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A Growing Consensus

We now have over 700 people in our email group which is just the first step for many of us towards becoming more involved in this project. But that is just the beginning.

We do have the beginnings of another group which is called the Eden Work Group. That should be made up of those people who feel very strongly in a positive way about this and want to get more deeply involved in some of the work involved with the creation of this community.

How that will work

We will talk more about in the new group, as this new group begins to form. But we do need to actually hear from people in some real depth first in the regular group before they can be moved forwards into the WorkGroup, which is only for the more committed people.

Coming to a few of the Lodge Meetings would be one thing. Subscribing to the Journal is another. Coming to the some of the events we go to as a volunteer might help. Going on some of the hikes up into the Middle Eel Wilderness would be good. Joining us on the tours to other communities in the area would help. Making a generous contribution of about thirty five dollars would be a good start. We can only work with your contributions.

Starting your own personal account at the Permaculture Credit Union would be good. Maybe even making a big donation to the seed fund of $1,500. into our account which is number 385. That will get you in as a member of the Stewards Council.

These are all things that should follow a certain amount of participation within the main group first, and coming to the meetings is no small thing.

True Spirit

It is time now for us all to come out of hiding in the spirit of cooperation. This world is run by the people who show up. We will each have to prove ourselves here for some time before people begin to recognize that you are for real in a good way and you really are one of those among us who can be counted on to be there and to do some good things for this project.

The Key

A one time appearance is not going to be that exciting for anybody although we have had some big talkers here. Even when it's all very positive and cooperative sounding we will run our own soundings on that. Bring something good to say and be here among us in a friendly manner. And then don't expect too much back. That is the Key.

Truth Talk

We are really not interested in anything less than the very best you have to offer. If you are new to all this and don't know what this is about then that is your responsibility and not somebody else's to learn about it for yourself. We will create the openings as the people show up. We do want to hear from all who may have a contribution to make. We can't do this until everyone is on board with us, and down with the program.

I can only work with the resources you send me. Just like any Tree, Eden can only use the water and the light and the other resources that the various people may bring to me. We all need to find a way to become a valuable part of the resource base of this project. And we do value Human Resources but we can't allow ourselves to be taken in by a half way showing.

Complaints and disagreements are of no value. All here must soon begin to understand that it only works by your own finest work and most generous contributions.

Full cups all around

We will all have to show that we're willing to do whatever is necessary to make this thing work. Nothing is taken in trade for Eden. Not a negotiated settlement. Not in exchange for anything. This is not some wall street corner where people can barter and trade the future of the Earth on the market like a big blue commodity. We are not here to play dice with the Universe.

I know this all may sound very impressive but we actually do have to have a much larger resource base than you might think. A crowd of people does not constitute a real community. Not until it has become integrated and stepped up to its full potential. What we do have is a nice beginning.

Positive Change

We use Positive Action here in Eden and it's not always going to be about the many questions new people usually do have.  Because it does require a lot more from us than anything that we already know.

What works

Why not listen and learn to build our own way as we go on our way through this forest. Do not be afraid of the Truth. It will not bite unless there is a clear sign of fear and possibly even betrayal that may be coming from a recklessly thoughtless disregard for all that is good and right or even just a bad case of cowardice which may be taken as a sign of guilt by any who are worthy of taking their rightful places here among us.

Eden has to be earned, it is not going to be signed sealed and delivered before enough people are ready to start taking responsibility for the more than just their own small part of the whole thing.

We do expect a see the signs of a little more solidarity and a little less mediocrity, even with things that we don't all agree with. That's what real solidarity is all about. And that is a hand extended with something real in it not just a request for things that have not yet been earned.

What to do

We will all have to learn to become of some real value here and a little more independent of our own personal control issues before we can move forwards into the workgroup which is for long term proven members only at this point. But do let us know if you feel you are ready to learn and to grow more than you ever have in your entire lifetime believed would ever be possible. This is about service not just say so. I do hope enough people know the difference. But we never do anything here until the people are ready to move on this.

What we are doing is building a large enough Resource Base to do something I think is badly needed at this time, to build a place that represents a working set of values that can be launched into action. We call that Edenism in action.

We work with what is True here without any fear. People do have to be willing to accept some of the basic working principles of Eden. It has a lot to do with how things work in the real world which is the natural world. We will have to be able to learn from nature, and not just from the usual authority figures, that  most people are still looking for.


Existing systems as we have said would not be dropped until they have been more than adequately replaced with new systems just like a house. You build a new house and then you move into it. Where you are living in the mean time is of very little concern here. If you can't live with all the systems that are already in place you will not be ready for Eden. Later on we may have a special place for such people. But during the first 10 years, we do need to remain focused on pulling together mostly able bodied and clear minded people who are capable of making a real contribution.

Please don't bust up our stuff. All real issues will be dealt with in a kind and friendly manner, within the spirit of the Honor System, and we always try to work within the natural order of priorities, which is to maximize true justice, and to minimize injustice.

