities, and how we can all share in that.

My ongoing offer to the larger community in terms of Speaking Engagements and Collaborative Efforts is that if other folks will create the venue and put me on the agenda I will show up on time and ready to provide an interesting and entertaining presentation, as long as there is some food.

I will meet with All the Green Heads of State and other humorously pompous Folks in Good Faith, either in a public place or in the peoples own home zone, if they really will put out a good spread. And then maybe we can talk a little more directly and get some real face time in after the people have gotten up the nerve, to break out some of the good stuff after all the hard to sell customers have gone home.

I do believe in Cross Pollination. But I can't be held responsible for what anybody might want to do with my stuff.

I can only work with existing energy resources and only when there is an adequate support structure and a good introduction about Restorative Eco-Logical Design Concepts becoming more universal while we still have a chance to Save the Earth.

I will always try to help out in camp to keep people from getting soaking wet but I have become way too busy as you can imagine to be expected to take off on every kind of personal emergency. Others may want to begin to take up the slack so I can just kick back one time and take it all in, which might be my rightful due.

I do plan to turn my own personally held and beautifully forested land over to the people, from the steeple, which is worth probably more than just about two hundred and 25 thousand great big fat ones, to become an outpost of our Environmental Land Cooperative Movement.

That will be as a donation to the cause, that I will never be able to sell that, but I do want others to go in on that with me in some depth first, and then it will be left to future members, of the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest of Sustainable Communities, in some shape or form, which has yet to be decided upon, and all others will be expected to do the same thing with their lands and properties so that we can continue to manage them as a network, of protected lands, that are loosely self controlled, in some form of voluntary collaboration.

I do want to introduce Eden House as a likely addition to the Solar Living Centers ongoing need for a place to house and support their interns and volunteers so they are not just left to camp out somewhere like homeless people for too much longer now.

Bioneers Youth I would think, might want to become through with all these repetitions of big city drug culture very quickly now that these changes are upon us all.

They may even want to take a greater interest in becoming the driving force behind the creation of EdenHouse at the Solar Living Center, which is is my gift to them and that is  something I would think we could go right ahead with, once we have the support of all the parties involved, but not because these kids deserve anything, since we never tell lies about who deserves something that they have not yet earned, unless there really is real verifiable evidence of that, and not just the theological stuff that has become all to commonplace in these city cultures where nothing is connected up right because they have no roots in the Earth, and there is no conception of the Honor System in these places that do not need to be maintained too much longer because these are places where the culture doesn't work.

There needs to be an adequate circle of support in terms of Time, Resources, and a decent supply of good People who are kind and gentle, and the cooperation of like minded members of humanity, who would like to host this kind of thing, or to become one of the people who lives in residence at the Solar Living Center as interns.

We do have the beginnings of a well documented group here of over 700 people in our email group that  took a whole lot of work to build up into something so let us use that wisely as that is our face to the public and that is expanding rapidly. 

We have an even larger resource base of over 1,000 members in our Sustainable Community Network, although there is some overlap between the two groups. But there are no other groups I know of that have reached such an enormous size that have been organized around just one single EcoVillage project.

People are looking for us and we have made it possible for them to find us. But there are going to be many obstacles in the way for those who choose to treat us unkindly, as you would expect. Who is welcome to come back to your home, after they have done their best to destroy the place? Well the Community is like a Home.

When a new person is introduced to the other members of the Home, like a boyfriend or a girlfriend, the others may or may not choose to take to that person, as it is up to them to decide, usually by consensus, whether they want to embrace that person all the way to the hilt or not.

Enough has been said for those who are truly interested and have been inspired and are now greatly motivated, and ready to tell the world all about it, because we want people who Love the Project, and who have heard all about it, and who can repeat the vision to other people.

But we want real good people only who are very humane, and decent human beings, who can enter into the flow, and not just people who are too much like all the other people who are not very humane and who cannot enter into the flow.

Let the people choose themselves to begin with and then they will be able to help to choose the others, but the community is like a family. Only it is all about relationships that have been entered into freely.

Expect the best and forget the rest if you ever hope to pass the test. Non-interference with this work is our only prime directive, as that would not be appropriate.

Everything originally must go through the original contact person, unless you would like to be re-assigned a new contact person, and have put in for that in writing, and have been accepted for that.

More than Enough and Some to Share is the real plan, that will be shared with all of those who really care.

It does help us tremendously to have this much understood as we begin to enter into this elegant new re-version of the Universe, which really is just a little more closely related to the actual place, than most people might have realized, even than the old theological material that has been exploited by almost every politician in the world.

