Mission Statement

Because it Takes a Whole Village

Adam and Eve
Starry Lake

Habitat Creation

Life itself as we see it was not just found ready to go. But that is what we were taught. We climbed out of the sea not so very long ago. Why did that happen?

What is the purpose? Life creates more room for itself by diversifying. It creates new habitats. It boldly goes where no one has gone before. We are that life. And we will keep doing the same.

We changed the atmosphere. We changed the climate. We changed the soil. We changed the environment so that the scope of life could be expanded and the dream of the future could be fulfilled. And now we must take it to the next step in this very important process.

We feel that this is our best way to serve the life we have been given to propagate the life we have found ourselves in the midst of on this Earth.

No one else can do it. The other animals are not going to be able to handle this. And they need our help, for the future of the Web of Life that we all share now hangs in the balance. The job falls to us to take this on.

Now you know who we are and have always been. And many have wondered why I have referred to us as a Mythological People from a Mythological Land entering into a Vision of Mythological Proportions.

We must wake up to this responsibility to begin to awaken this planet into the next stage which is to begin to protect the ecosystems and to reproduce the conditions in which we can live beyond just this one small planet.

We need to divert this path we now find ourselves on and make a major change in direction towards a new beginning.

Now we have work to do. But instead of going back to the garden we are going forward in order to create the New Gardens of the Future with a keen eye on the underlying Natural Orders of Priority which may be what makes the waters flow and the flowers bloom.

Getting Ready

We have not yet begun to deal with the problems that will be coming right up in a series of waves that will swamp us like a Tidal Wave if we don't start working on this right now. But as you can see no choices have been made but to postpone making any choices until that first wave comes crashing down upon us.

That will of course lead only to the imprisonment of life right here and its destruction forever. All Life Gone is the only result of our inaction.

Freedom is a word that has been kicked around a lot, by some of the kids here on the Nursery Planet, but we will not become truly free until we become Universal in scope and that's what this project is all about.

Freedom Forever

We now need to begin making some of these hard choices about where we are really going to be going with this thing called Life on Earth.

We do need to draw the line here a little bit. Because we do actually have to change in order for our children to survive and flourish in many different environments.

They are not to remain trapped on the Nursery Planet forever. And there are going to be many more changes we are going to need to begin putting into place to protect the integrity of this fine planet and all life on it. Well done to all those who have made it this far is what the ancients may be telling us but this is no place to stop dead in our tracks.

In this way we will serve the Earth in the one way that she really does need our help. Otherwise we will have come to an impasse. There will be those of us who may choose to count ourselves in among the living. And those of us who will have no choice but to join in with the dead. Take your pick.

We have found the limits of our confinement to be very interesting at best. The rest have had little to say. Very few people ask the question why? And then they are so quickly taken by the fact that there is no other ready made place to go without realizing that it is now up to us to create a new series of new life supporting environments here there and everywhere that will serve as the answers. Life itself needs to be renewed from time to time. And that time is now. And it all starts here.

Children of the Earth

It is our job to carry life to the planets and that creates the real habitat for humanity that we have heard so much about. Why Bother? What did Life ever do for us?

We want life to be free so it can keep on living forever. And we would be most honored to be able to take this upon ourselves. And to serve Life in this way. That is how we think and that is how we now must begin to act.

Life is like a Tree

A healthy and well formed tree it still is now. We are part of that Tree. But now that Tree needs to go into the reproductive mode for the first time in this exciting new way.

She now needs to become able to reproduce her self right here on Earth in such a way as her children will make it onto many other planets which is for her to be seen as being a greatly expanded new habitat for all her children so that in case this planet dies or is destroyed, which could happen, then life itself as we know it will not be cheated out of all that it has done for so many and at such a great expense.

Parts of the Tree

All good Trees do have to have a plan to be able to overcome their own immobility. It has to be willing for some relatively small part of itself like about 300 to 500 people to be able to fly free of the boundaries of its own branches. And to propagate itself as far away as possible.

Moving Spirits

We need to become able to move out and beyond this one small planet onto other planets nearby and far beyond the scope of this Solar System as represented by The Dove which flies out there and comes back again.

In the same way we may be returning to our original homeland with the good news that we have survived and are now ready to continue onward and outward into a future land. And that is to make it all the way through to our Children's Land.