We do sometimes attract many people who are well known and even some of the most brilliant of a whole new breed of Eco-Luminaries may one day come trouncing our way. No Problem. We will all have a chance to take a shot at these late comers who will all to try to invade our sanctuary.

There may eventually be some of  those who would like to be among a whole circle of leaders in collaboration but we all must learn to get into cooperation with the vision of Eden, before any of us can set up shop in Eden because trying to rob us blind is considered to be a cheap shot and that will not be respected.

The Magic of Eden

We have taken some of you on some of the hikes and into the very True nature of the project and now it is time to give something back. But my time and energy is limited and you will have to be willing to make a contribution first. I can't take care of everything all at once. And much of that is not part of what I have taken upon myself to do.

There is no place for unfriendly voices or bad seed in among the good and that is why we must all learn to uphold the true nature of this project, so that we may stand in complete Solidarity when the voices of dissent try to tear us all apart.

If what I am doing here does not fit with the expectations of a few new people that may be because it actually is a very real project that belongs to its own self, and because it is not just another remake from the past.

We must all learn how to join in to become a part of the positive energy building process.

Dominator Culture

Neediness will not be accepted as any kind of contribution whatsoever and that has no weight and that has no value.

It is no small thing we have begun to set into motion. I am glad you are at least partly in on this with me at this relatively early point in time. But if you are inactive you might as well not be here at all until you have been properly activated. All must try to respect the guided process that could only be called Collective Integration my good man.

It is even more difficult for me than it is for you so I hope you can realize that I do need to know that I have your complete support and that freely given. This is our contribution to the world.

We don't look for problems that don't really exist. We already have enough real ones.

Human Scale

We can only expect each one who is worthy, to stand in Unity with the vision, don't you know, as it has been put forth, and then it will continue to become, what it was meant to be, when the time is right for that, and that is how the magic of Eden works.

Our plan is not entirely incomprehensible. We just need to know we have a large well integrated group of people that will be quite capable of adapting to the changing conditions that should be expected by the spirit of voluntary cooperation. That is what we are building up to right now and that is how we are different from some of the other guys.

We expect people from around the world to continue to express their deepest heart felt interest and support and to join our growing network. We do it all with your energy.

Everything that is as full sized and yet Human Scale as Eden is does need to have an even larger resource base of friends and those who have been following this work right here in the Americas, and from around the world, need to phone home.

Eden is extensive in its own right but it is to become just one very significant part of a vastly superior Network of Sustainable Communities that could one day be called The Emerald Forest of Sustainable Communities.

People who Believe

What it is that we are doing is not to be limited to just being about those who want to be able to live in Eden. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Eden is for Good People. Life is too short to drink bad wine.

We may have much more to share with an even larger group of truly good sized people than many have even begun to realize, and that of course would be wasted on those who are unable to appreciate anything but plugs and fillers and empty place holders.

Once we have reached a certain Critical Mass of quality and quantity, then our possibilities will become enormously well integrated.

Eden is just a small part of a larger Global Vision of Universal Integration.

Eden is for the Children. We are all children in Eden. Bring your people. Bring your land. Bring your seeds. Bring your eggs. Do your Best. Forget the rest. The Status Quo may never know, which ever way we may never choose to go.

Eden is about Freedom

We are the Free People who cannot be pegged down to anything. We are the Tree People. It is our job to take care of the Earth. Eden is the name of the Earth. It is not just a valley somewhere. The Earth is part of the larger Universe and that has been named Truth. The Emerald Forest is at the Heart of the Earth. Eden is just a part of the Emerald Forest.

It is our job to protect the Web of Life as we may find it throughout the Universe and now we must begin to rise to the occasion, and to claim the responsibility that has been set in motion, for us to undertake something that is so well worth while. But people are expected to speak from the right place who do choose to respond and to share with us something good that they may have to offer in some great depth.

Eden is The Earth as it once was. Eden is the Earth as it will be. Eden is a vision of Mythical proportions that we have begun to put forth upon the web. Eden is here to play a key role in the continuation of the Web of Life, both here in the Americas and our influence for positive change will extend out in ripples into a whole lot of other places as well, around the world and beyond.

The Universal Gather Site

Ask your questions. Earn those answers. Offer your assistance. Do your best. Do feel free to reach out to the very best of your friends who may wish to join in with our uniquely outspoken main email group at first and in that way you too may be found worthy enough to be welcomed into the work group where you could become a very real part of the process.

There is a Universally accepted Global Landing Site for the return of the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest that has been set up planet side in case the web of life goes down, by the Pleiadeans right here on the Earth, for your traveling convenience, and it is at Longitude -123, and Latitude 38. You may wish to check that out on Google Earth.

The exact times we will meet in case of a collapse, and after the End Times are over with, will be those of the Equinoxes, and of the Summer Solstice every year.

Eden really is a Project for local people here to be able to Save the Earth without hardly trying, but you do have to be able to find the place, from outer space, before you can be properly recognized, and then you may be given permission to land before you run out of gas and crash. - T

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