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Because it Takes a Whole Village

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Eden is very organic

Nothing is ever going to be carved in stone here in its full entirety. But there are a few things that could be better understood. Community is not about having. You can't buy it and you can't negotiate for it. Community is a doing thing that has to be earned.

Real membership in the community needs to be proven on many different levels before we can call anyone a real member just like it would be with any of the tribes of native peoples around the world. No one is instantly approved of as a full member with the backing of the full faith of that community upon the very first day of their arrival.

Keeping it Real

We do have a high sense of aesthetics and good Eco-Logical Design and we know what looks right and what feels right in the natural world and the way people approach this community has to be right too because we can tell when it is not right.

People should be neat and clean and have good words to say and something real to contribute to this project. The need for more information or merely to be the center of attention, does not constitute a contribution.

We do have to consider peoples needs for a certain amount of personal space to have the feeling of freedom and to be able to do their best. We don't think it's natural for people to be living separately from the natural world or to think that they exist independently of the community. That being said we do think people need a lot of personal space, and we do support their personal development as whole and complete human beings.

We don't believe in completely disconnecting from the modern fantasy world of artful manipulations either where every kind of gimmick that is often just another unique deviation from beauty and that which is just a disconnect with truth is always thought to be a brilliant new creation just because they cannot distinguish one thing from the other, due to wrong education.

Human Scale

We must learn how to play a very central role in the unfolding of some of the still missing aspects of a normal human life without alienating everybody so we do have a thin line to walk sometimes which leaves no room for Truth or Freedom.

We are among the new creators here in Eden of a new scale of living called Human Scale Integration. And we will continue to exert more than just a small influence on this small planet that we have found ourselves born within and we may even have a new and influential role to play here.

What Eden Is

Eden is not going to be a place where you put your money in when you come and then just take it out when you leave. That would be a bank. This is about creating a whole new way of life and that is about good energy put into something that will outlive all of us as a way of giving something back. We are all going to be like benefactors for a better world.

This is not an investment opportunity any more than you can expect to be able to cash in on the investments of time and the energy you may have put into raising your children right. Sometimes some of that does come back. But your place in any of the native tribes is not something you can just buy and sell at will, and most of it is to be given freely with no expectation of reward outside of the Honor System, where it is said that honor is its own reward.

These basic understandings are already set up here just to protect the integrity of this emerging community. It is not about trade offs and negotiated settlements. 

We are certainly not about business as usual here in Eden. Or supporting all the existing pre-expectations that one might think would need to be propped up indefinitely. That would only be a one way street right back to the world that we came out of and a reproduction of a system that just doesn't merit that much of our attention since it is already becoming obsolete right out there on the street, where an entire new dominion is coming into power. 

Easily Come By

Some people do want to be able to know that they can get in and get out of this thing very fast. That easy come easy go policy comes from an overly simplistic way of thinking, but that this is like a sell out to those of us who really have made the full commitments of time and energy that will be needed to save the Earth.

All the children do need to learn what it means to become a self sustainable part of the larger Community. That's about self reliance. It's about growing up and becoming one of the True Edenites with Grace and Integrity.

We have seen things happen where some people tend to become upset over not getting their way about some little thing. And then they want to go stomping out the door making a lot of noise. Please don't feed into that.

We are committed to all humans achieving absolute freedom. That's why we say that the door is always open. But please don't slam the door or leave a mess inside for others to have to clean up after and that does include bad feelings that are used to poison the environment and ruin our habitat.

Walk lightly into Eden. Harmlessness. We do no harm to Eden.  T is in a position of representing Eden. Those who try to destroy T out of the rampaging spirit of resentment and revenge, are going to be seen as being willing to harm Eden.

There will be some people who would like to invade our space. Naturally. And we must be willing and able to handle some of them. And you must all be willing and able to help us to handle it. Because it has been found that we have all become deeply implicated in some of this.

We cannot expect people to remain impractical dreamers for too long. We do have a little more than just a sweet little dream here. And you could even say that we've got the beginnings of a fairly well integrated vision, that is well grounded and well sourced. And so we do need to have some way to control some of these predictable losses from theft so that we can survive long enough to be able to implement this emerging vision of Truth on Earth.

Voluntary Solidarity

We want to make it clear that everything that has been built in Eden will be left in Eden. That is what the understanding is. That's what membership really means here. We stand with Voluntary Solidarity. No one is allowed to poison the pot. The Waters must be kept clean. The Lands must be kept clean. The Homes must be kept clean. The Forests need to be kept clean.

A New World

Eden is emerging in human scale. And that means we feed one person at a time. The Earth Eats First. Eden eats first. Self comes last. This is how we all must live. This is something that we can only add good things to, that have been approved of by consensus council, not to take things away from. If there may be those who have nothing to add to it or would rather not add anything then do they should not expect to take anything away from the experience. These are the things we all must live by.