We share an abiding respect for the many who have voluntarily died on our behalf, and in support of our bold new vision to Change the World from the inside out, which may be the only way it can be changed.

We cannot imagine that we can just set everything way too free as a group, and then go chasing after it all later as individuals bend on self destruction so that they can create all the mayhem you could ever dream of.

The Big Splash

What does our very own Mr. T have to say, about what was happening, just before the Big Bang, and the supposed Beginning of the Universe you might wonder?

Was the Big Bang even real?

That is just one of the most interesting questions that have come up, on some of the hikes up into higher ground.

We know that a lot of people may have been taught, to think about all the living processes that we are living part of, as just being things that must have a beginning point and an end point, because that is the way we try to isolate things, to control things.

They don't want you to even think, about becoming a willing part, of an ongoing living process, that we may or may not have the possibility of earning, certain rights, and responsibilities within, which is much more likely to be the case.

Why? Truth is Freedom, and that would be too much Truth, and that would lead to Freedom. Who cut these people off from the Truth about Freedom? That would be big government, Big Industry, Big Media, Big City, Big Corporations, Big Education. Big Mortuary.

Most people have been taught to think of a waterfall, as being just a thing and not as a part of a living and changing process, like a River, and they don't want to let the water flow as it must, and go freely down the river, and away from the waterfall, out of a fear that they will lose entire the waterfall, without realizing, that it is all just a part of a larger system, like life and death, that only works when we do let it flow. That's why we have to let people die a natural death when they get too old.

The same thing is true about life as a whole. Why try to save it, by hanging on to it, when it must be allowed to move on and to die, which is just like the water leaving the waterfall area. That is no big tragedy.

What about this imaginary value of human life? There may not be any value. But it is quite possible that the value will not be found in prolonging anything, but will be precisely in letting it go on down the river where it needs to go, and that anything else, would be a wrongful disruption of the flow, or even selfish tampering with the natural processes of life and death.

Most people may even think a cloud is just a thing, but when you look at a time expanded vision, of a sky full of clouds, you will see that they are constantly forming, and unforming, out of thing air, and then disappearing back into thin air, as part of a larger process, which is the wind.

Why all the wrong headed thinking? We should all have 2 good heads, but we have been using the wrong one.

This is all due to the dumbing down of America, into sound bite slogans, that do not hold any water, which has been so successful, because of the power of numbers, and that is part of what has gotten us into this great big fat mess to begin with.

But T has decided to change it up just a little bit, and to throw down some new tricks, just in order to turn the page, on some of that wacko bizacko, and to reveal something new about the Emerging New Cosmology, of Universal Integration, and the important part, that we all must play, to Save the Earth.

My name is T, as you may have guessed. That stands for Truth. I am a changed man, and not a deranged man. I am very sorry if some others have felt offended, by these words of arrogant defiance, of the primitive beliefs, of modern day peoples.

But please hear my words, even though, it is not all in keeping, with any of our existing, fantasy doctrines, which we may have been prematurely sold out on, due to a lack of integrity.

It is probably not true what they say, that in the beginning, the whole universe was in a hot dense state.

Supposedly, there was some kind of magical mystical fairy land time that happened, just before the Big Bang, got out of control, and the entire Universe, went on a rampage. But that never happened.

A lot of people may have wanted to know, just what did happen, just before the Big Bang.

What did the Big Bang really amount to being, if it was not a Big Bang? And at what time, will it no longer be right now? These questions I would put before the people.

I have felt the time might be right now, to live up to the real meaning, of my given name, and my true mission, as a Truth Carrier, and to reveal some small fraction, of the real truth, about that little incident, which has so badly baffled, all the so called experts, who have been screwing up big time, right until this point.

Now we know why our main man T, doesn't have a whole lot of respect, for some of these story book experts, who are living in a fantasy world, and who we have all learned to rely upon, way before the time for that had come.

According to T, there actually was a looser form, of a Big Bang of sorts, but that was not the beginning, of the entire Universe, or anything like that.

The big secret is, that there is probably, just a great big gigantic, Great Big Black Hole, right in the center of the Universe, just like there is in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, and most all other Galaxies.

That might explain some of the Dark Matter, we may have had a hard time dealing with.

What happens, when you have a great big bad old black hole, in the center of the Universe? It tries to drag a whole lot of stuff into it, out of need and greed, now and then, through a very narrow vortex, due to the extremely high gravity forces, and at the same time, it is probably spinning very rapidly, and so you may have a whole lot of stuff, trying to get into it, like other black holes, and their respective galaxies, which cannot keep up with the spin, or which cannot fit together into a small enough space, to be able to do that, with any kind of efficiency, or in any kind of a smooth, and orderly process, and so most of it may go shooting, right back out again, in what our very own Mr. T has termed to be, the Big Blow Back Effect.

