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Adam and Eve
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Food is Freedom

Food is not a Thing that needs to be Hoarded. Food is a Process that needs to be Protected and that process is something that is alive, and that is something that needs to be set up and put into motion at our great expense, and then let go of, as a community that can feed itself from its own lands.

This is an Eco-Logical Work of Art that we are creating, that has little or nothing to do with the needs of the people to get their money out of it, because this work of art is never to be sold.


Freedom must be respected so people can eat in peace. But the land comes first and the land eats first. Same thing applies to the 70 homesteads around the rim of the valley.

They are spaced for maximum privacy and freedom. Both audio and visual privacy are best with the wide spacing system we will be using in Eden.

That's why we will all have to agree to build our homes right in the very center of each Homestead. Maximum freedom. Peace. Eco-Logical Integrity. Less damage to the environment.

The impact is more spread out to a degree that is much more tolerable to the land than anything you will ever see in the city. The Cabin goes directly behind that Main Home. Same reason.

Wide Spacing from your neighbors. All within a One acre Living Circle. The rest of the Homestead remains as it is except for the planting of Trees.

The Children of Eden will inherit all of this so we do want it to be good enough. Everything we are doing here is for the Children of Eden to be able to share with those they choose.

Eventually there will be no more homesteads left to give out to the people who want one. And that is once again for Eco-Logical reasons, because the entire community does have its own Eco-Logical Footprint.

At that point the population will have begin to stabilize so we can live within our own natural limitations as is the situation with the grass and the trees and the deer and everything else which controls its own populations by competition for space and then breeding with those space limitations in mind.

The Earth does have a certain carrying capacity that must be respected. Look at a field of grass. Now count them. Look at the Trees in the Forest. Now count them. Not the same number per acre? But which one is better? No difference? No preference? Trees are better for some climates and grass is better in others. But the Trees support more life per acre and they support a much wider diversity, and that means much greater resilience, and so yes, we are partial to the Trees.

It is always best to put quality before quantity even in human settlements. Everyone knows that greed is bad, but no one has ever coupled that together with need, which is supposed to be good, for religious reasons.

Need and greed do not ever enter into the picture because neither one has any true value. We cannot build a house out of either one and we cannot feed the children with either one of them. They have no weight and they have no substance, and they have no positive functionality.


The ability to reproduce and to be able to manage the rate of reproduction is an important part of sustainable living. Where do the new people come from, and where do they go? Death is a big part of the system, so we have to sustain the birth process as well just to keep on keeping on.

We will plant many other good things here as well as people and homesteads and plants and animals. But they have to all fit together and not to be too demanding of all our resources.

I am just the humble organizer of this project not the Head of the Human Family by any means.

I am just another one of the Children of Eden just like you may be and all those other fine people out there who might like to be counted among the True Friends of Eden one day.


Permaculture is about making things easy by working with the natural flow of things. The idea is to set up a balanced food producing combination that just keeps on working.

It's actually a very smart way of doing things the easiest way possible which is by combining things in the most brilliant way and making natural decisions based on Eco-Logical thinking.

We may even choose to work largely with native plants that don't need that much attention even if they are not as good to look at. Same with people.

We will usually want to use the kind that are already well suited to the environment and don't have a lot of problems putting their roots down and getting along with all the others.

Not all the plants can be like some of the towering old Oak Trees.

We will work within the natural priorities we find to hold true in Eden and throughout the Americas.

The smaller plants that work with the bigger Trees will also be worked into this dazzling new concept that is both a brilliant new beginning and the bitter end of these pointless repetitions that have kept us trapped for too long already.

There will be many Trees in Eden. And a lot of other plants that are both useful and beautiful will be welcome to join us as long as they aren't too invasive or dominating, and the collective domination by the oppressive nature of the dictatorship of the status quo is a very real kind of domination that we must learn how to avoid by not feeding into the violence.

Deep Listening

The power of numbers will take us all down to the ground. We must disengage from the rage and all that is merely numerical, because none of that is real.

When you want to know what the last digit of the hexidecimal version of Pi is, you don't ask for a consensus of opinion on the matter, from the scientific community. You leave that open as an unknown if you cannot solve the problem, and you admit to failure and must pay the price of one bag of brown rice to the poser of the question.

How many people agree does not ever really matter. Both the world of politics and that lazy lying lapdog media stranglehold upon this nation are both powered by the deceptive power of numbers and that could be our downfall.

The one will lie and cheat and rob us all out of our fair share of the Truth, just to get the most votes.

The other one will do the same thing just to get the most eyeballs on those indoctrination screens of mass mediocrity.

The environment is becoming more self organizing and no amount of agreement or disagreement can ever change that, so we don't need to cave in to the power of numbers any more, because that is like having no place for the Unknown Truth to prevail which is the very nature of the magnificent place where we all live.

