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Because it Takes a Whole Village

Adam and Eve
Starry Lake

The Secret Life of the Universe

 Nothing is Safe. We may even have to take some chances, if we ever hope to escape, from the washouts and the fadeouts which are the very worst of the impending consequences, of the Global Environmental Crisis.

We just happened, to be the only ones, who have the real ability, and the real inclination, and the real interest, to actually focus clearly enough upon this whole thing, that should concern everyone on Earth.

When you look around, you can see that, there are not too many others out there, who we can depend upon, to help us to take care of any of this as fully committed coworkers and partners until the bitter end.

Why do we respond, so whole heartedly, to this vision, when almost no one else, would even take the time, to consider the possible significance, of these words that have been left to us, from the olden times.

Maybe it was expected that it would travel all around the world just as it has, so that it would have the widest possible audience.

That may be why the material was planted, right where it was on purpose, just to make sure that it would reach all of us, in a form that would be readily understood.

We all have to be willing, to listen and to learn, without agreement, and to respond fully, to the call to action under the banner of Truth, which we all must become willing to lay our lives down and die for.

If we are going to Save the Earth, we are going to have to make some great personal sacrifices, which means the loss, of that fatal sense, of personal self importance, that we have to stop teaching to our children.

That comes from having been stuck, with premature emancipation, wrongful enrichment and an empty kind of freedom that comes with no personal responsibility, and no accountability whatsoever is ever going to be possible.

In the Tribe you have to earn it before you can burn it. You have to earn a full place in the Tribe, just like it is in any real community. That is the natural order of the universe that all must uphold.

Some of us are going to have to begin to take some responsibility, for the other brothers and sisters, who are like the littler children, in this extended family tribe of people, who are the People of the Emerging Ark of Truth, and that has to come together, into a very real series of relationships.

You really do have to marry into the whole family tribe, on many different levels, just so that we can keep on keeping on, without remaining dependent upon that which cannot be depended upon, and by disengaging from too much dependency, which is something that, we should already have begun to disengage from by now.

We should all be working to have our own place on the land, with resources that have been collected over a lifetime of service in honor to the Earth. Many of us may have already begun to Disengage, in many ways, on a more limited scale, with a little more self sufficiency.

We need more energy independence, and getting out of debt, and to grow some of our own food, and we may have even been working very hard to free ourselves just a little bit, from all these chains that bind us, and all these reigns that blind us, but now it is time, to pull that all back together again, into a well Integrated Ecological Package.

That could help us all, to move forwards, into a whole new world, that is Beyond Paradise, and away from poverty and we will enter into a world that does have all the extremes still in place, just like it is in the real Universe, where you do have to join us with a heartfelt contribution in hand, like some food for the hungry.

The Earth may well be a great gift, but it may not be for us to spend it. Our job may be to guard that treasure, as the Stewards of the Earth and the fully matured Web of Life that we are just a very small part of.

We just can not get excited, about the greatest number of manufactured products, for the greatest number of people anymore, as being the highest good, and the greater justice may not come from shoveling the same stuff at all the other people.

That is not what the Greater Good is all about anymore since a new page has been turned. More is not always better. That is why we must disengage, from all these empty platitudes justifying the continuation of thoughtless mass consumption, before we all get burned by the rotten stuff we learned.

If we are to survive the End Times, and plan to thrive, then we do need to get prepared, to make it through to the end, and that can only be done, as an Integrated Community, and that is something, that has clearly delineated limits on rights and responsibilities within The Honor System.

Let the Dove become the symbol, of our Faith in the rampaging success, of this bold new project, that we must be willing to accept, most heartily, as our own birthright, or die, if that is to be our destiny.

Our first oath of loyalty should be to the Earth, as a balanced ecosystem, and to the Web of Life, which now may need a bit of our attention after all this neglect. Not too many others can be depended upon to survive and to thrive, but our own people, and our own children.

We don't need to save every breeding pair on the planet and most of them will not want to go anyway. This really is going to be much more all about, the breeding and the feeding, of some our own good healthy human stock that works, regardless of the nuclear family model, which may now be obsolete for some.

If we do come to our senses, and admit to being implicated here, and having Tribal Responsibilities and then just proceed as planned, we will eventually be able, to make it through, the Global Environmental Crisis, as it has been foretold, and we will then be home, in time for the great celebration of the Restoration of the Earth Project which is to be taken up by all.

 It will be our job to take care of it this time, and to restore it back to perfect health, and to keep it that way, in balance, as all native peoples have done, only this time, we will be able to work, within the Natural Order of Priorities, and the Honor System, which lies at the very heart of this Community, which is at Peace with T.