This is very much like, when you try to shoot a fire hose, into a very small funnel. Most of the water is going to come splashing right back out, which explains a lot of the conversations we have here, because of the blow back effect, and that was the big event that was thought to be the Big Bang, when in fact it could more correctly be understood, as being really just the Big Splash, as termed by the same T, who claims to get his wacky inspiration, straight from below.

This Big Splash, may have happened many times before, and it may happen, many more times again.

The real question facing us now, is where are we going to be, when that happens again? Are we going to be riding that Wave, or trying to stay, the heck out of the way, or will we choose to go straight down into it, without any fear of death?

The Big Splash, is likely to be an ongoing thing, that may has been going on for a very long time, just like the ice ages, in cycles, so we don't have to worry, about what happens in Plancke Time, which was supposedly the split second, before the Big Bang, which has been inexplicable, up until this time, before the wholeness of the Living Universe, was finally rediscovered, and some of its most mysterious processes, were finally revealed.

The Big Splash is what happens, when a whole lot of matter, tries to go down the drain, right into the biggest and baddest black hole, in the center of the whole entire Universe, which is the Great Black Hole.

The gravity forces, are just way too extreme. And this creates a very small but dense vortex that cannot hold all the material, including what remains of entire galaxies, that is all coming down, into the very same spot, that may not be much bigger than a basket ball.

What happens then, is that a lot of it comes shooting back out, and that is what we call the Blow Back Effect, because the pressure is so immense, and the flow is restricted, and not all the material is well enough placed, to go right down the drain, in an orderly fashion, and so much of it bounces right back out.

That is how we see the big splash, in a recurring process, of many splashes, and that goes on, because of the blow back effect, that is caused by the attraction, and the expulsion, of too much attraction, and not enough room, for it to go anywhere else, but right back out into space, at a high enough speed, to be able to escape, the immense gravitational pull of the Great Big Black Hole we have just been talking about.

Some of it does finally escape, creating a whole new series of galaxies, to join in with the existing material, that is already out there, in a self organizing manner.

But some of it gets sucked right back down again, and this could even be part, of an ancient cyclical process, that never had a beginning, meaning that everything, has probably been through it all before, and that everything, will probably be going through it all again, and again and again, which makes a lot of sense.

And that takes care of the big fat beginning of the end problem. it may be that you can't have a great big fat beginning of anything. Only a continuation of all things is even conceivable.

What this tells us, is that there may not even be, any real beginning of Time, and that means no grand opening celebration, and that there may not be, any ending of Time, or a going out of business sale, both of which are too problematic, to even have been allowed, to wander around the house, in the first place.

It appears that there is no split second of pre-Beginnings Time, that cannot be explained, and there will be no real End Times either, which has been a big problem, up to this point, for those, who love nothing better, than to take something like the Earth, and the entire Universe, that is all living, in a flowing process that we call life, and that they think they can turn into a static thing, that they can manage as an inferior to themselves, like a slave, but they are totally freaked out, by this whole new vision of a Truth, that works in a much more fluid manner.

That Truth, doesn't seem to have a beginning yet, and that Truth may even go on and on forever, regardless of life and death, and what people think about the needs, for more simplicity, for those who may have no right, to even approach the Truth, except with the deepest humility.

Talk about a sub prime thinking crisis.

Now it might occur, to some very few people, that we still have the remains, of a big round wheel of a Meta Galaxy, that seems to be one thing, that is still spinning east, except for the fact, that we still have some older stuff, out there as well, and that doesn't seem to fit in, with this overly simplistic idea of the Big Bang, which is problem number 1. We also have a lot of dark matter, that no one can account for, and that is problem number 2. The Beginning of Time is problem number 3, and the End of Time is problem number 4. But now we have an answer to all 4 problems.

Since the Great Black Hole, according to T, is spinning so very rapidly, and almost beyond comprehension, as you might imagine, the Big Splash appears to be sprayed out there, like it came out of a big sprinkler head, and that leaves a circular pattern among the stars, that is like a round wheel. And that is exactly what we see out there.

There may have been many layers laid down, from former Big Splashes, and all those former layers, would account, for all the older stuff, that seems to be older, than the Big Bang, and of course it is, since that big bang thing, was just the last, of a series of Big Splashes, each one of which, has made its contribution, to the Universe we see today.