The Age of Dependency is over. We saw the fall of the Soviet Union. 1991 marks a new beginning, and the rise of Eden. We are just the humble contributors to Eden, and to the Earth, and not just more of the worldwide dependents of doom and gloom.

You would never allow someone to take back a major contribution to a political party long after it had already been given would you? And that is all we are really doing here in Eden.

Some may have been sniffing around a big wedding cake here in Eden. And it truly is a grand and beautiful wedding that we had in mind for those who would like to participate. Only we are all going to be expected to become one of the contributing members this time and are not just here as pointless onlookers or as thoughtless wedding crashers as it may have been in the past, when we may have tried to remain non-committal and lost the Earth.

We already have this much in place. And a lot more is coming too. And that makes some people want to act up a little. But please don't bring that kind of bad energy to the wedding feast. That would only be a disruption of the kind and elegant proceedings of Graceful Restoration Processes.

We will all have to marry up with Eden one way or the other. But Eden does not marry up with just anybody, for Eden is never to be given in marriage nor is she ever taken as a bride. That is the big secret of all life on Earth. That is how it all works. We are members of our own Home Tribe. We support our Tribe. But our Tribe is not all about us, as individual people, nor would we be allowed to sell it out, even if we could.

Why isn't Eden all enamored of us like our Mothers used to be? Because it has its own place in the Universe to consider and an even larger community called the Emerald Forest which in turn serves all Life on Earth which it serves and supports as well and which we all must uphold as being central in Eden, just like the Tree of Life was Central in the Garden.

Eden cannot even be expected to see some of these people who may be of little concern to the Earth and the whole Web of Life which is our main center of focus, since they may have not yet become anybody, and may never have the chance to distinguish themselves.

Something True

It all belongs to the whole Community. It doesn't matter what it is whether it's on the homestead or in The Village or on a Farmsite waiting to be planted. It's all part of what we are putting into Eden. And all of Eden belongs to Eden and to nobody else just like the feathers that belong to the bird.

Eden is a well designed system that has a quality that will allow us to change with the natural conditions in which we are growing this fine and elegant new Tree of such great beauty and exciting potential and that is growing so wildly out of control that it could even threaten a lot of big city folks' misconceptions about what is possible without them.

Eden is Beyond Paradise, it is Beyond the Sidewalks, of Doom and Gloom, and it is Beyond the Dreams and Delusions of social mis-conformity, and those who keep the blinders on long after the time for that has passed.

I hope you don't mind the extremes like the cold wind blowing through the Trees from time to time or the Hot Sun. This is just the power of the spirit of Eden blowing through the canyons of Truth and the Solar Power Supply beating down upon us, that it is as vibrantly alive now as it was ten thousand years ago, when Eden may have been first discovered by native peoples.

You may choose to step forward to give your gifts or not. Something like this is to be made from many contributions. But you never try to use that as a wedge or a bargaining chip to force and to destroy all opposition, and to get your way in Eden, through the manipulation of the weak, and the mindless power of numbers, and that is about the compounding of ignorance, and playing the crowd, for ones own personal advantage.

Self Sufficiency

Things that are given and that are meant to be given will be given. Nothing else will even be accepted. There are limits to how much we will take.

We could use a few Angels, but we can't let mere people buy power in Eden because it is not for sale. 

Most people know that they owe so much now for all that they have already been given that in an entire lifetime they could never do too much. And even if they could they wouldn't know how to go about plugging in to the right community. But we do know how and we are going to do just that by focusing our intentions and multiplying them in Eden.

Common Cause

It doesn't take an amazing genius from Hollywood to figure some of this stuff out. It all works by common sense and for a common cause.

We are not the usual bunch of impractical dreamers you might have become accustomed to falling in with where you can easily hold sway over the crowd with some dazzling showmanship. In Eden nobody is taken in by such things.


Everything we need flows through our open hands every day. This is not a secret. Ordinarily, most of our money is just going to waste big time every week. But here we are really going to be doing something real with that and for some older people that may really be the most important thing they can do with some very limited financial resources they may have found themselves saddled with at this late stage in their short and almost meaningless lifetimes. Now it's time to give something back or to pay it forwards, before it's Game Over time. Let's play a new game we can all feel good about. But you only get out of it what you put into it. Support this community

Go ahead and write that check. Write up a great big fat one and prove that you really can be somebody. Surprise us all. That is something maybe that you really can do in all humility, that really would make a real difference.

Make your choices known. Tell us what you want to do for this community and who you want to be within this community. One woman from Germany told us she wanted to grow up to be the president. We are always glad to hear all about that. Become who you deserve to be. This really is your big fat chance to become your real bad self and to get accepted as such.

We are not going to sever any of our connections here. We use them all.

We do think outside the box. We do build outside of the box. But we are not burning all our bridges here, like all these native peoples who are flocking to the city slums from their forest habitats all over the world, only to find that they have sold out for money and lost their way in this world.