We do have to expect some kind of a learning curve. We need people to get ready to do more than just what some may think is their own fair share. That would not be enough to do anything with. We do need to start building more of a cohesive group that could actually begin to go to work on the rest of this project.


We have already moved far beyond that point. We have already become One with the Spirit of Eden. And that goes way beyond the need for agreement. We are going to have to change if we are going to become a real group not like some of us may have been when we first came in from the cold.

We do need to move on from there and fairly quickly now would be not a moment too soon because the future will not always be there. I still extend a warm welcome to all who truly come in Peace and Good Fortune and with a great willingness to listen and to learn. And I am one of those people who I do extend a warm welcome to.

Goodness is Unexplainable

What better place to start but the Truth. But it should not be judged too quickly as it has been by so many who have mistaken Eden for something that they already know. Certainly the Intentional Community thing is something that a lot of people like to imagine that they already know all about. But even T doesn't know anything about this.

Give this vision some room to grow and you will see that it does have something very special which is what really is needed at this time for something to be able to grow into what it should have been a long time ago.

We are the Care Givers

We are giving life back to the Earth not consuming the last remaining resources. Things have to be given back. And that means to go beyond.

Things change. We have things to do. And we all need to find a way to join in with that. Now is your chance to become who you were never meant to be. That's what it means to be one of The Village People.

You have not been left out. Not yet anyway. What we need now is a cool new vision that is real enough to unite us all. One that is alive. Eden is for real. Give it all you've got. To hold back is to die. Especially for those of you who did want more out of life. We must support the growth and the propagation of this vision and we do so at our own great expense. Until the End.

Why all the new material?

 We do not always have to capitulate to the herd instinct, as we have all been taught to do just to keep from standing out from the crowd, because Eden must be built with all these things in mind.

That we give only when we don't have to give, unless there is a real loyalty issue that may come up to defend America from invasive outside intruders who may have come here to hack us to pieces, but otherwise we are a very peace loving people.

Some of us cannot even say that something is offensive, sometimes, even though it is, because we are so unsure of our own sense of self sensitivity that we don't even think we have a right to have a mind of our own.

This is due to Wrong Education and Thoughtless Disregard for the many who have died and all that was ever good and right.

Nobody here wants you to just come up with a knee jerk reaction about how you must conform to the herd so you will not stand out anymore, since T has now moved the whole movement forward one place.

Don't be a politician. I am not a politician. Don't vote for me. Although we may still have a huge influence upon the world from Eden. We should be thinking for others here in Eden and not just for ourselves.

Excess is usually bad. But what we are creating, comes from a good kind of excess like artistic creators who have an overflowing abundance of loving kindness to give, and not like victims who have lost their own self to the crowd and think they are obligated to continue with the payoffs and the bailouts and all the other forms of extortion, and dishonest dealings, which is not an appropriate use of our resources, because that would only be a case of Wrongful Enrichment.

No Deal, not where there is no connection with services rendered, and goods ewhere there is no consideration given to the  Eco-Logical exchange of resources and nutrients within the Honor System and the Natural Order of Priorities, that must become the underlying nature of our work here in Eden which is the oldest name of the Earth.

That would be in full accordance with the Honor System.

The Bailouts will only lead us much deeper into Ecological Debt. We need to learn to think long term like yesterday. Anything else would only be a bad case of the Dereliction of Duty, and I don't think any of us want to be found guilty of the gross Insubordination to the Self Governing Body,  which is the Web of Life, of which we serve.

The Web of Life comes first in Eden, and not just to even worry about a few dying individuals which are not really of any real concern to anyone on a primary level since there is nothing really wrong with that and we may now have much more important things to focus on. Let the others, clean up these little messes, who are too shortsighted to see the forest from the trees. We have one great big mess to clean up which is the Forest.

In the mean time all the millions of others who are without a better idea, will continue to focus on the easy stuff like Wrongful Enrichment, which not only happens at the top but that can happen at the bottom as well, and that is also killing the Earth.

They will keep shoving money at all the problems, at the top and the bottom which are both a huge threat to our survival.

We cannot stop that from happening because of wrong education where all the people have learned all the same things and not one of them has a unique idea of their own to speak of due in part to the dumbing down of America.

We must learn to Think Different.

It is necessary for us to focus on the Whole Web of Life, and the human policies and practices that are threatening it, as well as our own relationships with the natural world and the people within our own local Watersheds and Ecoregions.

We will consider all things by consensus, and we only action on something when we have the full support of the people and the energy is there for that, but I would like to hear more from people as committed members of this group who have made some small piece of the Truth, and who have fashioned a tool and made a real contribution to this project or at least do wish to roll up their sleeves and begin to do so now.