The billions of Black Holes, in the center of the Universe, and in each of the Galaxies, itself may explain most of the Dark Matter, that cannot otherwise be accounted for, and that solves problem number 2.

And the old stuff, that seems to predate the big bang, was just from previous versions of the Big Splash, which is on its own trip here, and that solves problem number 1.

It is no wonder, that most of it, is much older, than the Big Bang, was thought to be, because that older stuff, probably came from an earlier Big Splash.

Like a Tree that grows from one tiny little Seed this dreadfully rich new Vision of the Emerald Forest  has ultimately much more sustainable potential than any other possibility I know of for Saving the Earth.

We do have to put down very deep roots into the Earth at this important time of change in the ways of truth that we must all learn how to live again, long after we have all died.

We are now standing among those who must become ready to make a grand departure and to disengage from the ordinary world so that we may begin to Live to Know How to Live.

We already do have something real to work with as you can see. Honor this vision which could be your last chance. Enter with Grace into the Spirit of Place before the end times are upon us all, because even if Time goes on forever, the Earth may not.

All we have to do is focus on that which is already in place here. That will save us all a huge amount of time and energy that otherwise would only be wasted as the doom and gloom scenario sets in all around us.

We must continue moving straight on ahead by holding on tightly in complete Solidarity, even as we may seem to be spinning way out of control.

It is not a matter of endless opinions with us, which don't really make much of a contribution.

A million opinions still do not add up to a single word of Truth. First word of T.

We must learn to make the right kinds of distinctions and we must learn to break the wrong kinds of distinctions, which have been holding us down way too long now.

I am just one of the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest of which Eden is just one small part.

I am just the humble self designated Vision Carrier of this Emerging Tribe of Truth Tellers who will one day go on to Save the Earth just as it has been written, many thousands of years ago, to be exact, when T first rolled out of bed. No, wait that was an exaggeration.

Everything is done with Oneness and Cooperation in Mind.

This Vision is the one which could become the beginning of a real place for Peace on Earth, which is not just something we can leave subject to any and all, who might choose to grab it and grip it, as this is not for the hurting hands of little children to play around with, or those who come to us with such little Faith and with no sense of Spirit and no willingness to learn without being told that there is nothing that can be said about the imaginary future of the walking dead since it does not exist.

Only flows really exist, and all these other things are history, because like some of the people we meet, they have no long term continuosity.

Peace on Earth is something we must keep safely alive and thriving under the safety net of every protective concern for deep sustainability in Eden and then we will proceed carefully with a very clearly laid out plan for the ongoing propagation of the Emerald Forest of no return.

Who are we?

We are just some of the last of the best who must now  be put to the test, or we could all be sold by the pound one day.

We are just reaching out to some of the other more Creative Spirits who may seek to collaborate with other fellow creative spirits who really are ready to start becoming True Seed Creators of Change and who will then quickly choose to become a very real part of this Exquisitely Beautiful Tree of Life that will continue to branch out both here and beyond this one small oceanic planet we call the Earth.

We are the new Warriors of Peace and Freedom and we are card carrying members of the lean and green party and we now must become willing to Stand in Unity towards the fulfillment of an enormously vast opportunity that is spreading out now before us all, in many different directions, even as we speak.

This long and windy road Back to Eden and back to the center of the Universe, is just one short leg of a very long journey towards what is going to be a particularly beautiful and magnificent Wedding Ceremony of Earth and Spirit on a Universal Scale.

We will always try to welcome as Kindred Spirits all the kind and Gentle Folks from all over the Americas and around the world as well as many plants and animals of all kinds who do come to us with all due respect.

We do have to come to appreciate what we've been given here first which is like the gift that keeps on giving but that doesn't always pay off for those who try to redeem the dream because that my friends can never be seen.

We will have to use the spirit of oneness and the process of deep consensus but we never do anything without the complete support of the people, and we only move when are all more than ready to become part of that movement. Anything else would be too just way too pushy. But now if you will curl up by the fire I will tell you a little bedtime story:

Before Eden

Before Eden there was a Tree that would often gaze off into the deep future just to see what would become of All Trees and some of our other friends here on Earth.

As it turned out there was not going to be any future for very many of these friends of the Trees after all. And a lot of other plants and animals would also suffer badly. Many would be eliminated in a very short time due to the Global Environmental Crisis.

Being very disappointed and unwilling to accept that there was nothing that could be done about this it spent many years examining all the past and the future events between the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning just to see if anything could be done to save the Trees and their children and all the other plants and animals and their children who depended on us.