Beyond Boundaries

We need to get beyond these meaningless little boundaries just like we got past some of the older boundaries like the ones that kept us confined to the sea for so very long.

A boundary that we now call the seashore once was such a huge obstacle. Now it is a place where even little children now play. But that's not what it was like back then, if you will recall. That was once such a huge barrier. And so many of our people have died upon its shores of deadly rocks and dry sand.

Over a billion years if you recall is what it took us to get over even that little barrier that we now consider to be quite an open and inviting place.

We Made it

You can see that we really did not become who we needed to become until we were able to move into this very new environment up here on the land which we have become quite accustomed to taking for granted. But we had to leave the old environment to get into this new one. But what did we find? 

All One

Dragons and Monsters. There was no cover. The soil was dead. It was all very hot and it would have been a disaster and it was but gradually we changed all that into a lush and cool green forest. How did that happen? Who did that?

Life creates its own habitat. We did that. After all it was you and me. I was there and so were you when we were all one.

Growth Works

Can we continue to grow and change? Or will we just sit here and die and even worse to let it all die again and again forever at this very point when a great deal of focus is needed. Because that is what must inevitably happen if we do nothing. Life must be passed on or it will die.

Any Tree that cannot reproduce itself will eventually die. And you can see them still standing in the forests of the world right now. Quite a few have died. We know that. And we are the part of that Tree that all life now depends upon to keep life free. And I think we can safely assume that it will all die without our help. What can we do? Try to keep it alive or plant some more? Which one do you think makes more sense?

We are the only part that can carry life beyond this planet now and so we must prepare to do so for the benefit of all life on Earth. And not just blindly but with a very clear focus that is Eco-Logical in origins and not just theological, and that means that we have to create a whole new system of thought.

If we don't take care of this one little thing that our mother planet really does need us to do for her we will lose the whole game. And here I speak of the whole Web of Life on this planet and not just the human kind.

That life is Universal and was never meant to be confined to what could only be called The Nursery Planet because if nothing else we do have a lot of good stock here. And a nursery is a good place for a small child to spend some time in but that is no place to remain captive for too long. We must escape captivity or we will all die.

Maybe you were only waiting for this fine day to arrive. All those who really do have something of value to contribute to our work may consider themselves to have been found by the Village People at long last. We know you. And we will accept you as a member of our Tribe, once that has been earned.

And you should be glad to be among those who have been lucky enough to be able to help reproduce the web of all life on Earth and to help to carry it all far beyond its temporary dwelling place which is no longer a stable place to be for various reasons that are still unknown to most people.

Maybe you have been chosen for a life of service. And this will become our Mission.

And you will be supported to the degree that you do produce like it would be on the job or with any planting of trees we will make in Eden or any other place.

We are the survivors. I can tell you that much in advance. And I know a lot of people are probably wiping the sweat off their brows right this minute out of a great deal of lasting satisfaction in knowing that we are the survivors of doom.

How did that happen? Who picked us and why? We created that happening. We have chosen ourselves. And it is just one of the many results of our determination to live up to our promises to create the future rather than laying down in the middle of the road and being run over by it.

Yes we do have many very ordinary concerns about some of our plant and animals friends who may need to be taken care of here on Earth. Yes we do have places for many different kinds of people who can perform many invaluable services.

Yes we will have to expect the things we need to show up right on time. And they will. But only if we are willing to show up right on time ourselves and I do hope you are packed up and ready to go at a moments notice when your travel orders arrive. We may have to be ready for things that have not even begun to unfold in any visible way.

That's how we will find what we need to find. Being right there on top of it. And we get on top by being ahead of it. But don't expect all the answers to come all so easy. This is just a small gift to get you warmed up. We have no desire to make a lot of promises that we don't need.

Everything works out all different ways. We provide just what we do have a real need for you to know. And you do have to show that you can use what you have been given before you can expect to be given any more.


We will create our own new Eco-Logical World Vision that is based on Universal Integration. Only this one will be much more robust and will have more scope, fuller capacities and greater potentialities than the ones that it grew out of. But that is like a Tree growing out of a crack in between two rocks. It didn't actually come from the rocks.

Even though the heavy rocks may seem great, and strong, it is the little seed that comes first within the natural order of priorities and that is what we will be nurturing, while most of those rocks can now be almost completely disregarded.

Eden is Only Forever

We may not have enough time to continue wandering about like animals in a field. And that is not what is being asked of us here. That's why we do have to ask for a certain spirit of cooperation from any would be members getting on board ship.