The Earth Truth is learning how to think about itself and how to know and how to understand itself through people like us who have made themselves available to the Earth Spirit which is now becoming what it has always been, by deep listening and responding with real action on the core level, which is where this whole project really comes from.

Life is becoming way too limited here on this one small planet where it has been confined for a very long time now, because these men, and women it seems, do not want to let their children go.

It has now begun placing it's highest hopes on some of it's own home grown children who alone do seem to have an integrated natural vision of a life that could be the beginnings of truly Universal New Life that might not ever have to end until it really is over.

Children of Eden

We who are the Friends of Eden are the Children of the Earth. We are now being asked to begin to start becoming an active part of this process. And not to continue being dragged along like the little children we may have been brought up to be.

What should we do? This is a very easy choice because there really is no other choice out there but to choose just to choose. Otherwise all our choices will have been made for us.

Living in Eden

We are living within something that just now has largely reached its full potential for further growth and development without our help.

Every mountain has been wooded up about as far as it is going to go. It has reached its limit.

We call that the Tree line. But now instead of trying to push that up inch by inch every ten thousand years we must prepare to make the next move in an entirely new way.

The Oceans have already topped off in terms of the amount of life they can support. Now due to our negligence that has begun to drop off dramatically.

The Ancient Forests have topped off. They went as far as they can go. Now they are dwindling fast and may never return since the climate is changing right out from under them.

Life must continue to keep on growing. Otherwise it will die. Life must be passed on or it will die.

We now know that we are not all to remain as just innocent bystanders in this world. We are fully implicated and we have been given a mission.

This is our mother planet. And now she needs our help to bridge the gap that she can not otherwise ever bridge in time for the great escape could be way too late.

We who have become her greatest threat now must become her strongest and most responsible allies who can and will do what must be done.

The Earth wants us to begin to take on some of the many responsibilities for making more and more of the decisions affecting the Future nature of life on Earth and a whole lot of other places, most significantly to reach the far away shores of Chamonix which are beyond the sea.

We can only do this by saving the entire web of life and bringing it with us to the farthest reaches of the Universe and then back again which will complete the cycle.

We are just now becoming more able to do things that we could never do before.

At a younger age we would have been quite useless. But we have made great progress especially in the last 65 million years which has brought us all tremendous change. But that was all paid for and earned with a lot of hard work and we did have to go the extra mile.

It is likely that we have been here since the very beginning when this planet was first seeded with life one way or the other.

We have paid a huge price as there were many who have died. But we can take some solace in the fact that not all that has not been lost for nothing.

Now the vision of what it is that we must do stands before us like our first view of the Earth from outer space which we all must have had at least a glimpse of before we got here.

We now know what it is that we are here to do and this may combine with a very necessary return to the source which becomes very necessary every couple of hundred billion years.

Full Scope

We are now able to see a little more of the wilder vision of what real life is really supposed to be all about. What it really is all about might be of some slight concern.

Only just now are these things becoming possible for us to begin to fully understand.

We are all so deeply implicated in this that there is no way to forget about it without burying our heads in the sand. Or playing the blame game.

What Really is Next?

Most people are still not even ready to begin to hear what comes next, both here in the Americas and throughout the world. But we really do have something to begin with here.

We have heard the call to begin to open up some of these new questions without stopping them all up with too many answers.

I don't know if you can all find your own ways of relating to these ideas in a constructive manner but you will have a chance.

This really is a little bit more than just a bundle of collective self interests taking matters into their own hands again by the laws of action and reaction by the power of numerical supremacy.

What we are doing here is actually quite the opposite of what we see all around us.

We are not just shopping around for partners in the further exploitation of the Earths last remaining resources.

A few acres left to grab is not what this is all about. We've already done that. We've already got that. What we are doing now is going to be more like planting a thousand Trees.

We are the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest.

Getting to know each other will begin to happen to a certain extent right here on the web. But then that must go over into action and meeting up with the others in prime face to face time.

New People can't expect immediate acceptance until they have introduced themselves a little bit first and said some good things. That is just to make the way clear and then to keep it clear. That is our first job.

Say some good things. Make a good place for yourself in this way and maintain your standing in good standing just like it would be if you had a job that you worked for the greater good, that you were hoping would go over into becoming a paying job.

Show us what you consider to be worthy of this community so we will all have something to go by. Even if it's not what you are really like.

Maybe you can help change the world and become what it is that you really do want to be once you find out what it means to be free from the crippling store bought opinions of the status quo. If not that could pose a very serious problem.

I will try to do what I can. Other people have helped out some. Come to the meetings and see if you can help out. We may have some work parties up at T's place. Make a contribution. Make a difference. Get clean and become Treen.  - T

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