There were a few very interesting answers as there were a few things that we could see that we could do with all the right people in all the right places.

Key Moves could be made that would change the future of the past which would be good for the Trees and all of their friends including even those who stand on 2 legs who would otherwise be among the first to go since they come last in the natural order of priorities.

They most definitely will not be able to survive the next big one like they did the last big one on burrowing instinct alone.

I could see that we would need to organize our way into the future as living plant and animal communities who are headed up by humans who are committed to each others welfare on a biological level. 

Eden is just a small part of a larger set of changes that need to be put in place to make up for certain mistakes that have already been made too many times already, and it is not a pretty picture anytime you open up this can of worms, and that is why we need some orderly thinking here.

We can't afford to sit and blame those who are primarily responsible and we're sorry so many people have made such a bad series of choices for themselves and for the Earth that we all share.

But we can't allow all of the Trees or the other plants and animals to suffer nearly complete extinction so soon after just getting started, just because of Need and Greed gone wild, out of big city pity, or third world guilt.

That which is not sustainable should not be a high priority for our support. That is why it is time to disengage from these ethics of theological dominion, which have focused on saving individual people instead of saving the Earth.

The Tree of Life is not through growing yet. The Earth has not yet Bolted, and so we have not yet Gone to Seed, and let us hope it is not cut down before that time.

We are to become the new Vision Carriers of Life and we are to become those who will plant the seeds of the Emerald Forest to Save the Earth on a thousand other planets.

Now we need to bring life and death back into a sustainable balance. We are the Stewards of the Earth. We are the Birth Givers. That is a flow and not a thing. We are to become the Twin Propagators of a Cooperative new way of Life in Tribal Community.

Eden is the Voice of the Spirit of the Earth that like all real things must approach its goal in a bold new manner. Nothing can ever be defined in absolute perfection so we don't use words to hurt people.

But the vision does have to come through loud and clear very much like a strong gust of wind that comes rushing down into Eden Valley out of the deep mountains around us.

The Dew falls on the green grass in Eden during the most silent part of the night.

The stillest sound of listening to the frost finding its way back down into the deep silence of Eden is the power of the Magic Word of Truth that opens up the heaviest doors.

Eden is not just another place to bring disgrace. Only those who qualify will be counted as such.

Social Change needs to be returned to the Human Scale. And we can only do that after we have stolen it from the wrongful dominators who have taken the whole thing for their own use and will not give it back.

Eden is the Life and the breath that goes beyond being just about the beyond which is related to the beginning that never happened.

Eden is the Sound of the reflection out of the Deepest Wells of Spirit come True.

The Magic of Eden doesn't have a name. But Eden is an exquisite Bridge across the stormy seas, and that alone will take us on across to the farthest shores of experience, where we may then be found worthy, to find Our Children's Land, which will be waiting right there for us, like a gift for which we must now begin to make elaborate plans, and exhaustive preparations, or we will never get back there again or maybe I have said too much.

We must have the Supreme Faith that we will receive the next issue of the Journal, and the further guidance and direction we will need, once we have begun to build the Ark in earnest, and then we may feel even worthy, to begin the journey to Our Children's Land, as a new people who have earned the right to go their own way.

Everything is always going to be done through an equitable process of shared decision making among fully committed members. More than enough and some to share is the law in Eden, and full participation will be required.

I do hope to hear from all of those who may wish to collaborate with us in all earnest and those who really do have something real to offer will all be looked at very carefully. My heart goes out to all those who have tried to connect and collaborate but who have failed to make it all the way across that huge expanse that must be bridged by each and every one of us.

Those who wish to disengage soon, and are known and committed and supportive members, can begin to gather together now to form the beginnings of an unofficial core group, that we have begun to call the Eden Work Group.

People should read the whole website first, and then they can join the Eden Work Group, which will be announced from time to time in the larger email group, of about 700 people.

We are looking for those who can hear the signal and repeat it back without turning it all into a verbal contest.

That shows that we are all still in good basic communication which is a responsibility that must be borne by all who are fit to give birth in Eden.

Then we need to see that a few people really can work quite well with what has been put out there as the central focus of this project.

Feel free to ask your questions, or to make your comments known, based on what really was said, with the full quotations of T in place, for having higher accountability, is sometimes seen as being a virtue in Eden, but let us not Blame T in haste.

But  join our email group, and then grab some friends, and  come on up to the meetings. Among those who can do all that, we may find a few real collaborators who will be brought farther in towards the center of the circle where life has more meaning and everything is done in a state of grace. - T

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