We can't expect all others in this group to care about the same things we do in Eden where many of us may choose to fly at a much higher or lower elevation, like T who may sometimes resemble a dead man, and I admit that I do get most of my best ideas from way down below the lines of social acceptability.

Blame no one. Take responsibility for your own bad self. And be willing to learn new things. That is rule number one. And if it is just a mainstream driven effort to conform to the feedlot mentality and the over bloated power of numbers, then that is probably not thinking deeply enough to win any awards from the Official Keepers of the Whole Web of Life and the Natural Integrity of the Universe, which thing I would like to think I am at least trying to represent.

We do have some very real concerns about feeding into any more of this unrestricted need and greed which has done so much damage worldwide.

The Earth is our Paradise Found, and it is worth more than all the need and greed in the universe.

We have overstepped our bounds. And we have allowed a lot of even more irresponsible people to overstep their bounds as well  and so it may be time now to put that raging fire out before we have all been consumed in flames.

It is time to get back on the path as humble warriors of the great restoration, and to stop selling consumerism to native peoples.

This is all new material. Neediness, for one thing, it might be said, should not be rewarded, as that may be the only way we can get a grip on the fascinating runaway ecological crisis, that is facing us right now.

This is a tremendously exciting challenge that we all must accept who really want to live our lives in an exciting new way that has purpose and that has the deep and lasting satisfaction of loving community.

A real place in a loving community like Eden, may need to be earned before it can be burned just like any other relationship where you can't break up with someone who you have never been with in a real and Truly Committed relationship, and that speaks to some of the attitudes we have seen expressed by some of the new people, who may have failed to make meaningful contact with any form of intelligent life in Eden.

Death should be something that we support within the Purely Ecological World that we all should be living in who prefer the Truth to all these fillers and plugs and empty placeholders. But it is not that way in the theological world, where you get the high five on the flip side so often, for absolutely nothing, so we do have to make some distinctions here.

Not surprisingly it is not that way in the political world, either, where the theological need to satisfy all needs is co-opted by dishonest politicians, just to get elected and to make huge amounts of money, at great expense to the Earth, since every dollar has deep roots in the Earth.

Every time you spend that bad stuff, on a bunch of fluff, that amounts to something like One Small Tree going down every time you spend one petro dollar. When you give a Trillion dollars away, even for a good cause, that could be seen as being the equivalent of taking down half of the Amazon Rainforest or something equally destructive, only spread out over the whole world, and taking that away from the native peoples who depend upon that and giving that away to someone else who will just squander that for nothing, and then in just a short time, you will still have an unsustainable and completely untenable situation in the place that got all the resources given that had been stolen from some other people who really did have a good working relationship with it, and that is what should have been protected and sustained.

When we think we are giving something that is just a number, it is not. That is usually some other peoples homelands that we are disposing of quite thoughtlessly in the name of a misplaced kind of generosity. Just because we have the money to spend, which may represent a thousand acres of rainforest, that doesn't mean we have a right to spend it, because that would be seen as being wrongful enrichment and quite a few other things like dishonorable conduct unbecoming to an ecologically sensitive person.

That is why neediness is something that should usually not be fed into. But there is a healthy kind of need that does work within our natural economy.

We might even be able to use need to get people to plant some Trees for instance. Plant a thousand Trees as it might be said and we might give you some really cool new solar technology or a good sanitary water supply system.

But if we keep supporting victims of religion and the politicians who profit from that we will only have more of them. That is what we have learned in Permaculture.

What you feed into is what you get more of. If you feed the feral cats, for instance, you will have more feral cats to feed, and this is what has not yet been understood.

That is why we support everyone becoming completely self sufficient all over the world, as we will be doing in Eden, and cutting back on the gluttony of unsustainable overpopulation practices that are the real root causes of global deforestation, and the impending collapse of the whole Web of Life which may be happening already.

Are there any concerns about any of these Truth Talkin' proposals that lie at the basis of this project? I didn't think so.

Eden is Different. We are not trying to do what everybody else is trying to do. Eden is a whole new vision of how a small group of committed people, or just regular people who should be able to become committed, could begin giving birth to a whole new ethic that is based on Eco-Logical Integration, and that has to be grounded in Truth.

My name is T and that stands for Truth. I am sorry if anybody is offended by any of this, and we are always glad to hear other view points that really are unique and have been well developed, but just to spit out the dictates of the status quo would probably not be very interesting.

Never expect to always find the same old repetitive things going on in Eden, that you may expect to find everywhere else, where the people really don't know what to do, and never will, since the clock is ticking and so we must act with a great deal of decisive certainty.

