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Intentional Communities have been a practical solution for how some of the most progressive people are now choosing to change the way they live in a changing world.

Sustainable Communities

This new breed of community is focused on the Ecological Revolution and the Restoration of The Earth. We are now carrying a Global Vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace to carry this great momentum we have been building in the Intentional Communities movement for so long now over into the new Sustainable Communities Movement which alone may be able to take us the rest of the way back to the Garden of Eden.

Why Now?

We now have a tremendous collective power that we could now begin to pull together to create a new and better world. The sheer numbers alone are changing our places within the larger culture making us into an even more significant portion of the population than we may have previously believed. And along with that new growth come new responsibilities. We now know how important it is for us to start taking measures to Save the Earth because this now lies in our hands.


Many of us aren't used to this new position of responsibility that we must now assume. We don't tend to trust authority figures except for experts. We tend to be very independent when what is needed now is to learn how to become more interdependent. We have tried to fit our lives into the larger mainstream society in such a way that we can still keep our own freedoms without sacrificing our own very unique and closely guarded personal ideals. Well done.


We don't need that much money to live on. And we don't need a lot of things to be happy. We tend to be very flexible in this way and we can adapt to almost any situation. And that means Freedom. We have already learned what some of the limits are in this way and so we have stopped expecting others to think like we do or to change to suit our needs.

We may have become a little bit too content to allow ourselves to be confined in this way to what usually turns out to be a much smaller circle of life than we really do deserve. These are some of the unnecessary sacrifices we have always been willing to make for our Freedom.

Cooperative Living

We are all very skeptical people as a whole and tend to be a bit mistrustful and definitely not willing to allow ourselves to be led around by any kind of leader. We want to use a Consensus Council which could offer us an alternative to some degree.

Community Spirit

Many of us feel we can never lose control and that can make us very difficult to integrate into anything that is truly new and alive with community spirit which is where this whole thing is going. And we all need to learn how to listen and respond effectively.

People in Collaboration

We don't like labels. We have seen what they can do and we have learned to distrust them. We know the time is here to join in with a lot of other fine folks in the creation of a Sustainable New Way of Life in a network of Sustainable Communities that span the globe.

But we just don't know how to go about doing that. Well it's a good thing there are people who can help us with that.

Consensus Process

That's part of the message we need to get out there to the few other people who not only still have the dream but are really willing to do the work that it takes to join in with us and grow along with the rest of us. If not us who? And if not now when?

Consensus is the main tool we have to work with and it needs to be used and refined until we no longer feel threatened by it and can use it with great skill and balance but that takes time. Until then all the other operating principles are still in play.

Personal Growth

We are moving past our own personal limitations. Who can we turn to for help? What do we have to do? Where do we get the information? How do we connect? Where do we go from here?

Who is going to take care of our needs from now on and how can we create more meaning and connection for all the people? These are just a few of the things that may come up. Some are good and some are not.

The Vision of the Emerald Forest

We do have one of the largest groups of its kind with well over a thousand members in it who are committed to sharing their goals and ideals and visions of creating the Sustainable Communities of the future.

We are in this way, linking up with some of the most interesting people and projects in this movement and that extends all over the world, which is all a part of a larger emerging vision of the Emerald Forest which is only meant to become a loosely knit Network of all the existing and newly forming Sustainable Communities that are linking up all around the world to Save the Earth.

Each community is seen as being a Tree in that Forest that we are now planting. Each Tree wour contributions known, because the whole world is watching, and it is now our turn to step out on the world stage and to start taking decisive action.

Life creates more Life by diversifying, and it does that by changing existingplaces, and turning them into better and better habitat, for all life to share.

Eventually a limit is reached.We have just about reached that limit now already, and now we may think we haveto try to exceed that limit by cramming more and more people together intosmaller and smaller cubicles, at great expense to the Earth, or we could dosomething quite different.

Life creates and expands upon its own new habitats all the time.We are that Life. We have changed the atmosphere. We have changed the climate.

We have changed the whole environment, so that the scope of life could beexpanded upon, and so that the dream of the future, could be fulfilled, whichmay not yet be ready to come to a brain dead stand still, and the hike up intothe highest mountains around does not come to an end, just because a few peoplemay have pooped out on us, and turned totally consumeristic, but not just yet, becausethere is still more work to be done, right here on Earth.

It may even be time now to startlooking around for a suitable broodmate for the Earth. But who will She choose?That is why it may be time, to begin to take it up to the next step, in thisvery old process, of constant regeneration, and the constant renewal, andregeneration through birth and death, that goes on regardless, as go throughthis one little lifetime as though that was all there was to worry about, whenthere are bigger things to focus on that our own little lives and our own littlepersonal ambitions, that may be imperative for us to begin to focus on, whetherwe like it or not.

We don't need to knock the old system down until we have thebeginning of a new system up and running.Life itself as we see it was not just found, ready to go, and it may not lastforever either.