That is still our Mother Culture out there and we do still remain on good speaking terms with all of our friends in the natural world. And we are certainly not about destroying everything in a spasm of self dependency and greed. That would not be Eco-Logical.

She is not going to be reviled and hated here in Eden. Not as a means of venting a lot of bad energy, which is what some people do just to create some space for themselves everywhere they may go. Those who need that should go someplace else where that is all being staged for immediate consumption. But we are going to be disengaging from all of that and changing a few things very gradually from inside the box, which may one day have some broader implications outside the box.

I am sure you have seen this kind of thing in action before. You may have wanted instant change in return for nothing. But nothing can really change until the time is right for something. It all works in some of the same ways that we are all quite familiar with along with a few new things that may seem to be quite new and even revolutionary.

Taking care of this land

That is what Stewardship is all about. In return you will find that you have been very well taken care of here in Eden. In Eden we do things right. For long term sustainability.

This is not just about servicing peoples needs and then you die for nothing but feeding into resentment and revenge. It's about what we can do with the resources we already have or can reasonably generate just by making a few adjustments to the flowing waters that surround us all. It comes down here and it flows out there. Unless we divert that flow back into Eden it will go to waste on need and greed.

We create good things for good people. We create these things for you so you can live the way we think people should be able to live. Not like the life that has been offered to so many and all in exchange for nothing.

We had something better in mind. And that is going to be both a very long and meaningful life that does have a certain amount of Freedom built in as part of the outcome. But with greater Freedom comes greater responsibility.

Personal Responsibility

What would you pay for an extra 10 years of your life? Well some people as I have predicted will definitely live to be 103 years old before they will be ready for a green burial in Eden.

People will tend to live longer in Eden and your quality of life will be that much higher as well. A low impact burial among your friends in your home land tops it all off the way it should be and costs a lot less.

How it Works

All we have to do is to stand back and watch this whole thing grow into its fullest fruition out of the naturally creative energies that normally flow right through us every day.

These energies are safe when used as directed and actually compound when they are integrated like this into something even better than any of us have even begun to anticipate.

The power of the vision

If people have a chance to do what's in them it just happens because everyone is in support of that. There is some need for some control by any angry crowd, but then let that be dropped because we do not want to get caught up in that are not all fully self responsible people yet who can be trusted yet in Eden. There are newborns, and there are younguns.

Some are old and some are young. Some are differently abled. Some are creative and can quickly understand other creative people. Others may be more practically minded and just like to do things in a very physical way with other people on the land and they may not want to have to deal with any new ideas.

We are not all the same

Just the opposite of what you might expect. Everything is supposed to be only one way and that is the wrong way. That is what we have wrongfully been taught. But here everything works all different ways which is more true to the real world.

Everything changes and everything is still going to remain the same. We must all accept that. Don't expect instant results to be produced merely for your benefit. One thing becomes another just by becoming what it is for the first time ever. We are just planting the seeds of real life here on Earth as you would expect to find it anywhere else in the Universe, which is in balance. 

Nothing is Ever Wasted

We go way out there with some of this and then it all comes all the way back home again just to see who is still with us. Take this any way you can, but do not have an abreaction based on a preset of expectations that came out of the sixties.

We will still work with many of the same assumptions that we are all very well accustomed to being saddled with as well as dropping a lot of the old stuff that we don't really need and then we can always pick it up again later on when we may be able to find some new use for it because everything has some value, even some of these worn out old slogans out of the sixties.

We have a whole new thrust going on here, and that is based on some Truly Eco-Logical principles, for the first time ever, so let us not be afraid to move beyond some of these old parameters, of social acceptability, that had not yet been grounded in the Earth and Integrated in Truth.

A lot of things are fairly well known and commonly misunderstood. We know how things tend to work already. Some new things it is true can be added on to it but not too much at any one time.

Some small things can be taken away like some 300 to 500 people who may have chosen to disengage from the main pool of the Dominant Culture. But not too much at any one time can be changed so we do have to ask people to respect that.

We may be able to cut a little hole in the box but not too big so don't expect miracles. Need alone does not make a very good home. What you give here you will get back in many ways. But you give one thing and then you get back another.

Eco-Logical trade offs are not always in the form of negotiated settlements. We don't want to make any lateral moves as a lateral move is one that has no energy potential. People will keep their own money in Eden. But we sit on our money. We don't spend our money on useless junk. Energy and all Resources need to be reserved.

We only do things out of a great wealth and potentiality that we just cannot spend on most of the things that have been offered to us by a world that is going nowhere and doing nothing for the most part that compares that much with Eden. 

We would really rather be putting our energy into something new and unknown than to support the exploitation of the Earth and its peoples we see going on everywhere else we look.

What feels Right

Support your own people. Don't invest in some death trap. Don't spend your money on keeping up with the rat race. And don't try to take the lead on us here until you have learned to integrate your self into this project as one of those who can be counted on to uphold the vision and to back the Truth of  this emerging community with the full faith of your own personal energies and resources.  - T

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