This is why I have provided a very clear basis for our further interaction on a face to face basis in Eden, and at the meetings, and on the Hikes, which is what all this voluminous material is really all about, so we will have something real to go on, instead of just a lot of tired old slogans from the media, which have all lost their power, and so I have come up with some new stuff which could tide us over, until we begin giving birth to many more beautiful things as a group, and go on to Universal Integration as One Whole Community in Eden.   

We are starting our own Global EcoVillage Network and we do have a Global sized Vision to go along with that. Not just to categorize some more things into lists and categories.

Putting labels on boxes and putting little boxes into bigger boxes. That has already been done and it does not make for a real community network.

 Nor is every community an EcoVillage either. What we are doing goes well beyond the expectations of the past. This is a very real thing and it does need to be understood by those of us who are capable of doing that. The rest can go about their business. As they say you are now free to move about the planet. 

Edenism 101a

You need to become one of the Edenites to make it real. And each will find their own place in this world even those who will have no place to call home due to political and economic changes brought about by the Centralization of Globalization.

Those who can not or are for whatever reason unwilling to try to integrate into this vision should not be bothered about this project. For that reason we say that the door is always open.

Food is Life

We don't always have to feed all the animals in the forest. Lateral movements of resources for no reason would only create problems later on when they keep coming back looking for more.

We don't go out of our way trying to get them to abandon their own natural habitat in favor of our many sumptuous plantings in Eden and a Life of Natural Integration and Perfect Abundance. Population Stabilization Now might be a good motto.

The Web of Life is a terrible thing to waste. It could even be said that this is only for those of us who really have been working towards something real and have been doing more than just sitting around waiting for paradise to be delivered to our front door steps.

Intentional Community

Without an integrated vision none of this will ever be good enough as you can see all around you. Something more does need to be done with all of this. It does need to go far beyond all of that which has been done before. And we are the people who have been chosen by ourselves to do the very important work that can only be called laying the groundwork for natural EcoLogical Integration.

New Life

There is much that will soon come out of all this new integration that will become seen as a welcome addition to this fine worlds great and massively huge history whose potential and perhaps even source extends far beyond just this one little planet.

Life is Universal. And it does get around normally. Sometimes it does seem to be stuck but it is not. If we have remained limited in our scope up until now that has been by our own choice. Unwilling to learn and you will burn. It will all burn.

The Meaning

The Meaning of Eden may be seen in many different ways. It's not just the few things that have been so easily misunderstood that have caused so many people to want to have their place in Eden turned into a piece of property that can be bought and sold. There is so much more than that going on here that I can hardly even begin to speak of it and so I must remain as I am which is almost speechless in reverse.

Of course you can never take a little piece of Eden and walk away with it. It's not a deck of playing cards that you can fling all over the room in a fit of anger. But how many would like to do that? More than you can count on one hand. And we will see this little game trotted out over and over again.

Like the Tribe of Indians who may have once lived in Eden, when one of them decides to leave, they don't take a piece of the valley with them as they can only take their own personal belongs with them out of respect for those who remain unified in Eden.

What does that tell us about the starting points here. We do not all start things off in the same way. Nor do we all move quietly into our places in order to usher in some of the positive futures that would be worthy of anyone to aspire towards and to commit to.

It is so difficult for some people to accept that they will now have to come back down from some of their initially hard held positions about who and what they thought they were supposed to be about and what they thought they were supposed to be doing in relation to this fine old planet that we now share in the protection and the propagation of which was not meant to be bought and sold to the highest bidder forever and ever.

That whole Wall Street Game was just a temporary part of the plan. It has worked for a while now. And now that we are through with it we can now let it go. Like any tool we may put it to rest. It no longer factors into our work here. We are Free to make better choices than we have in the past.

Self Interest Alone

This vision is the only one I know of that is big enough for us all to be able to move into and to share in and to become a part of the larger movement that we are also creating here out of and within the Pleiades EcoVillage Network which could become an active component of the EcoVillage Network of the Americas and the Emerging Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest.

We now find ourselves at the heart of the integration of a larger movement and that this vision is just the beginning of a whole new world of experience and understanding that is just now beginning to dawn on us all should just now become clear.

Eden is on the leading edge of a New Cycle in the midst of an Endless New Creation that has become self initiating and has always had a life of it's own.

What we are creating is a new kind of community that is not modeled after anything else I know of and that is Key. And that is what is so cool about Eden. Now we will have to begin to learn very quickly to become able to work with the existing new realities that will be dawning upon us all. But nothing will happen until we begin to disengage.

- T

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