Right now there are not a whole lot of limitations. Later on there will be. Habitat needs to be created and expanded. And it is our job to build these new Eco-Logical environments that will support new homes for the people, trees, grass and animals that will then be able to live in those new environments in some kind of natural balance. Sign up Now.

The Rediscovery of the Ark

It is very much like the Myth of the Ark which is like a little seed that was planted a very long time ago. Taking responsibility for impending world events. All the warnings have been in place for a very long time. Saving Endangered Species is what this is all about. Two by Two onto the Ark. What do you think that means? Those are Breeding Pairs that have been carefully selected for the journey.

We don't know how long we may have. You Do the math. We may not be able to just kick back and watch it all happen.

We may have to be the ones who have to make these things happen. We do it all one step at a time. When we are ready to get ready and stay that way we will be ready to get ready. 

It is time to start right here in the community which is a big enough vision in itself for some to be content with what remains of a short lifetime.

But that is more of a new beginning and not to be seen as being an end in itself. That is just one of many new beginnings. Some greater in scope and some smaller as you would normally expect to find in a forest full of Trees.

Welcome to the Earth

This is not some city street. We live in a world of expanding possibilities out here in the light of day. And this does expand exponentially here folks and continuously in all directions. So you might want to hold on for dear life, and don't come a knocking, when this planet starts a rocking.

We are like the Salmon who must be able to swim upstream before we die.

Every jump counts. You must make each one to make it up to the headwaters. I do hope you are all strong swimmers. And then we will breed and seed leaving this immense vision to the next generation to carry on with, but they will not be able to make much out of a whole mess of mush and fluff out of the sixties so we will have to present them with an integrated plan.

Creating the new children who are raised up within this new understanding that very much parallels The Vision of the Ark is an ongoing part of this project.

We need to raise our children in a way which supports their swiftly becoming ready to carry on with this vision to Save the Earth by taking it back from those who would sell us all out, and by transplanting huge clumps of it on far away planets. Otherwise we have no reason to expect them to believe unless we refuse to give up and give in to the powers that be.

Endangered Species

Saving life on Earth. Saving Endangered Species. Personal Vision meets Collective Responsibility. To prepare to do so well in advance is the secret of our great success. We are all Endangered Species here and all the warnings are in place.

This is what was needed for us to know. And now we can see that it has been delivered. And right on time. Life must be passed on now or it will die. That is the real message.

We will have to become fully able to pass that life on across the Bridge to our Childens Land. And in return we will have a life worth having and being and passing on to the  next generation.

Then we will be the ones who will have the great satisfaction of being able to do something worthwhile and to be able to offer something to our children and their children that will be worthy of our bold claim to being fully human.

Propagation. A long and rewarding future as creative beings who really do have almost unlimited potential. Life is Forever. And that is not such a bad dream to have.

Our Many Friends

The Trees and the other plants and Animals who have become our dear friends here are going to need our help very soon.

They are all so completely defenseless and they will be so dead and gone forever if we don't plan to bring them along under our benign care and competent protection. If not us, who? And if not now when? Because we are them at last and they are us again.

There will be no futures here or anywhere else except for the ones we create in mass abundance for our children to share.

We represent just one possible sustainable future for our community and all life on Earth. We can't turn our back on this one, and yet we must refuse to carry the load of thoughtless disregard. And so you can see that we do have a very real mission that is more than just an empty little mission statement that doesn't mean anything. This one really does mean something.

We may even be the Adams and Eves of this world and the next one to come which may be where this one came from to begin with. We truly are like a mythical people living in a mythical land and we now have a vision of mythical proportions to go with it and that is one that is fit to be lived through over and over again forever.

Universal Integration

We admonish others to begin the same project, to Save the Earth, but we may well be the only ones who make it all the way across just because we are among the first to begin planning for it in a meaningful and practical way while most all others are not even willing to consider the matter of any importance whatsoever. 

Well now you know why we say that Eden is a Village to Change the World and as such it may play a significant role as one of the first communities to align itself completely with the Vision of the Emerald Forest.

We truly are going to have the honor to stand with grace and dignity among the newly emerging Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest.

We now have well over 700 great big fat members in this group which is huge for any single community email group...

Thirty Five Dollars from each real member will give us something to work with over the coming year. We have not be slacking off here.  - T

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