There are limits. The Universe may go on forever, but the Web ofLife on Earth may not be so lucky, unless we begin to take the mostappropriately decisive actions to Save the Web of Life on Earth.

We are now standing among the first, of all those who will have survived, thefloods that have been caused by wrongful indoctrination, and we may have nowbegun to look around for some better answers, or at the very least, some moreinteresting questions, like what was happening just before the Beginning ofTime.

It may be time now to make some new distinctions.We are the survivors of all the floods, and we are the survivors of every changein climate, but that doesn't mean we didn't have to pay the heaviest price everysingle time.

Life has always come at such a great expense, just to stay alive, and to makethe big changes that will be necessary is going to be even heavier, but we arenow standing among those who have always been willing to pay that very highprice.

We are now standing among those very few, who have climbed out of the WaterySeas, and we are among those very few who have climbed out of the Forests, notso very long ago, and we are among those very few, who have walked up into theFires of Spirit, and we are among those very few who have built the GreatCities, that are too big to fail, which have now become a huge threat and adanger to us all.

We are among those very few who now must return the Keys of Life and Death,which have been badly tampered with, back to where we found them, to find ourrightful places within the natural balance, and to Save the Earth, which is ournatural birthright, before it all goes up in smoke, because we have beenoverstepping our natural limitations blindly, and with reckless disregard, foranything real, like right livelihood, right population density, selfsustainability, and forest community integration, because if the Truth ComesFirst, then it should be known by now that The Trees Come First, within theNatural Order of Priorities, which is one of our main weapons against runawaycapitalism, and consumerism in general.

One of the best ways, to get us all back on track, is to get back to the land incommunity, so that we can begin to serve, the very Heart of the Earth and toSave all Life.

We need to start making plans now to begin to Propagate that Life, and to planthe Seeds that we have been given as a gift, because that Gift of Life, that wehave been entrusted with, must now be repaid, and we must do that by passing iton.

We really do owe something to that Life that we have found ourselves to havebeen blessed with, and that is to emerge as the unsung Earth Stewards, who willhonor Deeds and not words, and that means no credit for commitments andpromises, until they have been fulfilled, which is always to be the way of theKindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest, who alone have been brave enough to makeany of these distinctions known for the whole world to see, and that is why thisgroup has been organized.

None of the other animals can be expected, to be able to do what needs to bedone, and the Earth needs our help. The people have gone way too far wrong withall these bailouts, and payoffs, and these artificial stimulation spending packages, which are a sign of addiction, and another shot of more of the same is not going to be the cure.

They have turned a blind eye to the Earth, out of completely reckless disregardfor all that was ever good and right. And now we must lead the way into asustainable future that works for all the survivors of the Great Die offs thatshould be expected, now that we have let things get this far out of hand.

It may be that only those of us here, within this group, can be counted on to dowhat needs to be done now, at this very significant time, of the changing of theways, before these Lazy Times are over, due to Environmental Degradation, andEco-Logical Disruption and the Spirit of Community Disintegration.

The Earth may well be a great gift, but it may not be for us to spend it. Our job may be to guard that treasure, as the Stewards of the Earth and the fully matured Web of Life that we are just a very small part of.

We just can not get excited, about the greatest number of manufactured products, for the greatest number of people anymore, as being the highest good and the greater justice may not come from shoveling the same stuff at all the other people.

That is not what the Greater Good is all about anymore since a new page has been turned.

More is not always better. That is why we must disengage, from all these empty platitudes justifying the continuation of thoughtless mass consumption, before we all get burned by the rotten stuff we learned.

If we are to survive the End Times, and plan to thrive, then we do need to get prepared, to make it through to the end, and that can only be done, as an Integrated Community, and that is something, that has clearly delineated limits on rights and responsibilities within The Honor System.

Our first oath of loyalty should be to the Earth, as a balanced ecosystem, and to the Web of Life, which now may need a bit of our attention after all this neglect.

Not too many others can be depended upon to survive and to thrive.We donít need to try to save every breeding pair on the planet and most of them will not want to go anyway, and so we will be in this way self selecting, as we may be the only ones who really are willing to do it.

This really is going to be much more all about, the breeding and the feeding, of some our own good healthy human stock that works, regardless of the nuclear family model, which may now be obsolete for some, and the same thing is going to be true with all the plants and animals, who may come to us for advice about surviving and thriving during shifting times of changing ways.

If we do come to our senses, and admit to being implicated here, and having responsibilities, and then just proceed as planned, we will eventually be able, to make it through, the Global Environmental Crisis, as it has been foretold, and we will then be home, in time for the great restoration of the Earth.

It will be our job to take care of it this time, and to restore it back to perfect health, and to keep it that way, in balance, as all native peoples have done, only this time, we will be able to work, within the Natural Order of Priorities and the Honor System which lies at the very heart of this Community, which is the Way of Peace. - T

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